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Paris Fashion Week 2021: The most relevant

Saharay Perez Bautista
6 min read

Paris Fashion Week is one of the four most important fashion weeks for the industry. Therefore, everything that happens during their parades is a key element for the "fashion victim" at a global level.

After its start on September 28, it has been possible to see which are the proposals with the greatest potential that will set a trend this end of the year and during 2022. Indeed, it is truly interesting to know what is the most important thing that has happened on the catwalks of the capital of France.

Therefore, it is appropriate to make a brief summary of Paris Fashion Week, highlighting what the most significant fashion houses for the industry exhibited. This, you can know in detail below:

Elegant shorts and bermudas - Chanel

Paris Fashion Week 2021: The most relevant – Fashion – WebMediums
Chanel show at Paris Fashion Week

The iconic brand Chanel proposes a sensual and elegant style from shorts and bermudas that opt for a chic touch for any outfit. So, the new allies to look elegant on a special nighttime occasion in the Spring-Summer season, will be these garments.

One of the most interesting elements are the fabrics that are observed in these shorts and bermudas, which have been enriched with glitter and soft falls that increase eroticism in the ladies.

In addition, during its show at Paris Fashion Week, the firm presented a set of jackets and windbreakers that, although they have a slight oversize cut, are very feminine. As for the colors, the use of white, black, dusty pink and prints with the brand's letters stands out.

On the other hand, in order to flaunt more glamor and boost the elegance of her fans, Chanel showed dresses with layers and sequins. As well as cropped pants and skirts.

Colors, play and creativity - Dior

Paris Fashion Week 2021: The most relevant – Fashion – WebMediums
Dior at Paris Fashion Week

Another of the most captivating shows was that of Dior. This being, a brand that opted to transform the catwalk into an immense board of board games with the aim of coloring the trends of next summer 2022.

Consequently, the lively tones are highlighted and at the same time, minimalist lines are observed as in the 60s. This, as a way to commemorate the triumph of Marc Bohan in those years when he replaced voluminous lines with colorful miniskirts, geometric garments, clean cuts and straight jackets.

Thus, both yellow and orange, red, navy blue, green and raspberry once again take over the catwalks as a rethinking of the rules of art to fill the fashion industry with joy again.

Geometric frame in skirts, jackets and dresses - Louis Vuitton

Paris Fashion Week 2021: The most relevant – Fashion – WebMediums
Vuitton at Paris Fashion Week

The renowned French brand opted for a new version of the crinolines with a geometric frame in skirts, jackets and dresses in order to provide a hollowed-out shape. That is, similar to the old elephant guard.

Like a masked ball, Louis Vuitton put on a stunning parade by transforming one of the galleries of the Louvre Palace into the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles.

This, to the rhythm of electronic music with baroque melodies, showing lace dresses, fancy glasses, velvet jackets and long capes in his Spring-Summer 2022 collection.

It should be noted that, mainly, the brand's designs focused on the silhouette of the woman, highlighting the hips in the center of the style and thanks to this, it was able to achieve a remarkable drama.

It should also be noted that he resorted to platforms lined in black satin or with polka dot prints.

Interaction between fashion, body and movement - Loewe

Paris Fashion Week 2021: The most relevant – Fashion – WebMediums
Loewe at Paris Fashion Week

Based on an idea of deforming the silhouette through clothing, Jonathan Anderson's Loewe collection focuses on a masterful study of the interplay between fashion, body and movement.

For this reason, it goes from architectural dresses with angular projections to armor that show the fall of the fabric and totally transparent sculptural torsos.

To achieve this result, the designer comments that he was carried away by surrealism and is part of the representation of "what is hidden and what is shown, what should be in the light and what is in the shadow".

In this way, he insists on achieving the freedom of the woman who wants to project herself towards a successful future.

Through this very energetic style, Loewe hopes to show a peculiar way of allowing fashionistas to engage with fashion. This, in order to adapt to the most risky and free styles.

The style of Paloma Picasso - Saint Laurent

Paris Fashion Week 2021: The most relevant – Fashion – WebMediums
Saint Laurent at Paris Fashion Week

In the case of Anthony Vacarello and his presentation by Saint Laurent, the style of the artist Paloma Picasso was present during a solid, powerful and resounding show that showed the trend for the Spring-Summer 2022 season.

With the background of the Eiffel Tower, various lights that enhanced the drama and a rainy scene, it was a show where the creative evolution of the designer is evidenced by creating an exclusive, sophisticated and eye-catching style.

Basically, this style features dark and exaggerated sunglasses, several bombastic jewels, eye-catching gloves, and amazing makeup on each model.

Of course, it has pieces with eighties inspiration, embodying floral and colorful prints. There are also metallic sparkles, asymmetrical designs, V-necklines, short jackets, halter necks and cut-outs.

Corsets as a symbol of liberation - Acne Studios

Paris Fashion Week 2021: The most relevant – Fashion – WebMediums
Acne Studios at Paris Fashion Week

Do not neglect the bet of Acne Studios through its sensual corsets. Since, from this garment, he wants to show a symbol of liberation, unlike in the past where they meant a sign of restriction for the ladies.

That is why, the alma mater of the Swedish brand, Jonny Johansson affirms that this Spring-Summer 2022 collection will feature corsets.

Being a key element to match the sensuality of women with complete naturalness in light pieces that seek simplicity in complexity.

To focus on this concept in his designs, mainly, Jonny Johansson starts from deconstruction in order to subvert meanings. In this way, she hopes to give more vigor to the celebration of the return to the most important catwalks in the world, helping women to reappropriate their own bodies with great sensuality, harmony and balance.