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How to call with a hidden number?

Lenin Boscaney
5 min read
How to call with a hidden number? – Curiosities – WebMediums
Calling with a hidden number is a good way to protect yourself.

Do you know how to call with a hidden number? Nowadays information is very valuable and you must take care of it. This technological age has also unleashed a lot of crime leading to the development of ways to protect your data.

So keep reading these lines and you can have a great way to take care of your device number from other contacts if you want. We explain everything here.

How to call with a hidden number?

If you want your number to appear hidden when contacting someone, you must place it in this option. With very simple steps we will help you to make this possible, so you will not have to share your data with anyone.

Knowing this is a useful tool that, if used in moderation and for what it is intended for, can bring us many benefits.

Keep reading these informative lines that we have carefully prepared for you, remember that knowing about this is more than urgent so that, in this way, you can be more assured in your calls. Not giving out your data is a way to take care of you and yours, so let's start learning.

Steps to know how to call with a hidden number

To know how to call with a hidden number, you only have to dial the number you want to contact and before dialing the digits, enter, in the case of Spain, #31# and after this, now enter the telephone number.

It should be noted that this option is immediate, that is, it is only done once you make the call, then your number cannot remain hidden.

However, this code varies from country to country, in Spain, #31# is valid, you only have to find which one belongs to your country. This way of hiding your number is valid for all phone styles, Android or iPhone.

So, in this particular title, there is only one step and that is to dial the code that applies to your country of origin so that, when making a call, your number can be hidden and avoid those calls from strangers that bother you so much.

Steps to make your hidden number permanent

You already know how to call with a hidden number, however, have you not asked yourself what would happen if you could make not only your calls, but also your messages allow you to have your private number for other lines if you wish? It would be a really great help to be able to do that.

The good news that we have for you today is that you can carry out these simple steps that apply equally to both phones, whether it is Android or iPhone, so pay special attention to the ones that we are going to list below.

  • Look for the "Phone" or "Call settings" application, it varies in form with each model, however, when you find it you can repeat the steps that we propose here without problems.

  • Being in the application, you must look for the three points that display the menu on the main screen, it is at the top right.

  • When you display the menu, you can click on the "Settings" option, there it will show you everything related to calls.

  • There you should look for a name like "More settings" or "Special services". In that option, a tab will appear that indicates “Show your caller ID”.

  • Pressing this option displays a menu that indicates “Hide number or show”. Choose the one to hide and thus you will be agreeing to mark your information as a private number.

With these simple steps you can then have your number hidden from calls permanently. Keep in mind that this and other options are possible if you are ready to review the applications or tools of your mobile more thoroughly, knowing is expanding your possibilities. Come on, when we learn we take care of ourselves!

More conclusions

Today we will show you in a summarized but concise way how to call with a hidden number on mobile devices that belong to two operating systems such as Android and iPhone. We were also able to point out some codes or, better said, digits to dial that indicate to the operator your desire to temporarily hide information.

This action is very necessary, since it is possible due to all the technological advances that the world has obtained over the years. Hiding your information is currently a right that each person can exercise in their own way. So we encourage you to prioritize your security and do it this way, since you already have the tools deployed for this purpose.

You just need to know more about your mobile device and understand very well everything you can achieve by knowing how to call with a hidden number. Identity is a privilege, a right, individual information that everyone must carry or show as they see fit.

Being careful in this area is not bad, on the contrary, it is knowing how to love your loved ones and having a private life today is fair and necessary.