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Nail trends expected for 2022

Maria de Piña
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Without a doubt, nails are part of our image, and they say a lot about us, therefore the desire to have them fixed, hence, before the end of the year I will show you the trends that are coming for 2022 in terms of nails.

From now on I tell you that styles have radically changed, as long and extravagant designs will become old news, making way for a new trend that is taking over different areas in our lives.

So get comfortable to contemplate what is fast approaching and stay one step ahead of the fashions.

What style will predominate in nail trends 2022?

During these last years, we increasingly observe the evolution of extremely sophisticated nail styles, very marked in terms of nail art with extravagant cut, far from its true form. However, it has changed course, reverting to its original design.

Natural style nudes nails

Hence, each trend that will be presented in this new year, follows a very delicate, fresh and natural style, highlighting the nails in a simpler way, thus showing their real essence.

This does not mean that when making them, creative designs do not come into play, they will be linked to the current, with less heavy techniques and a minimalist and delicate art.

Nail trends for 2022

Short nail shapes

Say goodbye to false or gel-worked nail models to create an extremely elongated shape, as the types of nails that will be handled this year propose the most natural and short forms.

Natural nails

Square, round, semi-round and almond type models will be the most popular, being basic cuts and easy to make.

The advantage with them is that although you could not go to the manicurist, with just one file, you yourself will be able to level their cut, keeping them always neat and in trend.

French outlined

French outlined

Among the designs that will become popular, is the always reliable French manicure, a classic outline in the cut of the nail in white tone. This will be presented showing a thicker, but delicate strip, thus remaining the most used design.

Even so, we will also see him changing the white tone for silver and reinventing himself with the inverted French manicure.

They are extremely simple and, at the same time, elegant, easy to maintain and versatile for any occasion.

Geometric designs

Geometric figures express modernism and sophistication in any design, which is why this is one of the strongest nail trends.

Simple Geometric Nails

From the simplest models, to the most elaborate, they intertwine with the trends in color and transparencies, also dominant in 2022.

Flower designs and transparencies

The flower nail art trend is back, this time showing a more subtle and beautiful way of floral designs alongside touches of transparency or natural base.

Flower designs and transparencies

They also play with nudes tones to create the natural effect, showing bright, original and delicate nails.

Natural base and brilli brilli

A design that keeps adapting is that of natural or transparent nails with glitter details, this of course, integrating enamels in nude tones and without color.

Nails with brilli brilli

The glossy effect is used by means of frosty paints and applications, generating an elegant, sophisticated, but at the same time simple model.

Trendy natural shades

Now more than ever the nudes colors make it suitable for presence, showing its range of shades in enamels for this new year. With them, you can produce basic and elaborate designs, always with the natural style in mind.

Nude nails

In turn, transparent polish will be a resource that you will need to always have on hand, as it will give it shine and accentuate the original image of your nails.

Earth tones

Since autumn of this year, nail models with earthy tones emerged with force. This is a wide range of brown tones, of which you can choose the one that best suits you, so don't limit yourself if you are dark-skinned, as there will be one that will enhance you.

Earth tones

These will be used completely or combined with natural tones, creating minimalist designs along with nudes or transparencies.


If you want not to attract too much attention and that your nails look extremely elegant, beige is the best choice. Its tonality has the perfect balance between clarity, naturalness and the force that earth tones transmit.

Beige nails

This is a color that is used by applying it entirely on the nail, so with a few simple brush strokes you can have your nails in fashion in 2022.

The line of styles is already marked, bringing with it advantages in the care and beauty of the nails.


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