Prediction: The 5 key colors of the spring-summer season 2023

Saharay Perez Bautista
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Prediction: The 5 key colors of the spring-summer season 2023
Colors representing sustainable fashion

Although it may seem very soon, the WGSN trend forecasting company along with the innovative color system, have predicted what will be the main colors of the future spring-summer season 2023, as well as the color of the year.

Keeping in mid that, the key to this prediction lies in positivism and optimism that is currently visualized.

Indeed, there is a high probability that these shades will be shown in the 2022 collections, that is, before taking control of the color palette of the fashion industry for the spring-summer 2023 season. Basically, the 5 announced colors represent a new relationship with nature and focus on a form of wellness and recovery.

On the other side, after crossing difficult times in the world, this novel palette of colors symbolizes a tribute to a population that is being slowly rising to cause a positive impact on its surroundings.

Added to this, the season bet on saturated colors that, more than everything, celebrate stability and hope.

Meet (in detail) the next 5 trend colors

Beyond discerning that this color palette highlights the need for sustainability, natural healing, and circular economy to enrich people's mental and physical health; It is worth knowing what each of these colors are and what characterizes them. Thus, in detail, we invite you to know all about the 5 key colors for the year 2023 in terms of fashion:

1) Luscious Red

Prediction: The 5 key colors of the spring-summer season 2023

Mainly, it is the most brilliant tone of all compared to the other four that were disclosed by the WGSN agency.

Through this tonality, a true boost of positivity and optimism appears that, beyond all, personifies empowerment, desire and passion.

In addition to this, it is distinguished as an energetic, saturated and translucent color. Valuing that, it corresponds to a variant of the red color that is particular, fun and elegant at the same time. Therefore, it inspires good vibes and a certain mischief.

2) Digital Lavender

Prediction: The 5 key colors of the spring-summer season 2023
The digital lavender is a trend since already

Basically, this color follows the 2022 orchid flower. As it is a purple color, it represents healing, well-being and positivity. In addition, due to its great influence, it has been chosen as the color of the year 2023 and in effect, it will also appear in the autumn-winter collections, as well as spring-summer.

For its part, the Digital Lavender is a tonality that is associated with stability, since its short wavelength transmits serenity, calm and rest. In short, it is a highly chic color.

3) tranquil Blue

Prediction: The 5 key colors of the spring-summer season 2023
Tones inspired by tranquil Blue

The other color that is part of the trend palette during 2023 is the tranquil Blue consisting of the successor of the attachant blue tone scheduled for 2022. However, is deeper, saturated and harmonious.

Specifically, tranquil Blue illustrates the need to achieve a healthier lifestyle and offers a new form of calm. Accordingly, he celebrates the lightness, harmony and clarity of people.

4) Verdigris

Prediction: The 5 key colors of the spring-summer season 2023
Verdigris, a more chic alternative than bluish green

It corresponds to an energizing tone that mixes the blue tones with the greens and moved to the time of the 80s' because it has similarity with sportswear that, normally, looked to fashion people. So, it is shown as a modern tone that resists the passage of time firmly.

Additionally, the Verdigris underlines a return to nature with green as a starting point and achieves a less saturated alternative than the common bluish green color. Highlighting like this, a more powerful and daring style.

5) Sundial

Prediction: The 5 key colors of the spring-summer season 2023
Sundial is the most organic tonality for 2023

This is a dark color that symbolizes the dorms earth, in a certain way. Inspired by organic sources, it has brown influences that make it in a very natural tonality and, consequently, the evolution of the famous Sorbet Handle color proposed for the year 2022.

That is why, Sundial is born as a sample of notable interest in nature and the field. Also, is a warm and handmade color that can not be missing during the spring-summer season of 2023.

The importance of color in fashion

Prediction: The 5 key colors of the spring-summer season 2023
Color is an essential element in the fashion industry

Color is emotion, has the ability to stimulate, give joy and provide energy, but also to overwhelm and provide unfortunate sensations. Reason for which the relevance of the color on the day to day is absolute, and it is something truly irreplaceable in any aspect of life.

Also, the way the colors interact with the features of a person has great power over your image. Since, as well as you can create a fresh, healthy and positive appearance, you can also provide a tired, weak and negative image.

Therefore, surprisingly, the good use of tonalities in clothing is vital. Taking into account that, allows us to express our identity and corresponds to a type of non-verbal communication that, as it is, intervenes in energy and has a great impact on the perception of others.

Consequently, making sure of showing the correct colors can generate remarkable benefits that are summarized in: look younger, show jovial and be fashionable. But, on the contrary, using incorrect colors tends to magnify imperfections and overshadow the most attractive features.

Choose the perfect color according to these tips

As we know that it is not an easy task to achieve a perfect outfit in terms of tonalities and combinations, we want to provide you with some tips for know how to mix the colors and get harmonious combinations that increase your trust and reinforce your presence anywhere:

Identifies the main color

First, be sure to detect what the predominant tone will be in your costume, in order to combine with the rest of garments. The ideal is to make use of two colors to equal parts and any of them, can be taken as a starting point to create the full look.

The second color that is most abounds is also key

The secondary color you choose, has to integrate perfectly with the main color. From this, it will be much easier to detect the tertiary colors to use in accessories or add-ons.

Take into account the tonality of your skin

The luminosity or opacity of your skin is decisive to select the color you want to look in your outfit mainly. If you use a tone that combines properly with your skin, it will be possible to divert attention from what does not favor and highlight all your virtues.

Distribute colors proportional

It is essential to dose the shades to look at, that is, both the main color and the secondary and tertiary colors. This also means knowing how to choose patterns, fabrics or textures.

With a visualization exercise, it is faster and more effective to mix colors and create harmony between them.