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Decorate your home with natural succulent plants

All about succulents and how they will beautify your home

Maria de Piña
6 min read
Decorate your home with natural succulent plants – Decor – WebMediums

These beautiful plants revolutionized interior decoration in recent years, displaying unparalleled beauty.

Despite having different species of succulents, each one has a delicate and fresh image that every home needs.

But like any natural plant, this one has special characteristics that we must take into account so that they last over time.

If you like the idea of decorating with plants, and you don't know how to do it, don't worry, as I will show you decorating ideas with succulents and tips you should know to take care of them.

Ideas for decorating with natural succulents

Seeing so many species of succulents in the networks, leads us to explore different ways to decorate our home with these incredible plants.

That is why I show you decoration ideas with succulents that you will undoubtedly want to recreate.

Succulent paintings

Like an art painting, succulents achieve a beautiful effect when placed on the wall.

Decorate your home with natural succulent plants – Decor – WebMediums
Succulents box

This idea is based on creating a vertical surface to collect a certain amount of succulents. This is achieved by creating, through layers of mesh, soil, moss and a box, the ideal base for placing small and medium-sized succulents.

They are perfect for interiors and as they are low-water plants, they will not affect the walls at all.

To hydrate the plants, choose to lower it from the wall and place it on a horizontal surface to cover all the internal compound of the decoration, and then already drained, place it on the wall.

Succulent Terrariums

If the small thing seems adorable to you, succulent terrariums will fascinate you, since they are mini abitas for succulents, where you can group different plants creating combinations in colors and textures.

Decorate your home with natural succulent plants – Decor – WebMediums

For this you only need a glass bowl or a structure in which you can group the various plants.

Inside the bowl you will create the surface for the plants, that is, soil and moss. Once placed, you proceed to include the succulents in the order you want, you will finish this, including small white or colored stones.

You can create gardens with miniature landscaping by playing with different succulents and colors.

Rectangular centerpiece with succulents

Succulents can be an exotic and elegant touch for your table, you just have to have a clear idea of how to implement the plants to attract attention.

Decorate your home with natural succulent plants – Decor – WebMediums
Rectangular centerpiece with succulents

This idea has a drawer worked in DIY, which, although it is simple to look at, brings out the green colors of the succulents.

In order to have the succulents in the drawer, a surface of soil and moss must be worked for the plants.

Place elegant elements such as a candle in the center, before placing the soil and after proceeding with it, incorporate the succulents in no specific order.

You can make color combinations of succulents by going with the color theme of your dining room.

Succulent plants, a beauty when decorating

Beyond their natural beauty, we must take into account certain points that will help us understand why succulents are an excellent option and everything we need to know about them before starting to decorate.

They are ideal for the indoor environment

Decorate your home with natural succulent plants – Decor – WebMediums
Succulent indoor plants

Listed succulent for its structure, since inside they are juicy, it is there where they store large amounts of water, which makes them resistant by requiring little liquid.

They are plants that can be kept outdoors in a controlled environment, but without a doubt these characteristics in their structure make them an ideal plant for the interior of the home.

As it requires little water and little lighting, it can be maintained in rooms, offices, kitchens and even bathrooms and bedrooms.

Their structure in cool conditions leads them to highlight their natural colors, which range from green to exotic colors such as purple tones.

Variety in succulent species

As for succulents, there are many types to take into account when decorating, and even the most common ones, fused with other exotics, can take your indoor plant decoration to another level.

Decorate your home with natural succulent plants – Decor – WebMediums
Succulent species

The best known succulents in the networks are the exotic ones called Echeveria Pulvinata and Aeonium, these have shapes very similar to those of flowers, and you can get them in different colors, the most common being green.

However, for joint arrangements or as an individual ornament, you can opt for Ball Cacti, Opuntias, Jade Tree and Haworthias in their different classes.

How is the care of succulents?

Succulents have all the characteristics to be indoor plants, since they adapt to the environment.

But like any natural plant, it requires certain care.

Decorate your home with natural succulent plants – Decor – WebMediums
Succulents care

Succulent plants need more attention, since a simple carelessness can lead to their death, so keep the following aspects in mind.

1. Lighting

Although the silvers have little sun, we must place them in spaces where the sun's rays do not directly project them.

The rays of the sun at certain times are more powerful, damaging the body of the plant, so even if it is indoors, you must place them where only the lighting from the outside projects them, avoiding the sun's rays.

2. Hydrate them

As for the water, you must add enough to it every 3 days, this way you will allow the plant to extract only what is necessary to keep up with what it retains in its body.

This will also depend on the temperature of the area where you live, so if you see that the soil dries quickly on the first day you should put water on it every 2 days.

3. Nurture them

To enhance its care, you can provide it with natural compost, either purchased or with the residues of vegetable shells and wood remains.

The fertilizer nourishes the plant, strengthening its body and highlighting its natural colors.

The purchased compost is placed in small quantities every half year, but the natural with residues, can be placed whenever possible, since in the soil of the plant it will decompose little by little.

Natural succulents are elements that will undoubtedly give a different and exotic touch to your home, filling it with the charm of nature and giving it that elegance you need.

Dare to experiment with these plants, and create more ideas to decorate your home.