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All about Tesla and Elon Musk Stocks

What are the best options to buy shares in this company?

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Electricity production company

Tesla is by far the largest electrical production company right now. Since its inception in 2003, and the great impact that Elon Musk became on its SEO, it led to a great publicity that attracted many investors to its attention.

Elon Musk is not only the SEO of this company, but he is also the leader of SpaceX, co-founder of companies such as: Paypal, Solarcity and others. This has led him to become one of the richest men in the world.

Although he has reached the top spot in the ranking of the world's greatest millionaire, Amazon creator Jeff Bezos is giving him a much bigger fight every time for that position. So the two positions have been rotating between them for a long time.

He is a man who proposes the maintenance of important things that work through energies that leave a very large carbon footprint in the ozone layer, changing their harmful way of employment, with renewable energies.

The most widely used machine in the world is the automobile. The car is the harmful environment that we can see everywhere, which is why the creation and expansion of the electric car market is so important.

Today many more people have realized the magnitude of the environmental problem, and the magnitude of ecological solutions, for this very reason many investors saw the Tesla electric car company, as the future.

What generates the speculation that this company will have very high profits over time.

Since, after all the fact of investing, it indicates that you must have a lot of patience; The longer your money is in your investment, the more profit you will see.

Tesla's stock has been the most popular for more than a year, starting roughly in early 2020, which seems very surprising, considering that the pandemic produced the opposite in almost all companies, both large and small.


S & P500 adds to Tesla shares

The company's entry into the S & P500 group caused its shares to skyrocket. At that time , Tesla shares already had an increase of 743%, compared to previous years.

S & P500 (Standard & Poor's 500 index), has its beginnings in the early 50's. They are stock indices, within the New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ. It is considered the best index to know how the market really is in immediate time.

In larger advances, it captures 80% of the market capitalization in the US, therefore, the number of its investors is constantly increasing.

Since they are not only investing in a company, but in 500. Which if one falls, the others will contribute to exerting pressure so that the shares remain in balance. Generating peace of mind for the investor.

Its addition to the electric power company Tesla, confirms the influence that the company has in the world of technology, giving it relevance after many years in the shadows.

Because entering the car market is not easy, since competing against “Ford” is very risky, competing with the 8 largest car design and manufacturing companies that have been in business for much longer is scary.

Apparently, Elon Musk has handled it very well, with his models totally dependent on batteries, without the need for fuels that use carbon, these save the buyer of any of these machines a very shocking value.

Either way, the company in each way of presenting its car, carries a calculator, which dictates how much you will save on gasoline.

Tesla's Competencies and How They Influence Your Actions

Tesla is a company that by far can be called the best in manufacturing automobiles, more taking into account the years of experience that its competitors have, such as the firms of Ford and General Motors.

These companies that we can assure you have the trust of their followers almost 100%. For Tesla, entering to compete against something like this is undoubtedly a very big challenge, many say that Tesla cannot against these greats of the automotive business.

But what is the rise in their shares if not for the sale of their vehicles?

Tesla not only designs, manufactures and sells cars, it is also the largest producer of components for the propulsion of electric vehicles and electric batteries. What makes you earn a lot of income annually.

Many important things from other large companies at the expense of Tesla products run electrically. Which also indicates that other automotive companies buy their propulsion, which is undoubtedly one of the best on the market.

For this reason, many critics of its market argue that Tesla is unable to earn its annual income by selling only automobiles. The sales of its components is the one that makes it much more valuable.

Although its competition, it is not something new to present. The way in which competing companies have presented their projects for the following years affects Tesla's shares, with the emergence of shareholder nervousness.

General Motors and Ford have indicated that by the year 2035 and the year 2030, respectively, they hope to manufacture vehicles without a carbon footprint index, that is, they will produce fully electric vehicles.

This undoubtedly makes the investor hesitate whether to stay with Tesla or play it safe with one of these large companies.

Photo by TamimTaban on Pixabay Bitcoin.

Tesla and its influence on cryptocurrencies

This influence places a lot of weight on the billionaire Elon Musk, who has been involved countless times via T witter, with bitcoins, which are determined as the most important of cryptocurrencies and the one that originated all that wave of new currencies virtual.

Tesla earned him a 17% rise in the price of Bitcoin, which in more understandable numbers exposes that each bitcoin had a value of $ 44,220 at that time. Thanks to Tesla reporting that it had bought $ 1.5 trillion in bitcoin.

This also came as a consequence of Tesla deciding to accept bitcoins as a means of payment, for its vehicles. This generated a great impact on the followers and shareholders of this company.

Where there were no particularly good answers, for this decision of the Tesla directive, because the carbon footprint left by mining bitcoins is very high for the ecosystem, especially in China, where more emissions of environmental damage are generated worldwide, only counting the damage made by the massive population of this country.

This meant a disregard for the beliefs that Elon Musk exposes for Tesla, and his investors were not silent, forcing Musk to ignore this virtual currency a bit. This caused the value of bitcoin to go down again.

Many specialists on the subject affirm that the decision to have accepted bitcoin as a payment method in the company was a good idea, since this made him earn a lot of money, but influenced by the payment of the volatile virtual currency, he was going to give a much greater volatility to Tesla.

Best Broker to Buy Tesla Stock

Brokers have become very popular lately, especially those that do not charge commissions for new investors looking to place their money, such as Charles Schwab and TD Ameritrade.

All have the main function of acting as a guide or search engine for shares, generating a connection between companies and those interested in buying their shares, making the task of investing much easier.

In reality, the processes of buying and selling shares are much easier than you think, the worries are over, in this technological age that has made many things simpler.

Trading platforms offer you this accessibility to enter the stock market and have your investment count and keep a record.

More considering the company in which you want to invest. You have to keep in mind that Tesla shares are going long-term, setting yourself that goal of patience is key before you even put your money in that bag.

On the web, the most recommended Broker platform is eToro, where simply to carry out the action, you must enter their website, register and pay the deposit of $ 200, which is the minimum to pay. Then look for Tesla shares and click on buy. That's how easy it becomes for the future shareholder.


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