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Elon Musk's new name on Twitter

A change of username has generated another impact in the world of cryptocurrencies

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Elon Musk's new name on Twitter – Cryptocurrencies – WebMediums
Musk during an interview

"Elon Musk, he cannot surprise us more", is what we always think before hearing one more news about this tycoon whose net capital is nothing more and nothing less than US $338,000 million, being the holder of the title of the richest man in the world.

Well, he does nothing, a simple name change in his social account on the Twitter platform served for the birth of another memecoin.

Although it must be admitted that Lorde Edge is a hilarious name. Is he really capable of so much?

The answer is totally yes, as it has been seen that many people have tried to play and do what they want with this "favor" from Elon Musk.

Which Musk seems to like, because he always does these kinds of things that seem to indicate a cryptocurrency game.

The creator of DOGECOIN also wanted to increase the value of his invention, which at the moment is in a very, very serious shade of red.

Unusual news or not You must keep reading!

Lorde Edger Twitter name that only lasted a couple of hours

Elon Musk's new name on Twitter – Cryptocurrencies – WebMediums
Elon Musk's Twitter account for the weekend

Musk unexpectedly changed his username, just at the time when a lot of comments about his fortune were being generated. All last weekend we could find him as Lorde Edger.

The comments spread by the web were about the survey created to the public, on said platform, where he asked them the opinion of selling 10% of the shares of Tesla, a company in which he is CEO.

For the discussion that Musk and the director of the UN have had for several days, to "extinguish world famine."

It is not known exactly what the reason for the change was, it is only supposed to be a way to relieve tension, because the username resembles a joke, and it seems that Musk really likes being a comedian. We already have a lot of history of his adventures on the web, and we know that what he does, usually does not have an explanation given on his part.

Although at this time Elon Musk has already returned to this social network where he practically makes the world tremble with his comments. But what he generated from this, can still be seen on social networks and in many articles that travel the internet.

Elon Musk's new name on Twitter – Cryptocurrencies – WebMediums
Lorde Edge virtual currency Twitter account

Cryptocurrency: Lorde Edge

The change of avatar of the richest man in the world generated a shocking creation that was practically made at the time of his "joke" on the blue bird opinion platform.

The birth of another memecoin was immediate. And only one day was enough to create the website for this token that alludes to Elon Musk.

It seems like something very well planned, because it is not only creating the idea of a cryptocurrency, it is also making it feasible and offering it to the market. And obviously the most important thing, that the public buy it and invest in it.

Everything seems like it turned out very well for the creators of this token, but now the question that remains is: Is making a cryptocurrency that easy?

Not only the news of his idea has caused a commotion among fans of cryptocurrencies and Elon Musk, the truth is that it could also be seen in the market capitalization.

On the same day it was delivered on the web, it went up to 856%! Moving 27 million dollars only on Monday, November 8. It can be found on various lists that track the price of cryptocurrencies, one of these is CoinMarketCap.

At this time, although its previous percentage fell, which was so high, it seems that it is still at a decent level.

But big scams of this type have already happened, the last one that stole millions and millions of dollars was the supposed token of the hit Netflix series "Squid Game".

People who constantly invest in cryptocurrencies should be even more careful after that terrible misfortune. Experts around the world have launched various campaigns to prevent more people from falling for such horrible scams as with the "Squid Game" token.

Elon Musk's new name on Twitter – Cryptocurrencies – WebMediums
Market value graph

The promotion of this token

It has been seen in just a few days that the creators of this memecoin constantly upload memes, publications and advertising for their asset. Also placing that Elon Musk is supporting them.

Which cannot be assured that it is entirely true, since Musk continues without answering the doubts that hundreds of fans have on the web.

The virtual currency already has its page "well-developed" — it shows a little that they did it to the races —, a Telegram channel and everything necessary to continue working in the long term. But all that image doesn't mean it's durable.

For this reason, we still recommend that you be very careful about investing in a currency that does not seem to be completely safe.

Elon Musk's new name on Twitter – Cryptocurrencies – WebMediums
DOGECOIN virtual currency that always rises and falls with the opinions that Musk has about it

DOGECOIN Creator Announces on Twitter

Another who made himself heard after this action by Elon Musk, was the creator of DOGECOIN, Shibetoshi Nakamoto, in his public account of the Twitter platform he declared that Lorde Edge is an anagram of the dog that served as inspiration to create his token.

Elder Doge, is the name of the canine that went viral in meme and then in cryptocurrencies in recent years.

Nakamoto does not say that it was an action of Musk to play with the value of DOGE, but that he is totally sure that it is an anagram and the tests are.

But the creator's comment did not cause anything, since the token is still on a very bad streak. You can't always cash in on Elon Musk's unusual actions.