Meet the Empowerrated Curvy Fashion Influencers:

Maria de Piña
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Breaking Tabo, in this era the girls with pounds of more are appropriate not only from the streets but the footbridges and social networks. If years ago it was a rule being thin, today more than we never give account that this was at yesterday.

The fashion industry has changed radically, and is that we can see more amplitude as for fashion designers and paraders, including stuffed goddesses, but with many curves.

But this is not something that came from night to morning, because that the way of thinking of the industry changed, it was an arduous job of many women who gave their voice and their incredible style to show that fashion is for All.

Now we know who are the incredible women chubby that were empowered in fashion changing all size stereotype.

Ashley Graham:

Meet the Empowerrated Curvy Fashion Influencers: – Fashion – WebMediums

This is a famous US model, who is a carrier of a great beauty and a body with many curves. Despite having more of the weight that the doctors recommend, this spectacular woman remains in the form of her taking care of her slender figure.

Nowadays, it follows as model and influencer, demonstrating that even with its weight has managed to seize the cameras, the scenarios and their beloved husband Justin Ervir, film director with whom they expect their first twins.

How did you get an influencer in fashion?

The model of large sizes, had fought for years within the industry, using its beauty, charisma and curves in front of the cameras. Already having fame she did not stop demonstrating the love of her own of her, with her attitude and style by dressing her.

He did not refuse any chance to waste his charisma and style, opportunities that placed it in view of thousands of people, where she showed and gave birth message and empowerment to girls of all sizes, As he did in the Miss Universe USA.

This motivation led her to show her life in social networks encouraging her followers even more, being a fashion inspiration and style for thousands of women in large sizes.

Jenni Rivera:

Meet the Empowerrated Curvy Fashion Influencers: – Fashion – WebMediums

Known as the band of the band, this was a multifaceted and enterprising woman, we talked about Jenni Rivera. A US singer with Mexican roots, she who won fame at starting her artistic career as a composer and voice of success of Mexican music.

What stood out for this woman was not only his voice and great charisma, but his great figure. She was always a lady of big size, but that was not an impediment to achieve the goals of it and conquer many hearts.

In its extensive career the best appenders made exclusively for it, what the reason to take clothes lines as a designer. She was always, awareness of fashion and became an icon of it.

Of singer to fashion icon:

This spectacular woman has already had great fame for her voice and her lyrics, already as a businesswoman sees a deficient space in fashion, the Lack of clothes for sizes as she had always been a problem.

That's why I had a personal designer who made each of his outfits, having an impact on his audience and in the artistic environment. He frames an original style with his elegant, daring and Mexican dresses, which inherited his daughter Chiqui Rivera.

Priscila Arias:

Meet the Empowerrated Curvy Fashion Influencers: – Fashion – WebMediums

If you have an account on Facebook or Instagram, you must know, because this is the most outstanding Mexican influencer of big size. Priscila Arias is not only the face of "the Fathionista" as it is called her fashion blog, that she also transmits in her networks, because she is much more.

The Mexican is the voice defender of the big sizes in fashion, because although it is true is a professional of the Makeup, Advertiser, and Cosmopolitan Latin America. This only tells us that she with her curves knows what she speaks.

What makes it so recognized in the world of fashion?

The fight of Priscila Arias for highlighting in a world as strong as fashion has been based on the constancy. Well, in a country where the telenovelas present a closed stereotype of beauty, this girl by her means sought to show that fashion and style does not represent a size.

He demonstrated his talent as makeup, but in turn he was capturing the opportunities they gave him and showing him as she truly is.

A very important point within your career are social networks, where I take an identity with which it became known. From there transmits all your thoughts, fashion tips and motivational messages to everyone who thinks that the body of it is an obstacle to see it well.

Tara Lynn:

Meet the Empowerrated Curvy Fashion Influencers: – Fashion – WebMediums

A prestigious American model recognized for its long work as Lingerie model in large sizes. This spectacular woman is at the level of Victoria's angel's Secret, for his imposing beauty that has given him popularity Among the Plus models.

His career took off when the cover image of different important fashion magazines, is there where he became an icon of perfection, showing his curvilinear and sexy body, empowering the world of fashion.

At present, it is not as active professionally, but still posing for the camera and being style inspiration for many curvys girls who want to venture into the world of fashion.

These are The largest representatives of style and beauty curvi, because your body was not an obstacle to achieving your goals and much less to show that you can also be fashionable.

His attributes and sizes, combined with his desire to succeed in this medium made them the biggest exponents of Fashion Plus, breaking stereotypes and serving as inspiration for thousands of girls with the same sizes, dreams and desire to succeed.