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Peloton's alliance with the Adidas brand

Ruth Chacon
3 min read
Peloton's alliance with the Adidas brand – Fashion – WebMediums

The Peloton company is considered one of the trainings with the most subscriptions, since it has the advantage of functioning as a social network where users are given a feeling of belonging to a community and this is part of its success.

This company has its own clothing line designed mainly for sports and was named "Peloton Apparel", where it will be reinforced with the new offer made by the famous Adidas brand a new line of sportswear called "Adidas x Ivy Park" exclusive to Peloton.

For this first collection, all its sportswear will be launched and available for sale through Adidas online stores and physical stores all over the world, as well as Peloton.

Collection that unites ties between music, fashion and sports

The commitment of both brands Adidas and Peloton are empowered to publicize a trip to the world of fitness in which for each one represents something different, both economic strategies and to generate more users, but that together can cause a boom in exercise at home.

For Adidas, it represents in terms of design a whole collection created for comfort and convenience when exercising and for Peloton it is part of an advantage to retain more followers and show the collaborative capsule as an active lifestyle of fitness at home.

Peloton's alliance with the Adidas brand – Fashion – WebMediums

The most used designs are unisex

Adidas creates new exclusive designs for these sportswear garments in which black colors with neon tones are seen that are inspired by the platoon brand, their main function is the use of sports practice.

In this collection we can find something very important is versatility, since the unisex nature stands out as an exclusive proposal and that can be pieces so that everyone can participate in this collection and enjoy its energy of all shades with its different combinations.

Peloton's alliance with the Adidas brand – Fashion – WebMediums

The great positive effort that social networks give

Peloton's alliance with the Adidas brand – Fashion – WebMediums

Currently, celebrities are active users of this company and many of these boast in their social networks that they make use of the peloton products, and are part of the most recurrent users publishing their routine and who are attending these online classes.

All these celebrities who are in the world of fashion and who participate in fitness at home assure that with this practice they make use of training systems that are on par with instructors and users, so it is easy to assume that it has been the success of this company.

With all this expansion in the world of fitness, this phenomenon has become a digital platform where we can attend classes taught, thus being a key element, which undoubtedly makes a notorious difference for the loyalty of Peloton users.