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How to decorate walls with photos?

Practical ideas to decorate your home

Maria de Piña
5 min read

There are thousands of ways to decorate your home, but if we are looking for one that helps us save money and is easy to implement, the best solution is to use photos.

Creating a personalized environment implies that we put part of our life in space, and the best way to do it is with photographs. Now, it is not just sticking photos everywhere, the magic is in knowing how to decorate.

Here I will give you a few ideas with photos to make your home a cozy place.

Easy ideas to decorate walls with photos

How to decorate walls with photos? – Decor – WebMediums

In essence, the photos are made of a special, firm and resistant paper. This has the ideal characteristics to be part of the decoration of an environment, because they can be placed on any surface.

The walls are the perfect base to decorate with photos, since it puts them in view of all.

It is on this surface where different ideas to decorate arise. Let's see the easiest to use.

Collage of photos on the wall

How to decorate walls with photos? – Decor – WebMediums
Heart-shaped collage with photos

In this digital age we are used to seeing photo collages on electronic devices, however, we can bring it to the walls of your home easily.

The photo collage on the wall is the easiest and cheapest idea to decorate and personalize this space.

To do this you must select the space you are going to use. The next thing is to locate the photos that you want to be seen, keeping in mind that if they are small you must increase the number of photos.

On the space that you are going to work, imagine what shape you want to capture with the photos, be it a heart, square, circle or whatever your creativity encompasses, and then fill the figure with photos.

The photos should be pasted as close together as possible, one next to the other, so that the figure is flawlessly captured.

Catch memories

How to decorate walls with photos? – Decor – WebMediums
Vintage Photo Ring

Taking a little the idea of the dream trap, this is a structure created to place photos with a Bohemian style; being an element of decoration for interiors, but also for parties.

Its shape is usually round, but this is at the discretion of the creator, so you can create a square shape for a change.

The structure can be made with wood or a derivative of it, you can look for a ready-made wooden ring or mold the material.

This will be placed strips of ribbon or lace in the center area vertically, and then place the photos on the strips.

Another way to make them show a rustic style is using two wooden canes, which can be straight branches.

These will be attached by means of threads or thin ribbons, leaving a space between them to place the photos.

Hanging photos

How to decorate walls with photos? – Decor – WebMediums
Lines of photos with lights

This idea is basically to create a photo space by making photographic lines joined by thick threads, a rope, or even Christmas lights.

Another way to decorate with photos is by making use of Christmas lights. These adhere to the wall at certain points creating loose lines, and then hang the photos apart, one from the other with clothespins.

The lights will illuminate the space and each of the photos, creating a magical atmosphere and memories.

How to decorate the wall with photo frames?

This is one of the most elegant ideas that we can use throughout the house.

However, there are many ways to create totally different environments with photo frames and here we will show you all.

Wall of paintings with photos

How to decorate walls with photos? – Decor – WebMediums
Wall of pictures with photographs

There are areas of the house where you do not have any decoration, a space that is usually empty walls. These are a blank canvas to work on a picture wall with photos.

Create a corner of memories with classic paintings of the same design, in a medium size. Place the photos and place the entire space in a centered way.

This idea also works for the walls of the stairs. In this case, to give it a more subtle and not so square touch, use different sizes of squares, placing them in no specific order.

Shelves with photo frames

How to decorate walls with photos? – Decor – WebMediums
Shelves with photos and typography

This is an idea that is trending this year, as it shows a different way of setting the living room space. If you have a minimalist or modern style, this idea will perfectly complement your decoration.

For this you only need to place a wide shelf on the main wall, where the armchair is located. In it, it is enough to place various types of pictures with photos of different sizes.

To give it a sophisticated touch, place black and white photographs, these blend with the style of your living room giving an elegant and chic image.

Photo frames merged with messages

How to decorate walls with photos? – Decor – WebMediums
Typography with photo frames

A mix that never fails in decoration is to use typography and photos. Either for a large wall or a small area.

This combination is based on using boxes of different styles and sizes, in which a certain amount will be filled with photos, and another, being the minority, with representative messages, letters or words for the design.

The typography elements are placed in less quantity compared to the photos, this in order not to visually overload the space, so that the photos and the message are appreciated in a balanced way.

This can be placed both in the area of the shelf, as on the wall of the hall of the house or in a common space of the home.

Photos are a resource that perfectly reflects our essence, so letting our creativity fly and taking some of these ideas, we can create a space that helps us relive beautiful experiences.

So go ahead and give your home a different touch with pure memories.