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Charming ideas in decorating small gardens 2022

Maria de Piña
6 min read
Charming ideas in decorating small gardens 2022 – Decor – WebMediums
Small garden decoration ideas 2022

That the few meters of space are not an obstacle for your garden decoration. And if you still don't know what to do, you've come to the right place to learn from the best ideas to apply this year.

In general, when thinking of a garden, we come to dream of a little paradise that we will have at home. Therefore, it is usual to consider different plants to fill the space, but this is much more than just placing the green factor.

In this sense, to achieve a charming decoration of gardens in small spaces, you cannot miss what you will see next.

7 practical ideas in decorating small gardens

Each of the ideas that you will see have a common factor, and this is saving space, which is why they will help you despite the dimensions of your entrance, back or interior garden.

So take note of the elements that you will implement and how you will do it in your small garden decoration.

1. Pallets for garden to the wall

Charming ideas in decorating small gardens 2022 – Decor – WebMediums
Pallets for garden to the wall

There are many versions of vertical gardens, and this is one of them. Ideal for modern and vintage decorations, thanks to the integration of wood.

For this you will need to have some pallets, the amount will depend on how many gardens you will make and what size you want them. In this sense, it must be rearmed, based on a minimum of 3 vertical pallets of the length you want.

Then the horizontal vanes will be added, leaving a certain distance between them. You finish this decorative palette base with a good wood enamel.

Now you can start adding the potted plants. It is preferable that you do not cover the entire palette so that you can notice the contrast of materials and colors in harmony.

2. Vertical garden

Charming ideas in decorating small gardens 2022 – Decor – WebMediums
Vertical garden decoration

If you are looking for a modern idea in decorating small gardens, an original and pure vertical garden is your best choice. These are species of vegetation panels, which by themselves decorate any space.

As functional for exteriors as interiors, because you only have to advise yourself on the type of plants to implement and their care. And although there are artificial models, nothing better than the natural.

There are different ways to do it, among which stands out, as the easiest, a structure with sacks. The structure is the vertical base that is attached to the wall, this is made up of rods generating a panel with pictures.

On these frames small bags are integrated, secured by the rods. Once ready, inside the bags the soil and the plants are integrated, which as they grow, will hide the entire base and the bags.

3. Small gardens with colored stones

Charming ideas in decorating small gardens 2022 – Decor – WebMediums
Small garden decoration with stones

Something that distinguishes modern and chic gardens is landscaping, these involve white gravel and stones of other colors.

And do not think that this is just an idea for large spaces, because everything is in the size in which you make the garden. You only have to designate the area in which you will work, and depending on it, the plants that you will integrate.

For small spaces, medium and small plants are recommended, taking few to do the landscaping. In turn, leaning on the stones to fill the spaces.

It produces figures, curves and creative lines, varying with the color of the stones. Take plants of different sizes, where a larger one is the star.

4. Garden decoration with drawers

Charming ideas in decorating small gardens 2022 – Decor – WebMediums
Flower pot crates for garden decoration

The drawers are pieces that are very far from the gardens, it could be said that they are from opposite environments, but this should not be the rule.

A vintage and at the same time ecological idea is to take drawers from old furniture and renovate them a bit, so that they come to life as charming pots.

In small environments it is functional as a center of attention, positioning it inside your garden or as an ornament on the side of the doors.

It is recommended that a good restoration work be applied and that a plastic canvas be integrated before placing the soil, this will not allow the effects of the soil and humidity to have an effect on the wood. Just be careful about watering the plants.

5. Frames with plants

Charming ideas in decorating small gardens 2022 – Decor – WebMediums
Frames with plants in the decoration of gardens in small spaces

The frames with plants are an ideal proposal to decorate the walls in a different way with vegetation. You may have a small space with few plants, but by placing these frames, your wall will take center stage.

To do this, you must bear in mind that behind the plants that are seen abroad, there is a base for them to develop. It can be made of moss or composite soil, this is subject thanks to a mesh, which has holes in which you can insert the plant.

Succulents or plants that store water are the best options for this type of garden decoration. However, if you have larger frames, you can choose other vegetation options.

6. Don't forget the furniture

Charming ideas in decorating small gardens 2022 – Decor – WebMediums
Benches for small gardens

Although the space may be small, there may be the possibility of integrating furniture into your garden decoration.

The key is to choose the right ones, because today there are thousands of garden furniture designs that will help you make the experience with your plants more pleasant.

Keep in mind that for small environments, the most recommended are wooden benches for two people, there are many models and they do not take up much space.

There are also modern hanging chairs or armchairs that you can include to enjoy your garden.

7. Decoration with climbing plants

Charming ideas in decorating small gardens 2022 – Decor – WebMediums
Garden decoration with climbing plants

Climbing plants are a torment when they are not invited, but if we include them strategically in the decoration of gardens, they can become our main attraction.

The idea is to generate a controlled space where they develop, and at the same time, decorate with their naturalness.

To do this, make bases with wooden rods, which you will place vertically. These, position them in the place you want, and if it does not have soil on the floor, provide them with rectangular pots so that the plant begins to grow.

Already ready, it only remains to admire its evolution and prune when it is exceeding the determined space.