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Know the trends in kitchens of 2021

Maria de Piña
5 min read

Create innovative and comfortable spaces.

Just like the living room or other space in our home, kitchens can stand out. And as for them, there are thousands of designs, but this year the designers have marked styles in this area that we will undoubtedly love, so we must know the trends in kitchens of 2021.

In our home a space that cannot be missed is the kitchen, where everyone wants to get closer, attracted by the smell of the best creations.

However, being the owners of our space, we want that more than attracting them with the smells, they are hooked with the style of our kitchen.

And if we want a house as current as possible, these kitchen trends will fascinate you, so take a pencil and paper to start designing.

The trends in kitchen decoration for this 2021

Sustainable kitchen

Over the years, seeing the low quality of our environment and the alarming news about it, the idea of doing everything possible not to affect the land in which we live so much becomes a priority in everything.

Even in the setting of our kitchen and the elements that will be in them.

Know the trends in kitchens of 2021 – Decor – WebMediums

Thinking about this, many furniture and kitchen appliance designers turn to more sustainable materials, more organic, ecological and recyclable elements.

This giving importance to the environment and in turn filling your home with style.

The most used materials for furniture are wood with ecological varnish, which make these elements attractive to buyers for their quality, style, friendliness with the environment, and now more for their comfortable prices.

However, there is a wide range of high quality furniture, appliances and ecological paint that will bring great style to your kitchen with the sustainable trend.

Open Concept and Connected Kitchens

Generally, most people like the idea of having enough space in the kitchen.

Being able to move around comfortably even when more than two people are in the area is something that we are excited about and that we can achieve with open concept kitchens.

Know the trends in kitchens of 2021 – Decor – WebMediums

This year this type of trend has had a great boom, since they allow a kitchen design in which there are no dividing walls with the rest of the main spaces.

This is an unconventional idea, but with which you get a lot more with few resources.

The designated kitchen space may have a few square meters, but the fact of the open concept provides spaciousness and in turn unity with the other areas.

This year, open concept kitchens with dining-type islands are used a lot, since they are functional, they help to connect the space of the living room with that of the kitchen.

This style is very seen in small homes in which the priority is space.

In this trend we can see modern styles, others avant-garde with touches of minimalist, these preserving the harmony of the space. Showing spaciousness and giving it more visibility to appreciate the kitchen.

Trend in white kitchens with industrial touches

A color that never goes out of style for kitchens is white, since it gives an air of sophistication and neatness in each area. But it also provides spaciousness and clarity to the space which is something that many look for in a kitchen.

Know the trends in kitchens of 2021 – Decor – WebMediums

The trend is marked in all areas, from the color of the walls, furniture, shelves and even appliances.

However, to balance the imposing white, designers often provide industrial touches in some areas for balance and style.

This color, together with the touches of industrial style, create a perfect harmony, but in cases it is usually used on shelves, countertops, accessories and in kitchen items with small touches of wood, to give a more rustic and original image to the environment.

A widely used element in this trend are hanging industrial style lamps. They are a very striking and functional element at the same time. This element makes the perfect contrast between color and industrial style.

This kitchen trend is functional for large and small spaces, and also shows a fresh and very current image with an industrial touch, since it changes the perception of typical white kitchens.

Porcelain countertops

Although there are many materials for countertops, one that is a trend is porcelain, since its composition makes it one of the ideal materials for the rest of many elements and activities that are carried out in the kitchen.

Know the trends in kitchens of 2021 – Decor – WebMediums

A base that supports everything and of great durability, this is what people look for when choosing countertops, and this is what they get with porcelain countertops. Because it is one of the hardest and most resistant materials for countertops.

Among its benefits is that it is resistant to scratches, stains, bumps and much more.

Thanks to this there is no need to worry when cutting and hitting some foods when cooking. And to clean the evidence of our work, this material makes our lives easier.

What hooks many with this type of countertops are the wide variety of models that exist, since we can get them with different shades and designs that resemble natural materials, such as wood.

These are key pieces in the kitchen and at the same time give it an aesthetic touch by being a smooth and striking surface in its design, fitting in perfectly with the rest of the kitchen style.

Kitchens should not be forgotten, usually we evoke to design each part of our living room or rooms, however a space like this with some of these trends can be the center of attention in your home.

Quality, styles and an ecological feel is what dominates this year's trends in kitchens. Therefore, do not stay with the old conventional kitchen styles and renew your space with elements that will make it stand out in your home.