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Does Satoshi Nakamoto Influence Bitcoin Currently?

Fermín Díaz
5 min read
Does Satoshi Nakamoto Influence Bitcoin Currently? – Cryptocurrencies
Satoshi Nakamoto creator of Bitcoin

If you consider yourself a passionate Bitcoiner, the name Satoshi Nakamoto should not be any mystery to you, and it is that he is nothing more and nothing less than the creator of the most powerful and influential cryptocurrency today. Although your identity is not that important to all Bitcoin users, what is very relevant knows why.

Bitcoiners actually know very little about Nakamoto as a person, he is only known as the father and creator of Bitcoin. It is said that it can be anyone: man, woman, child, old man, an artificial intelligence, or a group of people, it could become the CIA or the Federal Reserve.

The truth is that it is not known about him, or his whereabouts and there is no way to know either.

Be that as it may, the kind of person you are and where you live doesn't matter at all in the development and future of Bitcoin.

If we knew more about him or were present in the Bitcoin environment in some way, it would not be healthy for everyone because it would contribute to centralizing the cryptocurrency. It would be a negative for the evolution of Bitcoin as an authoritative personality.

But Satoshi Nakamoto himself was very aware of that, so by remaining absent he sends a direct message to the entire Bitcoin ecosystem, and it is this:

"Bitcoin should not have trusted third parties for the transfer and exchange of value through money."

It is true that many users are curious to know who the genius behind the cryptocurrency is. But the reality is that what has happened so far with his identity is the best for everyone and Nakamoto always wanted it that way.

Nakamoto didn't want to be a bad influence on Bitcoin

When Bitcoin was just taking its first steps, Nakamoto decided to disappear without leaving any trace anywhere.

Although they were very scared by what happened, it had the responsibility of leaving all the protocols with the same users so that they were the ones that gave momentum to the cryptocurrency.

If we were only guided by the White paper to understand Nakamoto, we would only have technical data at hand. Still, the White paper is not the only source we have to understand Nakamoto's thinking.

"Nakamoto published in 2008 a document where he explained the concept of Bitcoin technology, this is known as a White paper."

However, the white paper is not the only information available to understand Nakamoto's way of thinking. The renowned website of the Nakamoto Institute, created to preserve his memory, contains several comments from Nakamoto before he disappeared from the public eye.

Does Satoshi Nakamoto Influence Bitcoin Currently? – Cryptocurrencies
Bitcoin white paper

In addition, the Bitcoin Talk forum you can still see the comments he made from November 2009 to December 2010. There you can clearly see his criticisms of the modern economy, the political and IT aspects, which allow us to understand his reasons for withdrawing from a large project.

Nakamoto's vision for this revolutionary project that was underway allowed him to realize that he could become a threat to Bitcoin, and pointed out that the existence of a third trust figure could be somewhat counterproductive for the integrity and transparency of the project, and that over time it was going to be inevitable to have to face very dire consequences.

How this should influence you as a Bitcoin user

Nakamoto's idea was to trust no one as a person of authority over Bitcoin, and to this day it can be said that this continues. Every Bitcoin user shares the Nakamoto philosophy by not trusting third parties.

"Anyone who considers himself a Bitcoiner, has as a financial principle that we should not entrust our money to governments or banks to guard it."

So, the truth is that it doesn't matter who Satoshi Nakamoto was or was. But what you should be clear about is that its absence causes the loudest silence today, then any individual or entity today that proclaims itself the protagonist of the cryptocurrency.

"Bitcoin does not require a guardian, because users are its guardian."

There are things that users have been doing for a long time, like checking code, reporting crimes, recommending ideas, and using Bitcoin for whatever it takes. Without having to label it or put limits on its scope for everyone.

What's impressive about Nakamoto is that he formally abandoned Bitcoin by removing his name from the copyright claim on the software and leaving the code to everyone who contributed to the development of Bitcoin.

Currently, Bitcoin is a project supported by hundreds of collaborators around the world. But when it all started, only Nakamoto and a few collaborators were maintaining the project. Later, characters like Gavin Andresen appeared who made great contributions so that Bitcoin became a more open project.

Nakamoto is viewed by some Bitcoiners as a kind and generous dictator of sorts, as he wrote official open source code for others to approve.

From this arise diverse opinions that, although they recognize Nakamoto as the father of Bitcoin, they also admit that it required other developers who contributed to the technical and philosophical culmination.

Does Satoshi Nakamoto Influence Bitcoin Currently? – Cryptocurrencies
Nakamoto was a good-natured dictator

It is also true that Nakamoto was concerned that Bitcoin would be compromised. He knew that the Blockchain was exploited in 2010, causing the production of billions of Bitcoin that had violated the monetary policy of the cryptocurrency.

The result was that his leadership grew stronger. He started making contributions to the software without letting anyone know, in fact he was viewed by some as obsessive in striving to strengthen software security.

The results obtained by Nakamoto's brilliant and dedicated work demonstrate the reason for his efforts. He knew very well that he had a great scientific breakthrough in his hands. He once commented that the creation of Bitcoin had solved the "Byzantine General's problem."

Meet Satoshi Nakamoto.