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Fashion Jeans 2022: The Best Trends for Women

Saharay Perez Bautista
9 min read
Fashion Jeans 2022: The Best Trends for Women – Fashion – WebMediums
Jeans in trend 2022 woman

You may already have a favorite pair of jeans, as they make you look beautiful and are versatile to match any style. However, over time, many clothes go out of style and instead of making you look pretty, they generate the opposite in your look.

Therefore, it is appropriate to know which jeans are in trend in order to gather the fashionable 2022 women's pants in your closet and create the most avant-garde outfits of all. But, this not without first emphasizing the importance of wearing the most suitable women's pants.

What are the advantages of wearing trendy jeans and the one that suits you best?

It is no secret to anyone that jeans have a high profile in the wardrobe of any woman and even in that of men. Since, due to their versatility, they are pieces that help to create casual, sophisticated and fashionable combinations, regardless of your style.

For its part, the fact of wearing trendy jeans allows you to enhance your outfits and elevate your beauty, if you know how to combine them in the correct way. Taking into account that their wide diversification helps to use them practically every day. Without further ado, let's highlight the advantages of wearing 2022 fashion jeans and choosing the most suitable model for you :

  • They are ideal for the fall and winter season; that is to say, for the present time.

  • It is an ideal garment to protect you from the inclemency of low temperatures.

  • They are distinguished as a versatile and practical element for any occasion.

  • They have the ability to enhance the appearance of short girls.

  • They help to delineate a more feminine contour and lift the buttocks, as long as the most suitable is chosen.

  • By nature, it allows you to have greater freedom of movement and without restrictions.

Main models of fashion jeans 2022

Although, the new trends of women's pants tend to be similar in design, in reality each one stands out for its own peculiarities that favor many girls. Next, we invite you to delight yourself with trendy jeans, and you will see that each style adjusts to different tastes or preferences:

Flared jeans

Fashion Jeans 2022: The Best Trends for Women – Fashion – WebMediums
Stylish flared jeans

Right now, the trend is to wear more voluminous flared jeans than usual. Which are extremely bulging pants that gain greater volume as it approaches the hem of the garment. In addition, it ends flush with the floor or a few inches beyond.

Due to their design, flared jeans are the most favorable alternative for petite ones, that is, for women who do not exceed 1.60 meters in height. Since, they tend to produce a lengthening effect on the legs that is elegant at the same time.

Straight jeans

Fashion Jeans 2022: The Best Trends for Women – Fashion – WebMediums
Straight jeans are the most classic of all

It is an iconic garment that continues to be on the rise and due to its timeless style, it looks good on any girl and for any look. Taking into account that, it is very simple to combine it with tennis shoes, ballerinas, thin strappy sandals and even ankle boots.

For this reason, we recommend you follow the trend to look spectacular in autumn-winter 2021-2022. For inspiration, you can see many celebrities who have chosen to wear this garment to create original looks.

Mom jeans

Fashion Jeans 2022: The Best Trends for Women – Fashion – WebMediums
Very youthful mom jeans 2022

In recent years, one of the women's pants that have managed to stay fashionable are undoubtedly the "mom jeans". Which, commonly, have a marked high rise and look loose in the leg area with a drop that fits more.

These pants that mothers used to wear in the 90s, have also become one of the favorite garments for "Street Style". Therefore, in addition to reigning in various Spring-Summer collections, it is a perfect option to see yourself in fashion in Autumn-Winter 2021-2022, especially if you create outfits with one of these jean and high-volume coats.

Baggy jeans

Fashion Jeans 2022: The Best Trends for Women – Fashion – WebMediums
Baggy jeans 2022

Basically, they are very baggy jeans that have been weighted as the main proposal of many designers in recent months for their 2022 collections. This model of jeans exhibits a wide silhouette that accumulates around the footwear.

In this way, it simulates the characteristic looks of the 1990s and 2000s. A nice way to complement them and make you look pretty is to wear tops that are close to the body or printed shirts inside the pants to further shape your silhouette. In the case of shoes, you can wear platforms or tennis shoes.

Flared jeans

Fashion Jeans 2022: The Best Trends for Women – Fashion – WebMediums
Flared jeans for elegant and stylish women

Another of the most flattering styles of jeans for petite silhouettes, since its design allows to give the illusion of a few extra centimeters in the area of the legs. However, they are also distinguished by favoring all kinds of silhouettes universally.

Unlike other similar models, the "flared jeans" have a slight expansion below the knee and this makes the legs gain length while they look tighter in the thighs, to avoid achieving a very casual look.

Boot-cut jeans

Fashion Jeans 2022: The Best Trends for Women – Fashion – WebMediums
Boot-cut jeans 2021-2022

It is a trouser that exhibits a slim cut with a slight extension of the silhouette in the boot area. Which, subtly widens from the knee to the thigh.

Due to its modernity, it is estimated that this trendy jeans model will be the talk of 2022 and will be the protagonist of many celebrity looks. If you want to wear one of them and flaunt an elegant look, we recommend combining them with platforms or high-heeled ankle boots.

Wide-leg jeans

Fashion Jeans 2022: The Best Trends for Women – Fashion – WebMediums
These are the wide-leg jeans on trend

Another proposal that also enters among the anti-skinny jeans models, are the wide-leg ones. Since it opts for a looser cut on the legs that, in addition to adding length, allows for a more sophisticated style.

At this time, they are gaining considerable popularity, and it is estimated that in 2022 they will sweep the looks in many streets of the world. Since, apart from displaying a vintage style, they are very versatile and flattering women's pants for any silhouette. Especially if you choose to wear ankle boots and heels with your wide-leg jeans.

Jeans to the hip

Fashion Jeans 2022: The Best Trends for Women – Fashion – WebMediums
Modern hip jeans

These memorable jeans in earlier times are once again a trend in the world of denim. Thanks to the fact that its subtle appearance in some collections of Paris Fashion Week 2021 included this garment in many "Street Style" and aroused the emotion of hundreds of fashion victims.

For this reason, low-rise jeans will become your best friends next year, especially if you wear them with flashy belts and visible underwear. It should be noted that it is a jean style suitable for the most daring girls with their look.

Tips for choosing the perfect jeans

Fashion Jeans 2022: The Best Trends for Women – Fashion – WebMediums
How to choose the most ideal jean

Here are several recommendations that will help you select the perfect jeans for you and improve your look :

The 4 most essential criteria:

  1. The color of the canvas : You can choose jeans in light denim, gray, black, white or cream color and to look elegant, it is best to avoid holes of any kind. Also, you can opt for the raw color (100% denim) or indigo without fading effects.

  2. The cut of the jeans : It is essential that the cut of the women's trousers be able to adapt to the morphology of the lady to emphasize her entire silhouette, especially her buttocks and legs.

  3. The quality of the canvas : The most pertinent thing is to select jeans in a thick cotton material with a little spandex. This guarantees a longer duration over time and is more comfortable.

  4. The back pockets : If you buy a jean with pockets on the back, make sure that these are proportional to the size of your buttocks.

The type of jean according to the body shape:

  • For small hips : It is best to opt for trendy jeans that have pockets and are light. Thus, you will increase the volume of your body, and you will be able to attract attention with your sensual hips.

  • For wide hips : In this case, you can choose a straight jean that helps you hide the width of your wide hips. In addition to this, to avoid increasing said size, we recommend wearing pants without darts and that are not at the hips. As for the color, preferably dark tones.

  • For round body : To hide the abdomen area, it is necessary to buy jeans with a high waist and a straight cut. For example, you can use the "mom jeans" or the classic straight jeans.

  • For an inverted triangle body : If your hips are not proportional to the width of your legs, the most pertinent thing is to use jeans with a straight cut in order to stylize the figure.

  • For short stature : To feel slimmer and achieve visual effects that lengthen your legs, we recommend wearing high-waisted pants. This will also flatter your hips and waist.

The importance of fabrics and colors:

  • To have a jean that is versatile, combinable and makes you look pretty on any occasion, your best option is a basic color pants (not too dark or too light).

  • To ensure that the garment molds easily to your figure, it is substantial to check that your jeans have an appropriate percentage of lycra. This also guarantees more comfort.

  • To look good with jeans for the day, go for a lighter color and a more basic style.

  • To look great with jeans at night, opt for a model that looks more sophisticated and adds more style to your look.

Now that you know what are the 2022 fashion jeans for women and what are the most effective tricks to enhance your silhouette and look beautiful, it is time to take advantage of this information to have a more avant-garde style next year.