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Ways to Invest, Mine and Earn ETH

Apps that will allow you to enter the world of Ethereum

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Ways to Invest, Mine and Earn ETH – Business – WebMediums
ETH digital currency representation

Ethereum achieved totally incredible growth and fame during these few years since its inception (July 30, 2015). Causing that today its mining is so intricate, both for new miners and for those who have been within this smart contracts platform for a long time.

Since the increase in the cost of ETH has intensified so much compared to other cryptocurrencies that they are coming out practically every week. Its value at the time of writing this article is $ 3,640.60 each.

For this reason, several changes have also been made in the way of interacting with these crypto assets represented in NFTs, departing from the initial operation that cryptocurrencies gave them, which opened the way for this activity that seemed not to generate great profit at the beginning of 2009.

Taking into account that investing, mining and earning Ethereum coins does not mean the same thing.

Ways to Invest, Mine and Earn ETH – Business – WebMediums
Bitcoin and Ethereum as the first platforms in cryptocurrencies

What ways to get ETH are there right now?

This application and its token are ranked number 2 in the market capitalization ranking, after the Bitcoin token, of course.

So people are always trying to figure out how to earn this token or NFTs as such.

For this same reason, programmers are committed to creating applications for this purpose so varied that we can classify them as: winning through investment, winning through arbitrage or yield farmin g or earning ETH for the popular and free faucets.

For all the above options, it is essential that you have an Ethereum wallet, to save and make payments with this token, in a more easy way.

Remembering that in each of these applications you must register.

Best platforms to invest in ETH

If you want to invest in the currency of this application we show you the portal to perform this task:

Ways to Invest, Mine and Earn ETH – Business – WebMediums
Binance as a search engine for cryptocurrencies to exchange

Binance Smart Chain

It is classified as the safest of the platforms to invest, and it is the owner of a great variety of cryptocurrencies for the exchange of these same.

Most of your transactions are made using bitcoin, ether, and your own token (BNB).

The easiest way to invest in ether on this platform is to search for a virtual currency that is called one of the stablecoins or stablecoins, and then make the exchange through Binance.

It should also be noted that it makes a good team with the Metamask wallet.

It does not charge commission for deposit but for withdrawal, which has an approximate charge of 0.9%.

Ways to Invest, Mine and Earn ETH – Business – WebMediums
Coinbase market capitalization chart


Its cost per commission is 2%, which is why Binance is better placed in the ranking of cryptocurrency investors. But even so, this platform is part of the most used if we talk about investing in cryptocurrencies.

Its main purpose is to give you the power to buy, keep, sell or exchange crypto assets.

Ways to Invest, Mine and Earn ETH – Business – WebMediums
Comparison of a virtual wallet with a physical one


It is a fundamental tool if you want to start investing in Ethereum, it acts as a virtual wallet where to save, and an address where to send the ETH tokens that you obtain.

Its security when storing your crypto assets is very curious: you have a total of 12 words called seeds that you must learn to have full control of your account on this platform.

It is a code with both letters and numbers, a bit long.

Therefore, investors generally prefer to copy and save it in one place rather than learn it in its entirety, as it is also difficult to remember.

But this is a wallet, so you must have an Ethereum balance to be able to use it.And how do you add a balance? Through Exchanges, be both Binance and Coinbase. That is your decision.

Ways to Invest, Mine and Earn ETH – Business – WebMediums
Cryptocurrency Mining

How to mine Ethereum?

Minar, has already become more common than you ever imagined.

This action consists of performing various and extensive mathematical calculations to find a hash, which is a unique code for each chain of blocks within the Ethereum platform.

Miners are the people who make the platform work and stay active, provide it with security, unlock more cryptocurrencies, and certify transactions.

How do they do that?

Generally it is acted in a group, with a very high investment with a practically millionaire entity behind it.

Mining alone is not an option, it is not good for your electricity bill, for your home, for your neighbors, and much less for your health.

Since you will spend a lot of time in front of a computer that may not have impressive hardware, while trying to do the work of 1,000 people by yourself.

Although the processes of trying to carry out a much more effective mining and that does not generate so much environmental damage can already be seen.

Ways to Invest, Mine and Earn ETH – Business – WebMediums
Mining Ethereum is something that takes effort and a lot of time

New application to mine Ethereum

Golem is a new market that is positioning itself in the market in a good way since the end of 2020, being part of Ethereum.

Its digital asset is GLM, and it works in the same way in a decentralized format.

This has the provision to provide Ethereum users with a new computing experience, thus creating a new way of mining.

By having parts of a supercomputer in various sectors, to reduce non-renewable energy costs. These people who have different proportions of computing power are called: providers.

It is not a "mining" technically, it actually consists of performing different tasks that require a lot of computing power.

Thorg, is one of their applications, and it consists of mining Ethereum from your computer. Although the profit obtained from this activity is paid in the GLM token.

Better updates are still expected, which also reduce the energy consumption that it still has.

Ways to Invest, Mine and Earn ETH – Business – WebMediums
The way to earn ETH drops

Ethereum faucets

These types of pages seem like a plague on the web, and some are not trustworthy, but many people vote for this option to earn ETH for free, and with almost no work.

It consists of carrying out small tasks in which they can be found: taking surveys, watching videos, or just entering the page in question from time to time, thus carrying out an activity on the web in question.

They have different earnings in seconds, minutes or days, depending on which one you are interested in.

In these cases it is necessary to have a microwallet. That program that saves small payments without even asking for them.

Some of these websites are: freeethereum, which does not contain as many ads as: freetether, faucecryto, among others.