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False eyelashes: Everything you need to know before using them

Saharay Perez Bautista
11 min read
False eyelashes: Everything you need to know before using them
False eyelashes: Everything you need to know before using them

Makeup, mainly, is used to minimize the defects of the woman's face and maximize its virtues.

Hence, the importance of modifying the skin tone slightly, concealing the birthmarks of the skin, softening the lines of the face, highlighting the cheekbones and giving emphasis to the lips.

The eyes are an essential element to achieve an almost perfect face with makeup.

Taking into account that, the look is a determining factor to highlight any MakeUp and especially, due to the mandatory use of the face mask nowadays.

However, there are times when the elements of the face are not enough to achieve the best makeup. Indeed, the need arises to resort to the use of false components that help to fulfill the task that is not possible to achieve with the natural element present in the face.

Given this, false eyelashes are identified as great allies to accentuate the beauty of the eyes instantly and achieve a magnificent result in makeup. It should be noted that they can be made of natural or synthetic hair and come in different presentations that are: Individual, in groups or as a strip.

What is the function of eyelashes on the face and in makeup?

The main objective of this small and substantial component on the face is to protect the eyes from impurities that are inherently present in the environment. Be it rain, smoke, dust, etc. In other words, the eyelashes form a kind of protective shield next to the eyelids.

In addition to this, they are also characterized by acting as a light filter that intervenes on the eyes in order to prevent them from being irritated by an intense sun or a powerful light source. Therefore, its biological functions are vital to be able to protect the health of the eyes.

On the other hand, eyelashes are also an important element when it comes to makeup.

Since, they serve to provide personality to the look, increase the prominence of the eyes and elevate the beauty of the entire set of facial features. Therefore, there are different cosmetics and utensils designed to make the eyelashes look the best of all.

Types of false eyelashes

False eyelashes: Everything you need to know before using them
Types of false eyelashes

Learn about the main types of false eyelashes currently on the market:

Individual false eyelashes

They are those that are sold in boxes as a kind of bunch of hair, but are used one by one to glue them next to the natural eyelashes. Therefore, they must be applied with great care and allow to obtain a very natural result.

To do this, the work with the individual false eyelashes has to be done thoroughly, but even so, it is a simple technique to do. Best of all, they are ideal for any type of eyes.

Hair to hair false eyelashes

They are those that are placed one by one on the natural line of the eye and are generally used to expand the volume of the natural gaze. Despite being a false eyelash, the result is practically imperceptible.

Due to its effect, it stands out as one of the best types of false eyelashes, since the result is natural, attractive and fascinating. Since its effect is organic, it can also be applied to any type of eyes.

False eyelashes in group

To apply volume, this is one of the best techniques. Since, they are grouped together lashes that allow to show a very voluminous look because they are placed from the outside to the inside of the eyelid.

Mainly, it is recommended for almond-shaped eyes and those in which there are sparsely populated areas of hair. However, it can be placed in any type of eye and will still look very pretty. It should be noted that, when placing them, it is necessary to take into account how many groups are placed in one eye to do the same in the other and avoid an unequal result.

Full false eyelashes

They are the eyelashes that are sold in a band and for this reason, they are also known as "false eyelashes in strips". To use them, the entire strip needs to be placed on the natural lash line in order to work with the natural lashes.

Although they are the most common of all and are easy to put on or take off, they are also distinguished as the most artificial and therefore, it is better to use them for special occasions. The type of eye recommended for this type of eyelashes are: Small eyes (to give them volume) and droopy eyes (to change the look).

False corner eyelashes

Generally, they are used to give a cat effect to the look and are those that are placed from the middle of the eyelid outwards ; thus they help to exhibit a more sexy and interesting look.

This class of eyelashes are ideal for round, almond-shaped and slanted eyes, in case they want to lengthen. Especially if an eyerliner is made to give much more depth to the look.

Magnetic False Eyelashes

It is a class of eyelashes that are made of magnet and thanks to this, they provide remarkable comfort compared to other types and are easy to use. In addition to this, they can be reused without any complications, since they only have to be stretched with the fingers.

To place them, they simply have to be superimposed on the natural lashes by means of micro-magnets and two rows of lashes are needed to cover the upper and lower part. Since their effect is based on giving volume and depth, they are perfect for all types of eyes.

Eyelash Extensions: What are they?

False eyelashes: Everything you need to know before using them
Eyelash Extensions: What are they?

Basically, eyelash extensions are eyelashes made with synthetic fibers to give a 100% natural look to the look. Thus, its main function is to increase the number of eyelashes in order to enlarge the eyes and intensify the look.

Generally, eyelash extensions are used to improve the length, curve, and thickness of natural eyelashes. Taking into account that, so that it does not look dantesque, a false eyelash of synthetic or natural hair is applied to each own hair in this technique of eyelash extensions.

Indeed, to place this type of false eyelashes, the expert has to put each eyelash in a curved way so that they look as if they were real. Therefore, it has to be a very meticulous manual work or else the indicated effect will not be achieved.

Difference between eyelash extensions and false eyelashes

The main difference between false eyelashes and an eyelash extension lies in the duration of them.

Since, false eyelashes (in full strip or hair by hair) can fall out very soon due to the technique used. Therefore, they are recommended for special events.

On the other hand, eyelash extensions can last from 3 to 4 weeks, depending on the care taken. This, thanks to the fact that the work technique focuses on the anatomy of each eyelash and in it, places the synthetic or natural hair.

Advantages of eyelash extensions

By default, the look is a weapon of seduction for women and to enliven it, eyelash extensions are a great ally. Since, in addition to looking spectacular and enhancing the eyes, they make the makeup routine something easier to do.

Therefore, eyelash extensions have notable advantages and below, we highlight what they are :

  • They do not prevent or damage the growth of natural eyelashes.

  • It is not an invasive treatment.

  • Helps to enlarge the eye and deepen the look.

  • Provides a natural, delicate and sophisticated look.

  • It simplifies the makeup routine excessively, reducing the time that it usually takes.

  • Eliminates the expression of fatigue from the face by rejuvenating the look.

  • Adds density, volume and depth to natural lashes, thus helping to achieve a more impactful look.

Risks of eyelash extensions

Sadly, there are some downsides or risks to using eyelash extensions. Which are summarized in:

  • They tend to cause eye infections.

  • They can cause inflammation of the eyelids.

  • They affect the follicle of the eyelashes and weaken them to the point that they fall out and do not grow back.

  • In the worst cases, they cause conjunctivitis and even damage to the cornea.

All this occurs due to a bad application or excessive use of said type of eyelashes.

What are the types of eyelash extensions?

False eyelashes: Everything you need to know before using them
What are the types of eyelash extensions?

As the materials have evolved and improved to offer the highest possible quality, today, the following types of eyelash extensions are known on the market, mainly:

1) Natural

As the name implies, they are natural eyelashes in some way, and they are the only ones from natural hair. Specifically, of a Siberian mink and that is why it has created controversy regarding the processes of hair extraction and maintenance of animals, due to their animal origin.

However, it is one of the most requested in the market for the result it provides. Taking into account that, they are soft and thin, so it gives a completely natural appearance. But, if they get wet, they can lose their curvature and even cause allergies that directly damage your lashes.

2) Fake mink

In this case, they consist of eyelashes that mimic natural hair, but are actually synthetic fibers. Although they are designed to mimic natural lashes, they do not offer a variety of thicknesses, curves, and lengths.

For their part, the ones also known as "faux mink eyelashes" are characterized by their lightness. Thanks to this, they have the ability to last a good time adhered to the natural eyelash, allowing 2D and 3D techniques to be carried out.

3) Synthetics

These are created from synthetic polymers and are distinguished from the rest because they are much firmer, thicker and shinier. Consequently, they look very unnatural and robust.

However, its firmness is what allows these lashes to preserve their curvature perfectly and also, they can be adapted to the tastes of each girl in view of offering a wide variety of thicknesses and curvatures. Thus, it is an ideal type of eyelash extension for those looking for a more striking and dramatic result. But, as they are heavy, it is recommended to use them in women who have dense and healthy eyelashes.

4) Silk

They are tabs made of polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), thermoplastic polymer (semi-crystalline) and a type of polyester that can be heated. Thus, they are produced in South Korea mainly and at present, they are the most popular of all.

One of its greatest benefits is that they can be molded into the desired shape without any restriction and is fixed when the material cools, thanks to its components. Indeed, it allows to achieve a natural appearance and vary between different curvatures and lengths. Also, they stand out for their lightness, durability and resistance ; but even so, they do not affect the natural lashes.

Most frequent mistakes when using false eyelashes

In order for you to know which are the most common errors in order to find the most successful solution and avoid them, below, we indicate the most common of all :

  • Using false eyelashes of a different size than your eye : If you make this mistake, the result of your eyelashes will be very unsightly. Therefore, be sure to cut or adapt the false eyelashes to the size of your eye, according to their measurement (you can guide yourself by placing them on the eyelid to mark the width).

  • Place the eyelashes at the same time as the glue : Ideally, wait around 20 minutes so that the glue can harden and acquire more consistency. Otherwise, if you place them on the lashes, it will be more difficult to stick them.

  • Apply mascara on false eyelashes : If you comb, stretch or apply mascara on your false eyelashes, they will end up moving more than necessary and peeling off. Therefore, the most pertinent thing is to avoid applying mascara on false eyelashes.

  • Do not put the eyelashes next to the natural growth line : The further away your false eyelashes are from the natural growth line, the easier it will be for others to detect. Therefore, the most appropriate thing is to seek the closest proximity to each other to obtain a natural effect and to hide that they are artificial. In case there is a small space left, you can fill it in with the help of an eyeliner.

With all this, we are sure that now you will know how to use false eyelashes or eyelash extensions to your advantage. That is, to beautify your eyes and highlight your look in the most spectacular way possible.