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How to create small and simple gardens?

Maria de Piña
6 min read
How to create small and simple gardens? – Decor – WebMediums
How to make small and simple gardens?

Small and simple gardens have gained popularity and become a trend in recent years.

Space is a barrier that in terms of decorations is no longer limiting, because with a little creativity great things can be achieved in small places.

There is nothing stopping you from adding a touch of life to your home with beautiful plants, small and simple gardens make it possible. Here we bring you some useful tips to generate them and the most practical and easy ideas that you can use at home.

What do I need to make a small garden?

Small and simple gardens are full of creativity and can be decorated with different materials, they can even be produced inside the house. Here we will tell you step by step how to generate a small garden without complications.

define the space

How to create small and simple gardens? – Decor – WebMediums
Small and simple gardens

A small garden is not necessarily produced due to lack of space, it can also be a matter of simple attraction to this trend. If you have a wide front or a large backyard, define where and how big you want to make your mini garden.

It is advisable to choose a central area where it stands out or take advantage of areas with dead spaces to change the appearance and fill them with life. Based on the size, it will be easier to determine what type of plants to apply to achieve the desired garden.

Materials for creation

Here creativity should reign, your plants do not have to be planted directly in the ground, nor should you conform to the traditional format. Once you define the space you can delimit it in the way that suits you best.

You can plant mini bushes around it, make a small fence with wood, create a circle with stones and any other idea that comes to mind. If you like stones, you can dress the garden floor with decorative stones, and place all your plants in pots.

Add decorations, place a mini fountain, it is also valid to plant and then cover with stones.

All these ideas are valid, the important thing is to do something striking and different, another option is to get away from the ground and create a hanging garden on a wall, these look great.

Choose the plants well

How to create small and simple gardens? – Decor – WebMediums
succulent garden

For this type of garden, the best is plants of moderate volume and that are resistant. If we apply small plants, it allows us to play better with the space and give it decorative and striking touches, on the other hand, it also helps us to maintain its image.

Cacti, succulents, ferns, violets and many others are quite successful options. The idea is to create a good contrast between shapes and colors, it is good to make a mixture between bushes, flowers and cacti, since it gives a lot of showiness to the garden.

Give it a theme

This is one of the tricks that makes your garden much more striking, grouping its elements based on a theme makes it more interesting. You can use two opposite stone tones and simulate the yin yang, focus everything on a single color.

Decorate a wall with a hanging garden in the form of a ladder, add space decorations and simulate a mini planet. As for themes, everything is valid, you just need to find a theme that you find pleasant and develop its setting based on it.

apply recycling

How to create small and simple gardens? – Decor – WebMediums
Wall garden cans

Do not complicate yourself in terms of materials to produce small and simple gardens, many elements that you have at home and are going to discard can be useful. You can make a nice setting with wine bottles, either whole or by breaking them and using the glass.

If you have old tires, paint them in colors, group them and use them as pots, you can also hang some on a wall and create your floating garden in them. Do not waste materials that are useful to give life to your mini garden.

Ideas for small and simple gardens

If you are excited by the idea of a small garden, but you are not sure how to shape it, here are some ideas to guide you.

pot tower

How to create small and simple gardens? – Decor – WebMediums
pot tower

Pots are a very useful decorative element, since you can find models of all kinds. Find a set of pots of different sizes that have striking shapes and group them in a central point in scale, you can also place one on top of the other.

Bathe the ground with colored stones or simply leave the grass and produce a fringe with large stones. Place your plants in the pots and ready you have a mini garden.

Small garden with central plant

How to create small and simple gardens? – Decor – WebMediums
Small garden with central palm

Choose an eye- catching centerpiece, medium in size, it can be a flower, a bush or a flamboyant palm. Then place plants in a circle around it in several circles, this will make the central plant the main attraction and the others enhance it.

You can fence the edge of the garden with mini bushes or you can also use items such as cut logs as a fence.

small hanging garden

How to create small and simple gardens? – Decor – WebMediums
small hanging garden

There are many ways to make a hanging garden, you can place shelves and climb lines of plants that make contrasting shapes and colors in pots. You can also hang pots at different points on the wall and cover the bottom with a vine.

It is valid to align different plants that hang from the ceiling, on some area where they can rest like a table, but without touching it.

stones and cacti

How to create small and simple gardens? – Decor – WebMediums
stones and cacti

These two elements get along very well, you can work in pots or plant directly in the ground. Use a large cactus for the center of the garden or make a circle with several small ones and distribute the rest around this central point.

Cover the floor with small white stones, this will make the cacti stand out, you can also use a dark color for most of the surface and just make a small white border around each cactus, this and any other combination will look fabulous.

Let yourself be seduced by the magic of small gardens and get down to work designing your own. Remember, the size does not limit you, everything is in your creativity, just dedicate yourself a little, follow the steps and with little space you will achieve a lot.