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Twitter joins cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin has already permeated everywhere, and the blue bird social network is no exception

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Twitter joins cryptocurrencies – Cryptocurrencies – WebMediums
Twitter model

Twitter since its creation in 2006, has not stopped growing or having relevance, thanks to its algorithm we have the much loved hashtags, thank God they exist! Because, what would we do without them?

We don't know, we don't even want to imagine it.

What we do know is that the virtual currency known by many media as the "Queen Bee", that is, bitcoin, has a strong way of looking at finance.

For this reason, many platforms, cities and governments have been implementing it little by little in their projects. As is the incredible news from El Salvador.

Although many assumed — since we discovered its great volatility —, that this could not be structured in "physical" business models, time and the fame of such a technological system has struck us with a great desire for this cryptocurrency, since others that follow.

Do you want to know how cryptocurrencies got to Twitter? Do not miss this article that we have prepared for you.

Twitter joins cryptocurrencies – Cryptocurrencies – WebMediums
Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency with the largest market capitalization

How did cryptocurrencies get to Twitter?

It must be said that the Twitter company does not want to stay one bit stagnant in any area, as it is one of the social networks where news travels faster, almost instantly. Can't sleep.

For this reason they are in favor of the creation and implementation of decentralized technologies that make the functions of the company much more effective.

His wish is to somehow use blockchain technologies, in any way. You can see the encouragement of its CEO about this decision.

Jack Dorsey only has "#Cryptos" in his Twitter bio. Is it enough to call you a fan of cryptocurrencies?

You have shown your enthusiasm for these digital assets many times. In this way, Twitter Crypto has come to light, which is undoubtedly another of the nascent ways of using cryptocurrencies in companies with an impact in the world.

Which we cannot wait to know how it works in the market and if other companies will also resort to this project.

Twitter joins cryptocurrencies – Cryptocurrencies – WebMediums
The Twitter algorithm

What will the implementation be like?

So far the announcement is the formation of a team that is only for those issues of digital assets, within what is the Twitter group.

In this way, they let us know that they will be working on the implementation of the cryptocurrencies themselves, in the coming months.

This team will be led by Tess Rinearson, the same girl who has commented on this project on her social network account.

Relating that they are in search of what cryptocurrencies can do for Twitter, and what it can do for the virtual currency market.

Although we have already seen that Twitter for months, is accepting tips in cryptocurrencies to those content creators who wish to do so.

Thanks to the BlueSky medium that has worked with the blue bird network since 2019.

From the same follow-up by Jack Dorsey, which has us a bit confused by what his CFO thinks. Since they contradict each other.

Twitter joins cryptocurrencies – Cryptocurrencies – WebMediums
The company possibly disagrees

Recent Comments from Twitter CFO

As we have proven in other similar topics, those who direct finance with legal currency have that certain repulsion towards the issue of cryptocurrencies.

It is not always this way, but it is very common for it to occur.

Ned Segal — the name of the CFO of Twitter —, made headlines stating in an interview in the middle of The Wall Street Journal, that it is not conducive to invest in cryptocurrencies at the moment, and his company was more about investing in assets with low volatility.

Also adding the strong transitory declines that bitcoin has had this last week. It is not advisable for him to invest in something like this at this time.

Which makes our heads a little swollen, since the problem does not lie with the investment of crypto assets by natural persons, emphasizes the one who seems to blatantly forget that his company is in projects with this same issue.

The direction that the company which he directs financially is taking is the opposite of what he indicates in these statements, where he has given various amounts of assets for the cryptocurrency project.

So, you are not aware of what is happening in the company, or you do not agree with what Jack Dorsey is betting?

Does this mean that Twitter has internal problems or is it just a misunderstanding that the media has spread in magazines, newspapers and the big internet?

There are many questions and very few answers that this news leave us. For now, we bet and hope that the Twitter Crypto project will go as planned by that great company from the town of Delaware.