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Generate income with your blog

Fermín Díaz
11 min read
Generate income with your blog – Business – WebMediums
Generate income with your blog

The idea of making money with a blog is something that has been a trend for a long time. The web is full of people and professionals who seek the way to earn income with a blog and offering any type of professional and specialized service.

Generating income through a blog is not something impossible to achieve, it is something that anyone can do, as long as you take it very seriously. We do not even mean that you can get small sums of money.

We are talking about how you could earn large amounts of money on a regular basis, if you turn this into a way of making a living.

"There was a time when making money from a blog was seen as something from another planet, as very few did."

There have been people who have taken a couple of years to settle into the blogger business. But then they began to see the results, and today they are already successful bloggers who even own established websites that generate significant income.

There are many ways to generate income through a blog, and that is what we are going to show you in this post.

If it is possible to generate income through a blog

Although it is hard to believe, there are still people who believe that to make money online you have to resort to traps and deceptions, and working with a blog is one of those traps.

This happens mainly because they have seen ineffective strategies, and that is why mistrust comes.

Generate income with your blog – Business – WebMediums
Many already generate income with a blog

But the good news is that if you can generate income with a blog, you just have to do it correctly and looking for the themes that are effective.

Some bloggers have shared their monthly payment invoices, and in the worst case scenario, they have earned tens and even hundreds of dollars for working properly and regularly with a blog. Other bloggers have posted net income of 1,500 euros per month.

"If others have been able to generate significant income with their blog, why not you?"

So how to do it? What are the steps to follow to start generating income with your blog?

Monetize your blog

  1. The first step is to choose a good niche or theme, remember that not with all niches you can generate visits to your blog and not all have the same level of competition.

  2. The second step is about creating the blog. If you want it to be successful, don't use Blogger or Wix or any free platform. It requires investing at least 80 euros per year.

  3. Acquire a domain.

  4. Make the hiring of a hosting.

  5. Start creating an optimal web page.

  6. Use the CMS Worpress.

  7. Plan a great strategy. For example, writing about a city's soccer team is not the same as writing about how to travel to that city.

  8. Choose the most optimal way to monetize your blog, remember that not all are equally effective.

How to create the blog that generates income

It is important that you know that creating an online business is not expensive.

Teleworking has the advantage that you do not need to spend extra money on basic water, electricity, storage and advertising services, which is very positive for you.

The expense is not a major thing and in case it does not work out, the losses will not be exaggerated.

But if you get it right and the results are positive, we tell you that you are going to start enjoying the benefits of your efforts, without a schedule, without bosses overwhelming you and working at the pace that you prefer.

Generate income with your blog – Business – WebMediums
Get positive results with your blog

It is not a good idea to start with a free blog.

There are those who still believe in that fallacy that you can get rich by investing little or nothing. That way of thinking is a bad start, since if your plan is to generate income with that blog, it will be much more difficult to achieve your goal.

Create a blog that is productive

It is important that you create a profitable blog. Creating a blog is not like creating a physical business that is much more risky and expensive.

To create your blog, you only need 10 euros to buy the domain and 70 euros to buy the hosting, approximately. Additionally, you also need three more things:

  1. Your computer.

  2. A good internet connection.

  3. Many wishes to work and produce.

Advantages of working with a blog

  1. A blog can be open 24 hours. Which means that while you are traveling, resting or spending time with the family, your blog is producing income.

  2. Not only are you going to sell in the city where you reside, you can reach millions of users around the world.

  3. You can have a list of clients on your own computer, without having to go outside.

  4. It is easier to manage, allowing you to even have several blogs that are productive.

Get income with your blog by offering services

This is the fastest way to generate income with your blog, and it is the first thing you should do after creating your website. If there is something that you know how to do well, don't wait to offer it on your website. Nowadays, it is very easy to consult with a simple call and accept payments via PayPal.

"Offering services with your blog is an excellent way to generate income."

With the blog you have an efficient way of getting clients to hire your services, especially if you are trained to work with SEO. It is said easy, but it is not. To achieve this you require time that allows you to focus on promoting your blog.

Generate income with your blog – Business – WebMediums
Offer services with your blog

Although offering services is something very positive, you should not lock yourself in it because you can end up accustomed to that lifestyle. If with thousands of visits customers start to come asking for your services, imagine what you can achieve with other strategies.

Generate income with an affiliate blog

Affiliate marketing is one of the most attractive ways to monetize that you could include on your blog.

Affiliate marketing allows you to monetize through passive income. That is, you must recommend a product on your blog and if a user makes a purchase through the link you placed on your website, you will receive a commission for the sale of the company that provides the product.

Generate income with your blog – Business – WebMediums
Generate income with affiliate marketing

If you can find major suppliers that offer you high commissions, and you have the ability to persuade your readers to buy the product, you will undoubtedly have an excellent opportunity to generate good income on a regular basis.

The platforms that commonly offer this affiliate service are Amazon, TradeDoubler, ClicBank, ComissionJunction, Awin, Etsy, Booking, Ebay.

To use this system, you only register on the platform to generate a link that you can then insert anywhere on your web page through a banner.

We recommend that you do not use this system if you have just opened your blog. The reasons are very obvious, since you are just starting out you have not yet built a reputation for offering products, so no one will trust you to buy them.

Try to offer a product that is of quality, that you are using and that you can speak properly when recommending it.

"Remember that the rule is that the greater the number of visits, the greater your income."

While it is true that this is a passive way to generate income, to cause a user to click it is necessary that you write a very persuasive article explaining why your product is good and how they benefit from buying it. As you will see, if there is an active work involved where you must strive.

"I recommend that you not only use affiliate marketing, you can also use AdSense to generate income."

The generation of income depends directly on how attractive the message you created is. But more importantly, if the product is not good, forget that you will be able to sell it.

Generate income with a blog through AdSense

There are websites that have advertising banners. With AdSense, you can start generating income quickly, and this is something that works. It depends on the sector you work in, you can generate significant income on a regular basis.

"With AdSense the results can come in the medium or long term."

You have to be reasonable, don't expect to get rich overnight. You would need millions of visits to your blog to accomplish such a feat. But if you can generate income quickly and easily without having to pay anything every month.

Generate income with your blog – Business – WebMediums
AdSense is another option to generate income

You can set a goal of reaching 100,000 to 200,000 visits per month, if you apply SEO and target your content based on CPC, you could earn between 200 and 2,000 each month. Of course, everything will depend on the type of niche you work and the quality of your work.

Generate income with infoproducts

It would be a wise decision if you take your website as a platform to launch infoproducts. This consists of a source of sales work via the internet that is amazing, especially in these times when online training is increasingly common.

Today users on the web have almost no time for anything and consume practically everything, so any topic is in high demand. If you plan to create info-products, make sure it is something very good and of quality.

Generate income with your blog – Business – WebMediums
Online courses are infoproducts that generate income

When you create an info-product, think that your goal is to give the user the feeling that they have saved time, and not that they think about the investment of money they made.

"Low-cost services and offering discounts are good strategies to generate income in the infoproducts sector."

There are reasons why investing in infoproducts is advantageous, I mention them:

  1. You save time and energy if someone teaches you what would only take you longer.

  2. You have a greater application of knowledge and in a simpler way.

  3. It is easier to synthesize how a niche works.

  4. You simplify learning with videos and practices.

  5. The format it uses can be digested more quickly.

  6. You decide what time to follow for your training.

Generating income with info products can be a very effective form of income for you, especially if you produce content of great value for your users.

Generate income by selling banners, articles and links

If you have a very powerful website, surely there will be companies that want to promote their products on your blog. As long as you have the ability to position a post with many visits well, you can easily generate good income and there will be plenty of companies that want to show themselves in it.

Generate income with your blog – Business – WebMediums
Generate income with banners

Something that you can do is that you communicate with the companies and mention that if they want to maintain their link on your blog they must pay an amount for that. If your site is powerful, they won't want to miss you for the world.

Recommendations to generate income with your blog

  1. It is not good that you work too fast, because Google likes to work correctly.

  2. You must have a desire to work, watch videos and tutorials to learn. Be aware that you have to work hard.

  3. Convince yourself that you can excel on Google, especially when the ups and downs come, and you want to throw in the towel.

  4. Working with a blog is not as simple as many believe, you have to make sacrifices at the beginning to get the results.

  5. Pick a niche that you really like. When you are passionate about what you do, you will work harder.

  6. Start working as soon as possible.

  7. Never stop learning, the internet advances very fast, and you must be up-to-date.

  8. Be positive and consistent with what you do. Add up every day so that your brand and company grow online.

  9. You must have a lot of patience. Sometimes the results can take time to come, and you can feel overwhelmed at times. But remember that the more effort and work, the better the results.

  10. Never leave your blog before the year, because every project begins to mature from that time.

  11. Always use SEO, you don't have to be an expert in it, but if you dedicate yourself to doing things well with each post, the visits will multiply and Google will start to like you.

  12. Run away from the philosophy of making easy and effortless money.

Monetize by creating a blog.