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Five of the weirdest phobias that exist

Lenin Boscaney
5 min read
Five of the weirdest phobias that exist – Curiosities – WebMediums
There are more than 470 known phobias and others will surely appear.

Everyone is afraid of something or someone, but if you are wondering about the rarest phobias, today we bring you a few for you to take into account. It is precious to first understand that a phobia is an extreme fear, practically uncontrollable and that it must be treated in order to be overcome.

The most common are always the uncontrolled fear of spiders, snakes or even the dark. There are even people who are afraid of thunder, but then what are the weirdest phobias you can imagine? Keep in mind this list that we bring you today.

Thurophobia, fear of cheese

We are sure that you had not thought about this. Without a doubt, the uncontrolled fear of cheese is one of the rarest phobias. Fear of something that has no life, in this case, a food is something out of the ordinary.

Most likely, those with this phobia have been previously diagnosed as lactose intolerant and therefore have consciously or unconsciously developed a fear of cheese.

On the other hand, it is also possible that the person in childhood has had some traumatic event with this food which leads him to have a phobia of it, as it is also possible that it can be transmitted. For example, the mother or the father has told him that he has this fear and, therefore, he has also adopted it.

Chromatophobia or Crometophobia, fear of money

This, without a doubt, is a real problem. If you are still wondering what the rarest phobias are, here is another good example. Money is practically the economic base of everything.

Our capitalist societies use money, that is, bills or coins and, in general, those who suffer from this phobia are afraid of all kinds of monetary objects. Although an alternative would be to move money digitally, it is also possible that the person who has this fear may also fear digital money.

This is one of the weirdest phobias I've ever heard of. Perhaps it is because of the texture or the smell, but surely it is due to some trauma or that something bad has happened to a family member because of money and whoever suffers from this fear now wants to avoid having anything to do with it at all costs.

Without a doubt, this phobia represents a great problem because, then, the person who suffers from it will have to depend on another person to manage their finances and any type of economic transaction.

Somniphobia, fear of sleeping

This is not only one of the rarest phobias but one of the most problematic. The human being needs to sleep and if he does not do it, the consequences for his health are really harmful. There are people who develop this uncontrolled fear of sleeping due to psychological problems or certain traumas.

Perhaps they acquired this phobia in horror movies like that of the famous character Freddy Krueger, where each character avoided sleeping, because the killer Freddy appeared in dreams to end their lives.

Without a doubt, it is necessary to treat these people medically to avoid further damage to their health and treat the root problem to eradicate it so that these individuals can enjoy happy dreams.

Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia, fear of long words

Surely, this is one of the longest words you have ever read. Already, this word scares those who suffer from this phobia. It is another rare fear and is most likely caused by a bad experience in childhood when the person was learning to read.

Every time they are reading or have to write a long text, this person can show this fear, therefore, it is necessary to treat it, since they can lose many books and be an obstacle in their school and professional training.

Sophophobia, fear of learning

We have seen several uncontrolled fears and if you are still concerned about what the rarest phobias are, we present the last one on the list. The fifth that we bring you is sophophobia or fear of learning.

This is also a problem. In general, several students resist going to college or university and the reasons sometimes have to do with laziness, tiredness or rebelliousness, but very rarely it has to do with a phobia.

Perhaps the cause is a school problem or a product of the bullying that is so common in these student areas. Sometimes it is shown with heavy sweating and even nausea. The person also shows a rejection or little interest in learning and, therefore, does not give priority to knowledge in his life.

So venture to learn more about these rarest phobias. There are more than 470 known phobias and surely many more will continue to appear. Expand your knowledge on the subject and investigate even more, you may discover that you have some of them.