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Create your own home entertainment zone

Maria de Piña
6 min read
Create your own home entertainment zone – Decor – WebMediums
Entertainment areas inside the home

As a result of the entire situation of the pandemic, it has become fashionable to generate entertainment areas inside the home, as a way to combat the stress caused by isolation, and despite the fact that there is already more social flexibility, it is still a useful environment.

Disconnecting from social networks to spend hours of fun with friends and family is something that you can easily achieve with an entertainment area.

There are great ideas for all tastes, however, to be a little more specific, we must know some essential aspects to bring a space like this to life.

How to make an entertainment area?

Create your own home entertainment zone – Decor – WebMediums
How to make an entertainment zone

It is possible that when you propose to produce a space like this, you do not even know where to start, and although you think that the decoration is first, you should first think about some points to consider making your entertainment area.

1. Find the right space

It is good to set these spaces in places of the house that are not common, since when the fun begins, the noises will not take long. Thus, the best is a room or an isolated room, this in the same way if you need to be concentrated and in silence.

You can use a small corner or even the entire basement if you have an idea of something very large in mind, such as a multiple play area.

2. Define what type of entertainment you want to implement

Create your own home entertainment zone – Decor – WebMediums
Bar-style entertainment area

This will depend a lot on your concept of entertainment, if you are a lover of series and movies, or if you prefer reading and board games, or also video games.

The idea is that you analyze what your type of entertainment implies, thus evaluating what you should buy, as the main element to achieve it.

3. Decorate

Create your own home entertainment zone – Decor – WebMediums
Gamer-themed decor

Look for a decoration that reflects freshness and tranquility so that once you enter, your mind associates the disconnection from stressful activities.

Pick an interior design style or theme that matches the idea of fun you've already chosen. Seamlessly interweave ornaments and furnishings with entertaining elements.

Ideas for a home entertainment area

So that you have a reference of the potential that you can achieve with your entertainment area, I will show you some ideas that you can adapt to your lifestyle and that will surely expand your creativity to make an original place for you.

Poker table

Create your own home entertainment zone – Decor – WebMediums
Poker table

This idea is quite simple and compact, but very entertaining, which does not require a large space, only what is necessary for the table and seats. It is a very good option to spend the nights in family gatherings or with friends.

If you want to make something more striking, set the space where you will place the casino-style table, an extravagant crystal chandelier or an antique lamp fits well, also place pictures with a theme alluding to deck cards and dark wood benches.

Cinema your style

Create your own home entertainment zone – Decor – WebMediums
Cinema your style with a starry sky

The space to give life to this idea can be very variable, for this you can opt for a large screen or a projector, taking into account that your choice will also depend on the size of the space where it is located.

Having already covered this, you should try to generate that dark environment so that the attention is focused on the film.

If you have a whole room for this idea, you can add small lights to the ceiling that give subtle glow to create a night sky atmosphere, a few movie posters to the walls, several colored beanbags and a large sofa to start enjoying.

A place of conversation

Create your own home entertainment zone – Decor – WebMediums
Puffs for your place of conversation

Transform a simple room or an external area of the house into a dynamic and colorful environment, which is ideal for entertaining and spending time chatting, use large paintings or a complete design on the walls that is full of color and energy.

Forget traditional chairs and sofas, what you need are rigid beanbags and a small central table, with a modern rug, the more colorful there is, the better, thus projecting an atmosphere of freedom.

Reading room

Create your own home entertainment zone – Decor – WebMediums
Reading room

The truth is that reading does not require practically any special space, but when we find ourselves in a comfortable and quiet environment designed for this, the experience is much more profound and pleasant.

You can lean a bit to the vintage style, apply warm and light colors to the space you choose, a comfortable armchair and a small wooden table with a retro lamp would be the ideal thing to promote this idea of tranquility to the space.

It is not a place to invite too many people, since it generates an intimate atmosphere where silence and concentration are sought.

Gamers Zone

Create your own home entertainment zone – Decor – WebMediums
Pay Station gaming zone

Definitely, here you should try to have one or more large screens, you can set the theme with the theme of a specific game, or with various elements of the gamer culture, low lighting and LED lights to highlight some spaces.

You can combine game chairs and beanbags so that both those who play and those who watch are comfortable, and if you add a mini refrigerator to the site you complement the comfort.

Tips for taking care of your entertainment area

Create your own home entertainment zone – Decor – WebMediums
Tips for maintaining your home entertainment zone

Do not give the space to other purposes

Stay true to the original idea for which the area was created, do not allow a place of recreation and recreation to become a place of work.

At the same time, do not allow it to mix with the common areas, even if they are very close, limit the decorations to keep it intact.

Renew your image

Be attentive to trends in decoration, since you can inject touches that are fashionable to your space, only transforming the color or including accessories that do not break with the theme.

Changing its image or adding new elements will rejuvenate it by being an attractive area that you will never want to leave.

Keep order

As much fun as we are doing, keeping things on point helps us keep the site attractive.

Before leaving, we must order so that when we enter again we can enjoy to the fullest, without wasting time looking for the entertainment elements.

The most important thing when we create a place like this at home, is to understand that it is not only about buying something to distract yourself, that is just a part of entertainment, because the environment that we design around it will be what does the magic.