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10 dress styles: Which one suits your personality the most?

Saharay Perez Bautista
9 min read
10 dress styles: Which one suits your personality the most? – Fashion
10 dress styles: which one suits your personality the most?

Today there are so many styles of dress that you can easily discover one that suits your personality and suits your needs. However, to know all the keys to each style and obtain the necessary inspiration to show them off in the best way, it is necessary to assess certain tips of interest.

Main dress styles that can be adjusted to your way of being

Classic, minimalist, boho, romantic, sporty, hipster, grunge, preppy... These and more are among the 10 most famous dress styles in the world of fashion.

Which, inherently, adapt to the personality of many girls perfectly and here, you will know why:

1) Classic style

10 dress styles: Which one suits your personality the most? – Fashion
Classic style

It is a style that basically seeks a balanced silhouette through clean lines and harmonious colors to achieve an elegant and refined look. Which, at the same time, exhibits self-confidence, security and maturity. In other words, it provides a good presence in a few words.

Rather than using flashy and extravagant clothes, the classic style leans towards white shirts, basic jackets, court shoes and suits with a blazer.

Therefore, an outfit of this type reveals the quality of each garment and ensures that they all combine perfectly. In such a way, it seeks harmony and elegance soberly.

In general, women with a discreet personality, involved in the working world and of middle age, are the ones who choose to dress in a classic style. They are also quiet and subtle people who lean towards the more traditional options rather than taking risks.

2) Boho style

10 dress styles: Which one suits your personality the most? – Fashion
Boho style

It consists of a bohemian style that is the result of a recipe that contains a dash of comfort, originality and romanticism proportionally. In this way, he stands out from current trends and is faithful to his riskiest character through relaxed looks, printed dresses, flowing designs, extravagant accessories and colorful outfits that match nature.

Thus, without losing the elegance and sophistication of the ladies, the boho style marks the peculiarities of each woman expressing her freedom, her creativity and her own standards.

Indeed, it is a style that fits the personality of the most daring, original and relaxed girls ; starting from an organic and natural result with a wild character.

The keys to achieving an optimal boho style lie in choosing long and flowing cuts that provide movement to the free spirit of the look.

Also, in betting on rustic and artisan touches, toasted and blue tones, along with key pieces such as cowboy boots, hats and bags that help you look more authentic and exotic.

3) Sporty chic style

10 dress styles: Which one suits your personality the most? – Fashion
Sporty chic style

With the numerous proposals of the fashion industry, a look has been born that perfectly combines the "sport" style with the "chic" and in this way, the sporty chic style arises. Which invites the girls to refresh their wardrobe with outfits that enhance freshness and comfort, without having to wear clothes to go to the gym.

Without a doubt, it is identified as the most comfortable style of all and consists of using fashionable sneakers and combining them with other sportswear. Today, this style has been exhibited by celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Rihanna and Beyoncé; so many girls have become faithful followers of the sporty chic style.

Typically, the women who choose to look this way are those who love sports, are comfortable with their physical attributes, and inspire unmatched self-esteem. The secret to achieving a nice sporty choc style is to wear semi-formal or formal garments with sports elements (sneakers, leggings, T-shirts, etc.).

4) Preppy style

10 dress styles: Which one suits your personality the most? – Fashion
Preppy style

It is characterized by its structured silhouettes, basic garments, pastel colors and checkered prints. Which is influenced by the most recognized universities in the United States and therefore, is a distinctive of the young people of the American upper class ; who little by little have been creating this style and today, it has been adopted by many women.

Mainly, the girls who have a preppy style are ambitious and competitive people who, in one way or another, want to belong to a social group. At the same time, they distinguish themselves as daring women who have chosen to put a more sensual and jovial twist on the classic style.

The main tricks to carry a preppy style to perfection, is to choose typical clothes and innovate with more striking colors. Also, it is pertinent to invest in fun clothes with techniques such as tie dye and opt for minimalism so as not to look so extravagant. Also, do not wear dark clothes and avoid clothes with rips or rock finishes.

5) Romantic lady style

10 dress styles: Which one suits your personality the most? – Fashion
Romantic lady style

It corresponds to the most feminine and delicate style of all types of looks, which presents a retro air and enhances the delicacy of the ladies. Generally, women who have this style are sensitive, sweet, demure, natural and live in love with their environment.

For their part, the romantic-style garments have subtle prints, ruffles, bows, pastel colors, chiffon blouses, midi skirts, light dresses and some bright decorations. Taking into account that, especially, skirts and dresses are the favorite pieces of this class of women.

Thus, simplicity is the most common factor among romantic lady-style girls, but still demands great decoration in fabrics and textures. Therefore, they are garments in which three-dimensional effects, abundant prints and light colors stand out. They also tend to pay close attention to their hairstyle and makeup.

6) Grunge style

10 dress styles: Which one suits your personality the most? – Fashion
Grunge style

It is the complete opposite of the previous style, because it opts for a more rebellious and carefree look, where comfort reigns. So, if you are a rock fan, you like to look disheveled and show your contempt through your clothes, it is best that you adopt this style of dress.

Among the most used pieces, we find checkered shirts in black, gray, red, blue and green colors (they can be loose or tied at the waist). Like, tank tops, ripped jeans for a casual touch, and military boots with zippers, studs, or laces.

For its part, military boots can be combined with skirts, tights and long dresses to show a more feminine and grunge style at the same time. This being the best way to transmit or express the rebellion that you carry inside. You should also wear leather jackets and wool hats.

7) Fashion style

10 dress styles: Which one suits your personality the most? – Fashion
Fashion style

If you love to overflow your love for fashion through your outfits and you always want to have the latest from the best brands in your wardrobe to look trendy, you are a girl who adores fashion style. These, in general, are vain, exuberant, challenging, seductive and spontaneous women at the same time.

Therefore, they choose to choose clothes that highlight the beauty of their body and hide any complex so that sensuality is the protagonist. Indeed, they are very careful about their appearance.

The trick to dress with fashion style and have an optimal result, is based on using a base garment where the focus of the whole look is centered. But, above all things, the ideal is to follow the latest trends in the fashion industry and take into account the parades of the best catwalks in the world to wear similar garments.

8) Minimalist style

10 dress styles: Which one suits your personality the most? – Fashion
Minimalist style

If you choose this style, surely you are a girl who praises the famous phrase of Coco Chanel where she states that "simplicity is the key to true elegance". Thus, this style consists of displaying basic garments in neutral colors and displaying a monochromatic "total look" with simple patterns.

Therefore, the minimalist style motivates women to create combinations with clothes of neutral lines, geometric shapes and neutral tones, more than anything. So, this style is associated with art because it allows you to find a perfect balance between each piece of the outfit.

With regard to accessories, "less is more" and in effect, they favor white or silver accessories; as well as a neutral makeup. Therefore, the personality of women with a minimalist style is simple, careful, discreet and a lover of nature or art.

9) Urban-chic style

10 dress styles: Which one suits your personality the most? – Fashion
Urban-chic style

It is a current, free and comfortable bet that adapts to your style. Thus, it consists of creating original looks with an urban character, making a mixture of styles among themselves that pursue a versatile and simple result that can be attached to any occasion without much effort.

In general, the girls who dress in this way are lovers of the classic who, instead of looking boring, choose to dress fashionable and more youthful to show a look that makes a perfect balance between sophisticated and sporty. Therefore, one of the key garments with jeans.

Generally, to follow an urban-chic style, the secret is to create informal outfits with the clothes you have in your closet, with the aim of being able to go from an informal event to a formal one without much effort; that is, just by adding some elements. In any case, make sure to display a useful, simple, comfortable and current look.

10) Hipster style

10 dress styles: Which one suits your personality the most? – Fashion
Hipster style

Originality is the most important factor in this style, which is distinguished by mixing modern garments with other vintage-style pieces that help to achieve an exclusive look. Thus, hipster fashion silver a balanced point between the retro and the timeless.

For its part, the ideology of women who show this style in their way of dressing is based on opposing everything "cool", consumerism and labels ; for what they are equanimous, alternative and simple people, but with enough personality. Although it bears a certain resemblance to the grunge style, the truth is that it is more feminine and cosmopolitan.

To look pretty with hipster style, it is best to wear high-cut pants, wear T-shirts with a distinctive factor, wear scarves in neutral tones, wear hats or caps as accessories and also include lenses in your outfit. Most important of all, is that you feel comfortable with yourself.

Now that you know the top 10 styles for women to wear, you can identify yours and follow the advice offered by fashion experts to achieve striking and attractive looks where your style linked to your way of being always prevails.