Example of advertising campaign with little budget

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Advertising campaigns in business are not only necessary but it is the only way to acquire customers and sell our products, but many times they are not planned due to lack of budget.

Example of advertising campaign with little budget – Business – WebMediums

The following anecdote will show you how with little budget you can carry out effective publicity campaigns.

An appliance business could not sell any product, there were only two roads to choose from; an advertising campaign for which there was little budget or close the business.

The sales manager told his salespersons that they would conduct surveys on the use of electrical products in the home, and in the end they would give the respondent an informative brochure about home appliance care.

There were no product offers in the brochure, but they were responsible for repeatedly repeating the business logo and the necessary contacts.

Added to the delivery of the brochure, you should ask the respondent if he would like to receive a call with the final result of the survey.

75% of people agreed to receive the call at certain times of the day.

Example of advertising campaign with little budget – Business – WebMediums

The sellers a week started the calls and explained in 40 seconds the result of the survey, in the following 20 seconds they repeated the motto of the business and where to find them, without offering any type of product unless the respondent asked.

Sales in the following weeks began to increase and months later the business was one of the most influential in the market. but how could a survey be so effective? the answer is complex, but short.

People did not feel pressured because they never tried to sell any product, they accepted the survey of their own volition, just like a call to know the results.

Being the first time they heard about that business, it aroused curiosity and from respondents they became potential clients.

Then the customer service and the sales strategies used in the business should have been optimal enough so that the visitor would like to discover what they were curious about and this is how an advertising campaign with little budget gets great results.

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Ejemplo de Campaña publicitaria con poco presupuesto
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