How to decorate small balconies?

Maria de Piña
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Novel ideas to decorate small balconies.

It is charming being in a space where you can enjoy the outdoors without leaving the comfort of your home.

This is what balconies offers to you, but as they are small balconies we limit ourselves to simply decorate them, which is a mistake and we'll teach you how.

Many apartments usually have a space in which we can appreciate the outdoors, however, they are usually a few m². Even so, these are enough to create a comfortable, fresh and stylish environment, to sit down to talk or even work.

We'll show you ideas that can't go unnoticed to create a totally different environment that will fascinate you and whom you visit you.

Steps to decorate small balconies

Measures the meters before designing

How to decorate small balconies? – Decor – WebMediums

Being a very small area, we must take into account the m², since on the Internet we can love thousands of small balconies designs, however not all the elements used for that balcony, they will fit in which we are working.

You must Measure wide and long, these will allow us to better choose the elements that we will place and in turn adapt them if possible.

When designing you will see that elements such as furniture will occupy most space, so we must know what measures these will have and if they leave room to walk.

Observe the structure of the balcony

How to decorate small balconies? – Decor – WebMediums

The structure does not have to do with the measurements, since the measurements can be one, but the design with which the balcony may vary according to the apartment.

For this reason we see balconies with bars, with dividing walls, with roof, without external hasty, elements that we must take into account.

These will allow us to see what we are designing, since these elements of the structure are the basis of our design, with which we will play to make it stand out when decorated.

Define how you want to feel and that utility give the balcony

How to decorate small balconies? – Decor – WebMediums

In a few words the balconies are spaces where you can spend a time of intimacy to read a book, think, work or talks with a friend.

But these are just the ideas that can be done, you are the one who must define as you want to feel there and what you want to use it.

Defining This point will help us when designing, because the resources to be implemented for a space where we want to feel in peace and alone, are not the same from a space in which we want to work.

While you want a space for a single person in order to relax, a single puff, armchair or bench will be enough, which gives you more amplitude in the rest of the decorations.

How to decorate small balconies? – Decor – WebMediums

If you want a workspace you must take into account the position of the table and the chair within the environment. This because external factors such as noise and sun projection can affect your workday.

In the case you want to convert it into a terrace in which to invite one or two friends, you must detail the space to implement a greater amount of furniture or seats in the case of the bench. Because of this you would use fewer elements for decoration.

The balconies are very versatile elements, since we have seen that they are even used as spaces for exercise, such as yoga. In this case the exchanged decoration completely and the elements for setting would be positioned on the walls from space.

Define the style

Just like in the decoration of the room and kitchen, you can choose a style that identifies you and implement it on your balcony. This allows us to understand what elements to use, but always taking into account the measures and structure of space.

How to decorate small balconies? – Decor – WebMediums

Styles for this type of spaces are very varied, however one that highlights a lot is the natural . This can be combined with another style, but on a smaller scale. What makes it so implemented is the fact that brings nature to your home.

Elements such with A corner of plants, Details with wood, colors that are intertwined with that of nature are elements that play an important factor in decoration. On the other hand it also helps to give more freshness to space, being an extra point in favor.

Even though the natural style is one of the most used for balconies, you can use other styles that go with your essence and good taste.

Choose the appropriate furniture

How to decorate small balconies? – Decor – WebMediums

At this point you have two options, or buy furniture or design them and make them. This is because being small spaces we must look for them to be the most compact possible.

The key is to measure the space and in turn measure the furniture.

Not only when choosing the furniture, we must take into account the style of decoration that we are going to implement, we must also detail the space in which we work.

That a furniture fell in love and lace with the style of the balcony, does not mean that lace in space.

The main idea is that it is functional, comfortable and compact, which may have an appropriate size so that it does not fit into the balcony.

Leave space to travel

How to decorate small balconies? – Decor – WebMediums

In all areas of our home we need space to transit, although the environment is small, still must have a space to be able to walk.

In the case of the balconies, we must take into account this when it comes to introducing the different elements.

That the balcony has space with plenty, gives us amplitude shows a space where we can enter without difficulty, which helps at the moment of relax and when inviting another person to accompany you.

The balconies are small spaces that with dedication and much style we can convert it into another phenomenal environment of the home, a space of peace in which you can enjoy the best moments.

Have fun designing your ideal space, and details the great potential you have in your home, a space that awaits you with fresh and new ideas to renew it completely.