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Pedaling towards the ravine

José Miguel Fernández Nápoles
4 min read
Pedaling towards the ravine – Childhood education – WebMediums
To be alone and silent.

If there is a headwind and you are going uphill, change gear

Sometimes life puts in front of your nose some opportunities, challenges that are not obligatory to jump and it is simply very good to observe. What happens, that you are young and your parents do not put on your flip flops ? Don't you understand why the hell it is necessary to burn the midnight oil studying a five-year university degree, if in the end it will be very difficult for you to find a job ? Has your father said that if you don't study you will have to look for a job and on top of that contribute money to the family economy ? Do you feel drowned, powerless, do you know where to turn?

Pedaling towards the ravine – Childhood education – WebMediums
Are you going through a bad time?

Have you reached old age alone, do you feel that your health reserves, energy, ability to fend for yourself, are at the limit? Do your children not remember you, or did you not have children? Do you feel ignored, carry a ton of impotence every time you wake up and walk with it all day ? Has the doctor said that you have a few months at most, that you have a serious illness and there is absolutely nothing you can do?

Pedaling towards the ravine – Childhood education – WebMediums
Can't you see the end of the road?

Changing gears is looking for another combination, looking from another angle, transforming despair into amazement, helplessness into curiosity: What can I do to change this circumstance? Any? So what's the point of me getting upset, angry, feeling sad? Am I able to control my emotions, my thoughts, my feelings a little? Could I take some time in my favor, a few minutes, a few hours, a few days, and after that break, refocus the possible solutions to my challenges ?

If you are going downhill and the wind is favorable, enjoy yourself and save energy.

They are those periods of life in which everything flows, things go well as if by magic, the right people appear, favorable circumstances. Do you have a partner who is a charm, the economy is doing surprisingly well, your family is harmonious and balanced? ? Is your health iron and you have plenty of energy for everything?

Pedaling towards the ravine – Childhood education – WebMediums
Are you in the positive half cycle of the wave?

Enjoy the fresh breeze, and have the humility to continue looking for what is the real reason for your emotions, your feelings. Do you believe from the bottom of your heart that the numbers in your bank account make you happy? Have you created economic barriers out of fear, do you feel the urgent need to be safe or has the remuneration come because you set out to provide a quality service and satisfy a need?

Adjust the gears, be careful, do not lose sight of your goal and never stop giving the pedals.

Life has an impressive similarity with the simplest things that we experience daily, with the duality of night and day, winter and summer, wakefulness and sleep. Do not pedal towards the ravine of believing that you can do everything, that you know everything, that you can understand everything.

Life is an opportunity to position ourselves in such a way before it, that curiosity is the winner over fear, surprise comes out winning when measured against disgust and anger and above all, that it reaches humility to make aware that there is a superior intelligence, an entity to which we do not have full access, and it is the one who really guides us. That intelligence is ourselves, when we stop believing that we are only the one who thinks, the one who sees and smells, the one who touches and tastes, the one who looks and shudders, the one who fears and thinks he is in control.