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Discover these successful entrepreneurs who have made history

It doesn't matter if you start high or low, these are examples that we can all make a difference

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Discover these successful entrepreneurs who have made history
Successful entrepreneurs

Can you imagine having a totally crazy idea? And that others also see it that way, until they come to despise you, and then Tara! Become a millionaire company with a great impact on your society.

This although difficult to believe and process, has happened to most entrepreneurial geniuses who have created products that you may even use every day.

To be different, to think differently, we have been told our whole lives that it is wrong, but if we fight against these purposeless rules to make ourselves people with a single mold, we can achieve the unthinkable. That they limit you or you limit yourself just because it is not considered "Good" for your close circle, it is the saddest case of: "Human misery".

The innate powers of an individual can be turned off, the moment they start to have revolutionary ideas or outside the box of what is considered "Normal". Evidence that this, there is plenty.

Therefore, in this article we will inform you of the people who had to go through situations where they were told crazy more than once, to get to what they represent in the world today.

Examples of entrepreneurs around the world, who touch us on the shoulder and say "Hey, if I could you too" Regardless of race, sex or age. Financial motivation. But first let's determine what can be termed as an entrepreneur.

Discover these successful entrepreneurs who have made history
Successful entrepreneurs

What is an entrepreneur?

An individual can be cataloged with this word, when he has business ideas, and who tries to make these ideas not only forgotten words, but constantly strives to do better every day.

It carries with it characteristics such as determination and actions that are performed only by a few who have the courage to venture into worlds of latent difficulty. While still betting on your talents and business ideas.

Successful entrepreneurs around the world

Each entrepreneur we can find has a different story, a different taste and qualities that make them who they are. Icons are not created, they are born. In this way we understand that if someone is destined to succeed there will be nothing to stop him , "Neither put it on, nor take it off."

But it is that really, everyone can generate that brightness. Believing it is the main thing to achieve it.

Discover these successful entrepreneurs who have made history
Entrepreneurship and success stories

Examples of Entrepreneurs around the world who have been inspiration

1. Nikola Tesla: He was a Serbian scientist ahead of his time (1893), who arrived from Paris to New York City with only four coins in his pocket and a short phrase of recommendation to find work with the famous Thomas Edison, the which he achieved and proved more than once to be a genius on this subject.

Although Edison, jealous of his employee's intellect, did not treat him well at all. Especially with respect to the payments he made after doing huge jobs. They were rude. But, despite that, Tesla did not stop betting on his ideas.

He worked hard to continue creating things that would serve future generations, determined after being called crazy, that the electrical system that Thomas Edison used throughout the United States was very expensive. To later create the "Tesla Light Bulb" powered by alternating current.

Today we all use his invention.

Although this entrepreneur did not have a happy ending, he had the constancy of believing in him, and he is without a doubt a great example to follow, because achieving what he did is too difficult. It changed the world forever.

Discover these successful entrepreneurs who have made history
Successful entrepreneurs

2. Steve Jobs

This name must be well known to you, it is simply the person who created "Apple", a company that revolutionized the digital age, with its phones with minimalist and advanced designs.

Jobs, started the invention of these devices in his garage with a friend. Unfortunately due to internal problems after the success of his own company, he was expelled from it. A totally devastating situation for any entrepreneur.

Although after this, he did not stop, and since he no longer had a company, he simply started another, called: "Graphics Lab" (Current Pixar).

His illness came (Pancreatic cancer), but he still had to show that he could advance with respect to his creations. He died in 2011, three months after showing the second version of the iPad. Leaving a legacy and a masterful scope of success after success.

Jobs' legacy currently has a value of $ 141 million.

Discover these successful entrepreneurs who have made history
Photo by ElEconómistaÁ JK Rowling.

3. JK Rowling

She is undoubtedly one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. Her pseudonym –as she is known thanks to her fantastic worlds–, was placed in this way due to the clear loss of prestige that women who entered the world of editorial writing were made to possess.

His life before the creation of "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" was depressing and difficult to carry. She had a son, who was raising on her own, while waiting each month for help from social services to survive.

Today, his series of books ranks second among the most read books of recent times.

Being a high impact and a great example to follow among so many women who today live similar situations.

His fortune is around $ 1200 million.

Discover these successful entrepreneurs who have made history
Photo by Jeff Bezos.

4. Jeff Bezos

This technology mogul is the creator of "Amazon", the company that began by selling books online, and which today is the largest online shopping company in history.

Jeff Bezo, titled the richest man in the world, while in college, worked long shifts at intermittent jobs, most notably "McDonald's" and other small businesses.

His entrepreneurial idea makes him currently the owner of 131 billion dollars. With a normal, and average life, turning out to be a change that seemed to have a rapid growth, for people like Jeff, he spent a lot of time where many times he wanted to leave his business.

Discover these successful entrepreneurs who have made history
Photo by Coco Chanel.

5. Coco Chanel

This woman who changed the world of fashion, had no idea that this would be her future. Since he wanted to be a singer from a very young age, and he worked for it, but sadly he failed.

Although her dream was broken, there was still that something that united her with art. His innovative hat ideas. Yes, hats. He was a total star making each design.

So much so that he opened his own store in Paris, to later discover another of his talents: the creation of perfumes.

Today, Chanel leaves an estimated legacy of more than $ 36 million.

Discover these successful entrepreneurs who have made history
Photo by IJRO on Pixabay Elon Musk.

6. Elon Musk

Musk is undoubtedly one of the financial geniuses of recent times. He became a millionaire at age 20, for being the co-founder of (Actual Paypal ). In 1993 he created Zip2, and sold it to Ebay for $ 331 million.

From a very young age, he was a computer nerd, at the age of 10 he already knew how to program and play games. And he was encouraged many times by his relatives. It is an example that support from childhood pays off.

In 2002, he started with his company Space X, for trips to space in ships manned by tourists. In 2003, Tesla was launched, and today Musk is constantly striving to advance the age of technology as far as possible so that environmental damage is minimal.

Elon Musk has a fortune valued at $ 187 million.

Discover these successful entrepreneurs who have made history
Photo by Adivor. com. Mark Zuckerberg.

7. Mark Zuckerberg

We couldn't make this list without including him. This technological genius also started his taste for programming at an early age. He had already created several programs with high expectations before entering Harvard University.

During his free time at the prestigious university, Facemash developed a system where two images of the faces of two Harvard students were placed, and the others had to vote for the most attractive.

It was a success until the complaints came in, and the campus administration made the decision to close the application. Going to accuse Zuckerberg of violation of privacy.

Today the Facebook group is worth $ 333 million.