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NFT Collectibles arrive at McDonald's

Irene de Espinoza
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McDonald's amazing global brand fast food company has its NFT collectibles.

NFT Collectibles arrive at McDonald's – Cryptocurrencies – WebMediums
NFT with excellent acceptance in the market

To celebrate its 31st anniversary, McDonald's, the fast food restaurant chain in China, introduced the collectibles' edition. A marketing and finance suggestion that seeks to somewhat renew the image of the company and adapt it to new trends in commerce.

We have seen how every day more artists, companies, and institutions are added to the creation of collections. Imagine that it is a virtual currency dedicated especially to fans of that brand.

Its value increases like the rest of the cryptos, everything is according to the law of supply and demand.

In other words, these NFTs can sell for a lot, costing things you couldn't imagine. We currently have NFTs of athletes, musicians, artists, and you can now see the family restaurant chain join the cryptos.

NFT Collectibles arrive at McDonald's – Cryptocurrencies – WebMediums
Always innovating as a restaurant chain

NFT as the future of companies

It will sound fictitious, a GIF of a cat with the body of a cookie flying, was auctioned as NFT for $500,000, the creator, keeps the original NFT or Token, being thus, he as the sole owner of something that we can obtain for free and easily. This person auctioned off a copy and made substantial profits.

Both small and large companies are beginning to surrender to the NFT and McDonald's will not be the exception, taking out for one of its chains in China on its 31st Anniversary some collectible NFTs in the shape of a Rubik's Cube with some pictures as store locations.

NFT Collectibles arrive at McDonald's – Cryptocurrencies – WebMediums
Many companies join the NFT furor

They are also taking their respective NFTs out of their products, a pleasantly popular one is their McRib sandwich, fans of this product are gratified with the variety and attention they receive and the idea of having their own chain NFT.

NFT lovers will be the first to be interested in the 138 NFT collection based on the new china store opened on October 8 this year.

They will have unimaginable figures, everything will depend on how they will be sold, but the sure thing about this is that they are valued at millions of dollars.

Why will McDonald's use the NFTs?

Certainly the sage observes and learns, youth trends are both changeable and fleeting, but that does not make him less popular globally. Currently, the youth community and lovers of NFTs are very pleased with the McDonald's collection, undoubtedly rewarding.

McDonald's as a food company, is the first to launch these products in raffle, currently positioning itself as the only, daring and brave to explore new horizons. With security and the popularity of it, they will have more profits than they could calculate.

NFT Collectibles arrive at McDonald's – Cryptocurrencies – WebMediums
A collection that gives a lot to talk about

Truth or lie about Token's?

Aseptic people to this new movement mention that it is a waste of money. On the other hand, the people who dared and took the first step or simply those who advanced are those who today enjoy their worth.

Certainly, not everyone will make or create a million dollar NFT, let's say it's a matter of “luck” and knowing the market and best trends. We can all be part of the NFT rage, if you don't have the means to create it, you can easily buy one that you consider yourself an amateur to have double or five times more than what you invested at the time.

NFT Collectibles arrive at McDonald's – Cryptocurrencies – WebMediums
We will continue to see more NFT tokens

Infinity of virtual currencies exist as national flags, created to pay in countries or in specific pages, but, beyond that, these tokens are very valuable for the current market. Taking advantage of this strong heyday, McDonald's created its NFTs to sell them by token and position its company among the first, either in quality or in avant-garde.

Companies surrender to the rise of McDonald's

This year (2021) has marked a before and after with these NFT products, clothing companies, other food companies and sports teams, digital artists and musicians, have begun to give in to the tempting emerging market of NFTs.

According to some reports and information, the beverage company Coca-Cola will also join this investment wave, reporting that the profits obtained will be donated to the Special Olympics or Paralympics.

NFT Collectibles arrive at McDonald's – Cryptocurrencies – WebMediums

If you believe it is worth investing in these NFTs imagine seeing how another titan joins this small list, FOX a giant in entertainment, create and support the new creators and digital artists of NFT.

First steps of the future

These companies are pioneers in large popular investments, but it must be mentioned, small and medium-sized companies, since the branches of these magnates, not all are "well" served, with this bet.

Slowly, both NFTs and the rest of the free trade cryptos will serve as an attractive and cutting-edge investment, they will be our world currency. Every day digital exceeds our expectations and allows us to dream and go further.

The day will come where we go to one of these companies, and we will pay directly with cryptocurrencies (in some places and businesses it is already done without problems).

These tokens that are undoubtedly revolutionizing our way of consuming and buying items, paying for services and saving, will be in continuous advance, and we will see many more of them in the cryptocurrency market.

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Llegan Los NFT Coleccionables a McDonald's
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