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These are the men's shoes trend autumn-winter 2021

Maria de Piña
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These are the men's shoes trend autumn-winter 2021 – Fashion – WebMediums
Men's shoes trend autumn-winter 2021

Each season has its grace, showing fashions that undoubtedly motivate you to visit stores, a fact that also involves accessories such as men's shoes.

Men's shoes trend autumn-winter 2021

Men say a lot with what they wear on their feet, and in many cases even the design of their look comes from their shoes.

Hence, this is not a choice that is taken lightly, and much less in this season of the year in which, apart from style, protection from the cold and comfort are sought.

Leather and leather are present throughout the year in various settings, so it is not surprising that they are preferred for cold seasons, however, this season has much more to offer in the field of footwear, imposing itself style above all.

The trends in footwear this season go beyond practicality, which is why the most important brands present totally modern and timeless pieces.

Platform Chelsea Boots

These are the men's shoes trend autumn-winter 2021 – Fashion – WebMediums
Chelsea Bottega Veneta Boots

There will never be an autumn-winter season without the presence of boots, and of course, as a trend of this season, one where the classic Chelsea boots reign, which marked a unique style that is distinguished by its elegance.

Although its original style is subtle and refined, for this season it renews its image by adapting to high temperatures, which is why models with platforms and very marked anti-slip pads are released, creating an imposing and bold image for men.

By having a high sole and with those additional details, they make it an off- road shoe, with which you can generate bold outfits for this winter, without the worry of coming into contact with snow or water.

Different brands have presented models of this style of boots, however, the ones that have had the greatest strength have been the Bottega Veneta, with its black leather model with a neutral image, without great details, thus capturing the essence of Chelsea.

White shoes

These are the men's shoes trend autumn-winter 2021 – Fashion – WebMediums
Nike SB Dunk High Gundam white

Although the tone is right for the season, this style of shoe is extremely timeless, a piece that will remain sealed in history, being a very versatile product for everyone. But if we talk about those classified for the male gender, the trend marks a bold design.

Modernity is undoubtedly the basis of the most sought-after shoes of this year, since their designs are a futuristic bet, very out of the ordinary, which makes room for the most avant-garde combinations for men.

Such is the case of the Nike SB Dunk High Gundam, a very artistic and original model that has gained fame by positioning the brand more.

However, if you are looking for a more versatile model, brands such as Converse, Vans, Fila, Veja, Adidas and of course Nike have a wide range of white sneakers, with current styles to wear both in winter and summer.

Versatile model sneakers

These are the men's shoes trend autumn-winter 2021 – Fashion – WebMediums
Zegna Triple Stitch in black

Now if you require footwear comfortable and that allows you to put together different looks, you will undoubtedly need a versatile one, a pair that will not limit you in your day-to-day life.

Hence, hybrid models emerged as a trend for men's shoes this year, which combine the style and elegance of a casual one, with the practicality and comfort of sports shoes.

With them, you can go from the office to a night party by just changing your clothes, being resistant and adaptable, since their designs have a modern, but informal image.

Among the most popular is the Zegna Triple Stitch, a shoe with very dynamic details, which are identified by playing with different materials creating a new perfect harmony for today's man.

Hiking boots

These are the men's shoes trend autumn-winter 2021 – Fashion – WebMediums
Sustainable Chukka Hiking Boots

Even this type of footwear remains among the favorites of men for this time, the reason is because of the resistance, quality, comfort, protection it offers and the image that it allows them to project.

Previous years the wave of this footwear emerged, which were not only sought after by boys who went hiking as a sport, in turn other ways of wearing them emerged in the city, hence these became an urban fashion trend.

However, as everything evolves today we see more sophisticated and creative models, which mark a modern style with respect to the gender of these boots.

Hence, brands like Timberland launch shoe lines with different colors, much more striking and dynamic.

Chukkas Casual Shoes

These are the men's shoes trend autumn-winter 2021 – Fashion – WebMediums
Beige suede chukkas

This style of shoes is one of the most popular in history, being a model that has been adapted according to trends, to be a complete success in formal and informal men's looks.

Therefore, this season they cannot be absent, since the most classic and brilliant models are key for high-class parties.

But if you are looking to look modern and with a lot of personality, some in suede with an intense tone will complement you perfectly, generating an interesting image.

Remember that shoes are a piece of great importance in your outfit, so do not leave this choice for later and start looking for the best brands that present these trends in footwear before the end of the year.