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Earning Bitcoin by playing? SaruTobi is the game that lets you do it

Alexa Acosta
3 min read

Did you know that today there are many ways to make money playing? With SaruTobi today you can earn Bitcoin from your IOS or Android phone. After its launch in 2016, it is now available for legal download from the IOS and Android app stores today.

The announcement was recently made from the official Zebedee page, to alert the entire game community about the possibility of playing it from any platform. Zebedee is recognized as a leading gaming company and creator of the Lightning network.

Earning Bitcoin by playing? SaruTobi is the game that lets you do it

SaruTobi and its developers aim to reach a greater number of people

Since its launch, the game had only been available for Android as long as it was installed externally. However, Zebedee has managed to get the game into the Android Play Store and Apple's App Store. SaruTobi is one of the most popular additional income generating games, and now everyone can enjoy it.

What are the SaruTobi game modes?

SaruTobi has two different game modes : Fly By and Swing Thing. In both, you will be able to collect bananas and coins, which can then be exchanged for advantages.

The Fly by game mode consists of making the monkey turn over and over again at full speed on a vine. Then it must be released so that it travels a long way where you can find the bananas and coins that you must collect. You can play it as many times as you want, following the idea of taking as much as you can, going as far as possible.

In the Swing Thing mode, you must move the monkey through different lianas until you get as far as possible. You will also find bananas and coins that you have to reach with different maneuvers and strategies that you will discover as you play.

How to earn money with SaruTobi rewards?

The main idea of the game is to have fun, but many are behind the rewards in Bitcoin. So to obtain them, when you have collected 3 coins you must send the capture of your count to the official channel of the game in Discord. Once your catch is registered, you will have your profit percentage directly in your Wallet.

It is important that you always send the capture to the Discord when you reach all three coins. If you decide to accumulate more to send it later, the remainder will not be recorded and you will lose the rest of the coins you have accumulated.

Earning Bitcoin by playing? SaruTobi is the game that lets you do it

Now, many talk about the advertising presented by the game, but despite being constant, it is not spam. Advertising comes out after losing a game and after submitting the record of the three coins. It will never appear during the game, and generally the advertising appears after 6 or 7 lost games.

SaruTobi can become your favorite hobby, and it also generates extra income that can be used during any emergency. Just playing a few hours a day can secure a profit for doing what you love the most.