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Hats: Everything a man needs to know about them to get noticed

Maria de Piña
6 min read
Hats: Everything a man needs to know about them to get noticed
Hats: everything a man needs to know about them to get noticed

If for some reason you have come to think that hats are out of fashion, or that they were left in the golden years, it is time for you to get closer to reality, since they have a lot to offer to your image.

They represent class, style and elegance, but over the years their evolution has transformed them into a surprisingly striking element for men, who have made themselves felt on and off the catwalks through the hands of renowned artists and characters.

There is a whole world of possibilities to discover about this accessory, however, standing out with a hat goes beyond just choosing one, and therefore you should pay attention to all the advice that we will give you on how to make them your best companion today in day.

Hat styles and how to combine them with your look

If you are going to wear a hat you should not choose it at random, there is a model for each man that makes him stand out, and with the right outfit you can become the center of attraction, so find out which style suits you the most.


Hats: Everything a man needs to know about them to get noticed
White trilby

This little friend has a small brim with a slightly high crown, it is usually made of straw or tweed which gives a demure air. It is common to see it in the company of casual outfits, being very popular with young people and adults who lean towards the classic.

The way to use it is on the back of the head in a slightly inclined way, although it can also be used upright.

It adapts perfectly to a look with a leather jacket or long raincoat, if you choose a Trilby in a light brown tone accompanied by a white shirt with gathered sleeves, you will project a relaxed image.


Hats: Everything a man needs to know about them to get noticed
Short brim fedora

It has a long history in history, and today it is still one of the best companies for those men who are looking for an intriguing style, you can find them in various sizes and colors, but it is the discreet ones that stand out the most in dark colors.

This hat is the favorite of actors like Johnny Deep, since it has versatility, so you can wear it with an outfit of jeans and a simple cotton shirt, or give a more elegance to a gala look with a matching color of the suit.

Panama hat

Hats: Everything a man needs to know about them to get noticed
Panama hat

If you are looking for a different touch for the beach look, this hat is specially designed for those occasions, they are very light in light and soft colors, combining with bermuda shorts, sandals and an unicolor light-toned shirt.

Although we cannot limit its use only to beach occasions, its best combinations are these types of scenarios, since it transmits a wave of informality and fun suitable for when we are travelers or tourists.

Flat top

Hats: Everything a man needs to know about them to get noticed
Flat top

Here we come across a very old style, but one that has endured over time, since this type of caps automatically projects distinction and elegance, elements that make them very common among golfers and somewhat eccentric celebrities.

They are designed in cotton, wool, or tweed, which makes them light and at the same time have a wide variety of designs, ranging from unicolor to checkered prints.

Its ideal combination is for a formal or casual look, however, we can include it in a fresher outfit that integrates jeans and a sweater if we use the correct color shoes that match the tone of the cap in light color and with a model simple.


Hats: Everything a man needs to know about them to get noticed
Hat for winter outfit

It is interesting how this piece of quite simple design can move you from an urban style to an elegant one without complications, which is why they are practical and applicable to many occasions, the most suggested are gray, dark blue and shades of black.

You can wear them with a sweater, sweatshirts, raincoats and everything you can think of, since you just need to use the right color and model.

The combinations for the daily style are infinite, not optional, it is recommended to resort to slim and unicolor models to highlight your presence.

Tips for a successful look with a hat

Hats: Everything a man needs to know about them to get noticed
Wide fedora

In addition to knowing which style suits you, you should take into account some details that will help you to include this accessory to your looks successfully.

Accessory for the right moment and look

The first thing to keep in mind is that it will not be ideal to wear this type of outfit at all times, like glasses, scarves or coats, you have to reserve its appearance for the correct scenario.

In turn, not every outfit requires a hat, so you must be very realistic when examining your overall look, as this will tell you whether a hat is an element that will complement it.

Don't use it to hide your hair

A mistake that many men make is hiding their hair or a bad cut with hats, and although it works at times, to show them off you must show a certain part of your hair.

Remember that the best time to attract attention with them is in the first impression, after that you cannot think that you will never have to take them off, since this will give the impression that you are hiding something.

Choose the hat according to what you want to convey

Hats: Everything a man needs to know about them to get noticed
Straw trilby hat for a casual outfit

The size of the hat expresses what you want to project, if you choose extravagant models it is interpreted as a way to attract attention, but on the contrary, discreet models manage to attract the eyes in a more natural way.

Keep the harmony with the other accessories

Your shoes must find a harmony with the color of the hat you use, remember that they are the two poles of your image, and if they do not connect it will give the impression that something is excess in your appearance.

The same applies if you include a tie, since you must find the perfect balance between the tones of each accessory.

When wanting to put these three elements together, you must be precise in the correct model of hat, this because the combination of these in an outfit broadens the projection of elegance.

Leaving aside the formalism and labels, the truth is that hats continue and will continue to be a trend for a long time, so, if you still do not risk adding them to your closet, I recommend that you take the moment to include these friends to your look.