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Meet the eccentric style for interior design

Maria de Piña
6 min read

This style breaks with the usual scheme of interior design, showing us more freedom when decorating.

It has been seen for many years, but now there are many more who dare to implement it, so we invite you to know what the Eccentric style is like.

How is the eccentric style for the home?

Meet the eccentric style for interior design – Decor – WebMediums

Eccentricity is a term that transcends, from attitude to forms of expression, and this is what this style is about. Bring the irreverence, creativity and originality of our being, expressed in the design of our home.

Simply put, the decoration of our house should be the living reflection of our personality, so an eccentric style does not adhere to predetermined styles or trends.

This is because the creation of the environment breaks with all interior design patterns.

The decoration of the environment is created based on the tastes of the designer, which is why it is common to see rooms with exotic furniture, a variety of bright colors and unusual designs in the different decorative elements, which points to an eccentric style.

Everything that is flashy, extravagant, unusual and even exaggerated is part of what eccentric style is, as it takes decoration to another level.

Rules to achieve the eccentric style in decoration

The most prominent designers who implement the eccentric style, although they let their creativity fly in design, follow some golden rules when creating totally eccentric environments, which we will reveal to you today so that you can join this movement.

Use the Color Blocking trend

Meet the eccentric style for interior design – Decor – WebMediums

In the eccentric style we must use various striking colors, so the idea of the color blocking trend is an easy strategy to experiment with new combinations.

Moving away from the usual combinations of neutral colors, this trend is based on the exploration of mixtures of opposite shades within the color circle.

This will allow us to see what colors we can implement on the walls and furniture.

Vibrant colors that work perfectly with one another are yellow, green, red, purple, and orange, either with another cheerful hue of the circle or with a neutral color as a base. The idea is to create interesting combinations by combining 2 or three colors between the decorations.

Include eccentric objects strategically

Meet the eccentric style for interior design – Decor – WebMediums

Wanting to have an eccentric space does not imply that we will have a museum of eccentricity in our home. The idea is to give it eccentric touches that are interesting and highlight the decoration of the place.

The correct way to give the eccentric style to a space through objects is to include 1 to 3 objects per room, taking into account their size.

This is because if they are very striking and large objects, they will not allow us to appreciate the harmony of the space.

Although as a designer of your home you have the total freedom to experiment and create, you must evaluate the size of the space where you will work and in turn how many elements you can place, which fit perfectly into your environment, complementing the decoration.

Eccentric objects do not necessarily have to have a functionality, many have only the fact of decorating.

Among the most used in rooms of this style are lamps or chandeliers with extravagant designs, small exotic tables, furniture and bookends.

But if we are looking for eccentric objects that are only decorative, we can opt for striking sculptures, art pieces or paintings.

Eye-catching prints

Meet the eccentric style for interior design – Decor – WebMediums

Special designs on fabrics or wallpaper are widely used items, but in a very conservative way. However, they are tools that we can use to increase the style of our home.

For an extravagant style, stripes, lines, geometric designs, flowers, and artistic designs are elements that add color to the environment in an original way.

These are usually implemented in furniture, walls, rugs, cushions and blankets, elements that will steal the spotlight in the place.

It is recommended to use 1 element per zone, and depending on the size of the place, up to 3 per room. This is because different patterns of different objects can be merged, but placing 2 in a single area distorts the image of the place.

An example of this is that if we have a striped rug, we cannot place patterned furniture on it. It is advisable to place furniture in bright or neutral colors to highlight the design of the carpet.

Combine textures, colors and design

Meet the eccentric style for interior design – Decor – WebMediums

An eccentric space is characterized by unusual combinations, and it is that for the decoration of an environment you can implement different textures with materials of the various elements for decoration, but at the same time merging it with vibrant colors and unique designs.

The main idea of how to do it is to experiment, but if you want to be a little more confident, you can create a basic environment, which has brightly colored furniture, exotic decorations in metallic materials and a patterned design on a carpet or other element.

This is a basic system that combines the colors of the furniture, the pattern and the metallic tone, while at the same time playing with the textures of the metal and the different fabrics.

Maintain an environment of harmony

Meet the eccentric style for interior design – Decor – WebMediums

The fact of having an eccentric style space does not mean that we have a chaotic space.

Harmony is achieved in combination and order, so we must be careful when decorating and choosing each of the elements that we will implement in the space.

The fact of not overloading the spaces with eccentricity, generates a harmonious environment reducing the elements to be implemented and respecting the combinations.

Manage a space with subtle combinations of different eccentric elements, but always taking into account the size of the space and including neutral colors to lower saturation levels.

Interior design is an art, so in your home you will need to capture all your creativity and personality to bring out the eccentric that is in you. Let yourself be enveloped by the eccentric style by following these golden rules.