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Bitcoin hits its all-time high and there are some predictions for the end of the year

In the early morning of November 9, BTC rose, becoming the largest figure it has reached

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Bitcoin hits its all-time high and there are some predictions for the end of the year
BTC's high overnight growth also caught up with ETH

The queen and ideal currency of all existing cryptocurrencies at this time within what is such an unpredictable market for digital assets came to cost USD $68,580,000 early this Tuesday.

Taking us all by surprise, after generating the last big rise that fell like a wave that lifted the other cryptocurrencies last April. At this point, it returned to the overnight price, which had decreased a bit after a few hours.

What makes you suspect that it is going up will be an endless level. Which could activate a much more powerful flight mode.

Many fans and followers of cryptocurrencies are ecstatic by what awaits in the same way as other highly influential tokens in the market.

They estimate that the predictions made are about to be fulfilled and that we will see it as we close the year with another much juicier all-time high.

Discover this and more, in this article that we have prepared for you!

Bitcoin hits its all-time high and there are some predictions for the end of the year
CoinMarketCap Chart on Bitcoin Today Nov 10

Highest price of the queen cryptocurrency

The last record of a great jump was on April 12, with a price of approximately USD $67,000.

What months later fell enormously and also remained for a long time at USD $65,000. Because of this, many had spoken that bitcoin might be reaching the end of its life.

Which seems less certain every day, since the establishment of this cryptocurrency in the world gives us a lot to bet on.

But despite that, the emergence of the idea of implementing it as legal tender in some countries or territories of the world has generated a rise that critics hope is positive.

Because we know that bitcoin when it rises or falls, it drags the other prices of other cryptocurrencies, both large and small caps.

Bitcoin hits its all-time high and there are some predictions for the end of the year
What you hear will happen to the price of BTC

Predictions for Bitcoin

We know that there are many pages on any social network where various analysts in the world of digital currencies think about what will happen to a certain digital asset.

And many practically do not even get to hit a number.

PlanB is always aware of what will happen to the fastest moving cryptocurrency on the market, before it even happens. This is why there are many rumors on the web about its latest updates.

His staked figures are always talking about and perhaps what is recited as the maximum of bitcoin (BTC) now, in a few months is practically the minimum.

Do you think it is possible for bitcoin to trade at $98,000? Well, this is what the analyst nicknamed in social networks as PlanB expects, who has gained great fame thanks to his successes of the rise or fall of virtual currencies.

It has taken as a custom to perform the monthly closing analysis of BTC. In August, it proclaimed that this coin would close at a cost of USD $47,000. In September, he opined that it would go down very atrociously. Giving the figure of USD $43,000.

And in all these he was right, although last month he did get 3% out of hand, with respect to the total monthly capitalization price.

Bitcoin hits its all-time high and there are some predictions for the end of the year
The probability wand to guess the price of bitcoin

Model S2FX

We wonder how this analyst can know how a currency as fluctuating as bitcoin will close, and we have the answer.

PlanB is considered a pioneer of the Stoc-to-flow Cross-Asset or simply S2FX model, which aims to try to guess or predict how the virtual currency market responds to certain incidents in the world environment.

With this model, this famous analyst says that he can see BTC without problem, trading next year at a figure of nothing more and nothing less than USD $228,000.

Like other safe predictions, according to PlanB, bitcoin will close with a price of USD $98,000 in November and close the year with USD $135,000.

This sounds like a lot of science fiction and most believe it this way. There has to be a strong blow for BTC to reach such high levels.

Those who put many things at stake and make people think about what that trigger will be so that the queen coin continues to rise in a pressure mode and does not stop until it hits a great edge.

Will it be the taking of many nations and cities as currency of natural use? Nobody is sure of that, nor can we leave all our confidence in this analyst who has the entire market hopeful with these year-end moose.