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Thetan Arena: the new version of the game that will make you win cryptocurrencies

Discover everything you need to know to enter this game "Play to earn"

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Thetan Arena: the new version of the game that will make you win cryptocurrencies
Thetan Arens logo and Twitter page

We have already noticed several of the video games where you "have fun" while making money, as they are today; for the sake of getting "easy money". The truth is that the list is more summarized if we talk about fun, since the player in question does not have much action in most of the play to earn games.

But the massive updates and the creation of new virtual worlds has started with more force, generating much greater competition in video games where you win cryptocurrencies.

The video game that we bring you today enter the list of innovation, which possibly changes the shape of virtual worlds that are created after its success.

We prepared this guide so that you know everything about this star NFT video game. You can not lose this! It may be your next active hobby.

Thetan Arena: the new version of the game that will make you win cryptocurrencies
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Thetan Arena the promise of NFT games

This video game operating on the Binace Smart Chain blockchain, was released at the end of last November in format for Android, iOS and for computers.

What we didn't expect from the creation of the Vietnam-based gaming company Wolffun Game was that it would deliver the promise of NFT games to us.

Just 48 hours after its update, a million people had already downloaded it, and the game is still going strong until a week later.

What I really like is the game's amazing and colorful graphics, and the way you battle it out, individually, in pairs, or in a group. Adding the important fact that it is free.

It is based on a team game

It is based on a team game, although you play individually, where you have the option to go in a group for a star that will give you more stars, which will lead to dual victory.

Thetan Arena: the new version of the game that will make you win cryptocurrencies
Video game death mode

Or death mode, where team members have to kill as many players on the other side as possible. Even if you don't worry, you relive over and over again until the game is over.

For those who are bad players at the beginning, this will bring the learning to continue battling in this successful video game.

Which is already called one of the best Free to earn games, and is fully empowered so that you can win without even feeling an effort beyond being in a fun virtual world.

This is indeed a game that fits into what most want from the next generation of NFT video games.

Thetan Arena: the new version of the game that will make you win cryptocurrencies
Other NFT and Thetan Arena video games

Differences of Thetan Arena with other video games of this type

There are algorithms where you only touch a button to enter the battle, and then you just have to wait for the game to notify you if you were successful or were defeated with an opponent that you do not know how it is either.

If we explain it like this, it seems very boring. But, the popularity of these types of video games has diminished, added to the fact that you earn cryptocurrencies. And is this enough for everyone?

It seems not, that is why the new version of the game Thetan Arena has appeared on Android devices, so that the gameplay goes up to another level.

The first differences that we can notice just by entering this application, is that you do not have to invest anything at the beginning ; that you only need to verify your email, enter a username and battle in the first tutorial missions.

We know that in most NFT games you would need scholarships to enter, as with Axie Infinity. Added to the price of what that means.

Other games have too much traffic, or had it, such is the case of Plants Vs. Undead, where its currency was devalued to almost 99%. Or games where your token is fought in a shark tank, because of how little victories in the game offer you, it is a question.

For this reason, the fever that Thetan Arena has generated in recent weeks. Besides offering you a more active game, it is also new. And that means that your currency could give you much more money than others.

Thetan Arena: the new version of the game that will make you win cryptocurrencies
NFT Thetan Arena game input

Thetan Arena Tokens

The main token of this game bears the initials THC, and according to the page specialized in market capitalization Coin Market Cap, it carries a price of around USD $0.25.

That is its name in the crypto market, and when in-game it was named gTHC. Which has the exact value of what the market capitalization of its twin dictates.

You earn these yellow coins periodically as you advance in this virtual world, depending on the cups you get with each victory.

The second token is not very difficult to find, because it is similar to the other two mentioned above. THG is how you can find it.

This coin is more exclusive, that is, it is very difficult to obtain within the game, it has a price of USD $11.01, and it is recognized in the bottom bar at the beginning of the game because it is green.

What you need to know about Thetan Arena

Apart from the fact that various websites and articles tell you how incredible Thetan Arena is, there are still some questions that we want to answer in the best possible way:

Thetan Arena: the new version of the game that will make you win cryptocurrencies
Main Token Chart Today

1- Is the main token constantly stable in price?

According to the analysis of the Coin Market Cap page, its entry to the market was at the point of USD $1. To also have an inflation of some extra payment elements in the game, such as characters that make you earn much more THC if you buy them.

These somewhat high prices were going down, and the token as such as well. These weeks it had remained at approximate of USD $0.25. But for today, December 10, it has dropped in red to USD $0.20.

To then rise again to USD $0.25. He has always been circling that number.

We know that all cryptocurrencies are in decline, and the stability of a token that is practically starting is very susceptible to the market.

Thetan Arena: the new version of the game that will make you win cryptocurrencies
Video Game Store

2- How do I start playing?

The registration, as we already explained, consists of creating your username and verifying your email. Then you go on to play tutorial games and after about three roughly games, they offer you three free heroes with which you can enter the other battles, where you play clearly without instructions, as in tutorial games.

These heroes will serve you for all the battles you decide to carry out, both individually, in pairs or in groups.

3- Do I have to invest at some point?

Not necessarily, but creators also want their users to go further. And investments in general, consists of the purchase of new paid characters.

What you can see in the store within the video game itself. Prices vary from USD $100 to $300.

Of course, it will offer you more gTHC when you complete the missions and have more drinks. But it should also be mentioned that these paid characters also have a limit to offer you better rewards.

Thetan Arena: the new version of the game that will make you win cryptocurrencies
Level where you are allowed to withdraw your money to a cryptocurrency wallet

4-When can I get the money earned within the game?

To be able to get your accumulated money within the game you must first have reached 4,000 cups. And therefore to reach Bronze I. Which is a more "presentable" level of the game within that virtual world.

If you have a paid character, you may reach the goal to get your gTHC faster, but the investment of buying one of these characters is more advisable at the time when you can get your accumulated money from the game. So part of the investment, the game itself will pay for it.

In order to have your THC, you will also have to own a cryptocurrency wallet that is compatible with the Binance Smarth Chain, such as Metamask.

Thetan Arena: the new version of the game that will make you win cryptocurrencies
His downloads were massive

5- Can I play with my friends?

This is a game that is easier to advance if you have someone to play it with, because strategies are generated and the circle when meeting will not fall into problems that random people can cause in missions.

The option to play with your friends is there, since there can be 4 players per side. But it is not necessary to play as a team, you can enter a random game and win without problem.

We know that this may excite you, and you run to play it, but remember that it is a game where cryptocurrencies and their tokens also enter. We may now be able to say that they are doing fairly well, but bitcoin's volatility and decline affects all other cryptocurrencies.

For this reason, if you are going to start investing as soon as you arrive, think twice. Although for now it plays without problem, in the initial way, in the same way you do not lose anything by playing Thetan Arena on your phone or computer.