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What are the games with which you can win virtual money 2021?

Alexa Acosta
8 min read

There are endless games on the internet, all of them have the ability to capture the attention of consumers. But there is a small number of these that have become "virtual jobs" where players profit from the video game.

In addition to these games, there are other slightly newer games that are immediately promoted as play to earn. Which use blockchain technology to farm tokens that can then be exchanged for real money.

What are the games with which you can win virtual money 2021?

Here we will explain in detail how these two kinds of games work with which you can win large sums of money. We will also show the best games of each type, with a tip to improve earnings.

Games to win money with various virtual options

These games are characterized because they become very difficult or tedious at first, but after investing a lot of time they end up being incredible. There are many players with blocked accounts or who want to start playing but without going through the tedious part.

So they consider the fact of buying items, digital money and even you have many improvements to obtain an advantage in the game. Thanks to this, there are people who invest time and effort in a game to be able to sell it within a period of time.

For this type of games we have a top 10 with those with the most potential to obtain large sums of money:

10. Minecraft

A very fun game that has caught many people thanks to its type of game. Because the player can literally create and destroy anything, letting the imagination of gamers fly and becoming addictive.

This has two game modes, for one player or for several, where the purpose remains the same. The mode is open world and users can do whatever they find most fun.

To earn income in Minecraft you must constantly search for emeralds, which are a rare and exclusive mineral. This mineral can be sold on the Bitquest server where virtual items from this game can be exchanged.

They are usually sold or exchanged for fractions of Bitcoin, using almost any Wallet you want.

9. StarCraft

A multiplayer strategy game currently set in the 26th century where players must defeat their opponents to evolve. This allows them to improve their avatars and end up being almost invincible.

What are the games with which you can win virtual money 2021?

To earn money on this platform, users make predictions of battles and bet real money. There are places on the web that are responsible for organizing matches between players so that others can place bets in real time.

8. Counter Strike

This is one of the most iconic games for many years, and is among the games with the most users worldwide. The objective is to eliminate each opponent of the opposing team to prevent them from fulfilling their mission.

Terrorists are trying to destroy a place and must kill all anti-terrorists, who on the contrary must prevent it from happening. In general, to win money in this game, many participate in tournaments where they distribute prizes of millions of dollars.

What are the games with which you can win virtual money 2021?

But to participate in these, a user must become a professional player and train his reflexes with a team to always win. Although there is a much simpler option, and it is to sell the skins of your accounts.

These skins can be obtained as the game progresses, and depending on how valued it is, it can be sold for huge sums of money.

7. Call of Duty

One of the most popular "first person shooter" games to date, thanks to its warlike style. Its popularity is due to the fact that it has recreated some ancient and fictional wars.

To earn money with this game there is no better way than investing time to be the best gamer. By obtaining better skills, an experienced player can qualify to enter international tournaments such as the Call of Duty Championship.

Many players have shown how profitable it can be by earning up to $ 100,000. There are even registered cases where a gamer has managed to quote up to USD 600,000.

6. Fortnite

An open world game that consists of two game modes, "save the world" where 4 players must achieve a common goal through missions. In this mode they play against the environment, they must reach the shelters to avoid a deadly storm.

In the "battle royale" mode, up to one hundred players are allowed, who can play alone or are divided into squads. This is a battle where everyone tries to survive, defeat their opponents and obtain resources.

The best way to profit from this game is to spend time improving your character skins. It is best to search for skins available for a limited time and sell them for big amounts of money.

5. League of Legends

It is of the type of multiplayer games in battle arenas, which currently has 3 game modes, "the summoner's crack", "teamfight tactics" and the abyss of laments. The objective is to defeat the enemy to go up the level and get chances to buy better objects.

What are the games with which you can win virtual money 2021?

The best way to earn money is by playing in the League of Legends world championship editions. Some users have been shown to make profits in excess of a million dollars.

4. Dota2

Another game of the battle arena type, the theme is simple, the user must devise a strategy to achieve victory. To generate money the best way is to create content and publish it on social networks or YouTube, earning by views.

3. Warm

A very attractive multiplayer role-playing game, the avatar is capable of performing various attacks and moving through the various worlds. In this game you will find a door where only users who reach level 999 can reach.

To make money the best option is to sell gold coins, it is a lucrative environment thanks to the constant market.

2. World of Warcraft

A game with a very varied ecosystem, several worlds, different kinds of avatars and three types of roles to choose from. The game allows you to obtain large amounts of gold if a user dedicates enough time to it.

What are the games with which you can win virtual money 2021?

This gold can be sold for real money and generate results of hundreds or thousands of dollars per month.

1. RuneScape

One of the best multiplayer role-playing games currently on the net. The user can play for free or choose payment methods, and its purpose is to perform missions to obtain gold goals or physical goals.

To generate income the user must collect gold and sell it or exchange it in a real market for money.

Games to generate money with cryptocurrencies

These are games based on non-fungible tokens or as it is commonly known "NFT" a type of digital currency that can currently be traded. Prices can become volatile, in some moments it can be very low, as in others it can reach all-time highs.

Here we will show you a top 5 of the best NFT games that currently exist:

5. My DeFi Pet

A game with collectible monsters and pets that have their own personality. Its DPET token allows these pets to be improved, in addition to being used to be exchanged and commercialized.

4. Upland

Players have complete control of the purchase and sale of virtual goods and real estate that each user obtains. The game markets itself by offering missions to players to purchase these assets.

3. Illuvium

An open world RPG game where the player must capture 100 monsters in order to enter the arena mode. In the arenas you can win real money, but you can also trade monsters.

2. Cryptopop

A game with a unique resemblance to Candy crush and the fewer symbols left on the screen, the better the reward. The points help to obtain more and more tokens that are later converted into the famous cryptocurrency Ethereum.

What are the games with which you can win virtual money 2021?

1. Axie Infinity

The most popular game on the web today, it features adorable NFTs that can be sold at high prices. To play, the user must have at least three of these NFTs, which must be acquired by purchasing with cryptocurrencies.

Within the game, the user can farm a token through two game modes, adventure and PVP. In adventure mode, the player can only earn a limited amount of token per day.

On the other hand, in PVP you can win more every day, as long as you win and finish higher and higher in the cup ranking. The best way to get large sums of money is by selling and trading axies. Since farming the token in the game involves only a small sum of money compared to the speedy sale of these adorable NFTs.