4 most common errors in the design of living rooms

Maria de Piña
6 min read

As owners of our home and good hosts, we want to create the best atmosphere in the most common space of all home, this is the living room. This space is where the attention is concentrated, and therefore we must have it presentable and optimal.

However, in our effort to create our ideal space, we usually make mistakes that instead of contributing more functionality and vistiness, finish creating a heavy environment.

Regardless of the size or proportions of the space, the errors in the interior design are very common. But these are avoidable, because of it we will reveal the 4 most common errors in the design of living rooms and how to remedy them.

1. Do not evaluate the proportions:

This is the first mistake that we commit as amateur designers from our home, since as a result of it we begin to place items that do not adapt to the proportions of our space.

4 most common errors in the design of living rooms – Decor – WebMediums

Do not evaluate proportions, not only apply for small rooms. With large spaces there is also risk, by not analyzing what elements to place, where and how to place them, we may make more errors, since we underestimate the space rule.

Primely details each area:

We must properly detail each space of the room, see its proportions including the windows, electricity shots and even the ceiling. This is because they are elements that are part of the structure of space and with them, you will design.

4 most common errors in the design of living rooms – Decor – WebMediums

It measures each part of the room, this in order to know what size of furniture and decorative elements will work with your design and will fit perfectly. This will help you at the time to devise your room and turn at the time of buying the elements to be incorporated.

2. Overload of elements:

This happens when we seek to highlight our room a lot, or we do not have a fixed idea of what we want, bringing as a consequence that we cover the space of things.

Certainly in stores and in many garage sales we find jewelry for decoration, but This does not mean that we have to get for our room. Some elements may not have to do with the style you want to reflect.

4 most common errors in the design of living rooms – Decor – WebMediums

On the other hand, by joining many elements in a single space it causes a visual shock, as the overload does not allow each element in its entirety and knocks down the harmony of design.

Idea First:

The fact of devising your dream room is a basic point to combat this and many other mistakes, since before shopping or looking for the elements for space, we will have thought well as we want our room to look.

When we devise, we are in the passage of design, we clearly determine the structure of our room and the elements that comprise the style we want to capture. With this we do not fit from unnecessary elements or that do not go with the environment.

3. Diversity of styles:

Certainly nowadays there are a lot of style, and although we are free to combine and create new and personalized styles, we must take into account what it fits or not.

A very common mistake is that we see designs in which mix the styles, without a sense of harmony. In this sense, integrate elements of different tendencies, losing the sense of style and Evidering a clear disorder in the design.

It is not bad to combine and risk creating a design that groups two or up to three styles, but these should have harmony. To understand it better, it is a mistake to use elements of a nordic, rustic and industrial style to The time, since it does not have harmony with each other.

Define the style you want to reflect:

During the design of the room we must determine what the style or styles that we will reflect so that at the time of choosing decorations, painting and furniture, be much easier, and we get better results in the image of our livingroom.

4 most common errors in the design of living rooms – Decor – WebMediums

While we want to create a personal style based on the combination of some styles, a very important tips is to have a base style, it will predominate harmonizing and giving order, and then place items from the other styles that Combine with the theme.

4. Do not consider lighting:

The living rooms are a vital space for different activities, and therefore it must be enlightened. The error that many designers comment and amateurs are that do not evaluate the light factor.

A space with little lighting interferes with some activities that are performed within the space, it also affects those who enter the area at your mood and finally does not allow you to completely appreciate the design of the room.

The fact of the lack of lighting does not fix simply with good spotlights, a closed space can be well lit without consuming so much electricity. The key is in consider lighting as part of the design and solve how to fill the space.

Painting and natural light:

There are practical solutions to give light in the rooms, but the first thing we must do is evaluate the structure of the room, there we will realize we can take advantage of it to contribute much more lighting.

4 most common errors in the design of living rooms – Decor – WebMediums

Seeing the structure of our room we must realize if there is or not windows or light points. In this case we must get the greatest potential to this, so as not to hide them with curtains that ophate the sunlight, but highlight them uncovered or with curtains that help channel it.

In the event that obviously your room is located in a very closed area, and you do not have natural light points, you must choose to use light color paint on the walls. These clear tonalities visually illuminate space, highlight more artificial lights.

It is common to make a mistake, when we want to highlight an area in which we spend most of our stay at home. However, our efforts and resources are worth, so we should not stay in the mistakes and learn from experts.

The room of your dreams If possible, you should only consider these 4 common errors of interior design and work with the recommendations that if they give results.