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Top makeup trends 2021

Saharay Perez Bautista
7 min read
Top makeup trends 2021 – Fashion – WebMediums
Fashion makeup 2021

Some people choose to believe that makeup consists of applying foundation, color and shine to the face only, but the truth is that this is far from the reality.

Since, makeup is an art that can transform any face and enhance its best attributes, if done correctly.

Therefore, makeup is a basic element in a woman's life, in this case, an accessory that has the ability to give light to her face, improve her look and increase her beauty. Which is why, it is ideal to know the most attractive 2021 makeup trends of all.

What is the importance of knowing how to apply makeup?

In any corner of the world, the physical presence or presentation of a person is extremely important to attract the attention of others positively. Hence, the value of makeup to enhance a person's identity and highlight their style, without having to exaggerate.

Therefore, it is essential to know how to master the correct techniques to apply makeup and beyond that, to know what makeups are currently in fashion. Which could change the way others see you.

Indeed, if you know how to apply makeup correctly, you will have the possibility of highlighting your features, giving more life to your face, accentuating your natural beauty and ultimately, looking beautiful. Keep in mind that makeup brings notable benefits to women that are summarized in:

  • Improve your self-esteem : The way you read it! Makeup is a key factor in increasing your self-esteem. Since, it allows you to highlight the best of you, hide what you almost do not like, feel more confident and look more beautiful.

  • Beautify your skin : If you invest in using high-quality products that perfectly match your skin type, makeup will help you improve the texture and tone of your face naturally. Which means, you will exhibit more beautiful skin.

  • Ideal to enhance your most creative side : Another advantage of putting on makeup and knowing how to do it properly is that it allows you to explore all possible styles in order to choose the one that suits you best. So, it helps you boost your creativity and motivates you to experiment with new looks.

  • Optimize your mental health : As if that were not enough, makeup is an ideal factor to prevent dementia. After a study carried out in Japan, it was possible to affirm that women who decide to apply cosmetic products to their face, contribute to improving their mental health while they always try to apply makeup at the same time (in a routine way).

The 2021 makeup trends with the most influence

Here, we present the main makeup trends to choose and practice on your face in order to feel beautiful on any occasion and look fashionable :

1) Soft glow skin

Top makeup trends 2021 – Fashion – WebMediums
A beautiful "soft glow skin"

If you prefer to have healthy, smooth and luminous skin, this is the perfect type of makeup for you. Which, looks very natural and has a radiant and clean finish that avoids any greasy or dull effect.

To achieve a nice "soft glow skin" we recommend you focus on your skincare routine and use colored moisturizers. Also, apply a very thin base coat along with a few drops of highlighter to make your facial skin look radiant. So say goodbye to multiple layers of foundation and loaded skin.

2) The daring lines

Top makeup trends 2021 – Fashion – WebMediums
The trendy outlines in 2021

Basically, it promotes a different way of expressing yourself in makeup and consists of a unique outline through which it is easier to give prominence to your look. To do this, he uses geometric shapes, thick and intense outlines, varied lines and even striking colors.

If you like the idea of displaying cool and vibrant eyeliner, you can choose to use colors that blend together and help you show off your bold style. The trick is to contrast your makeup with the rest of the look and outline symmetrical or asymmetrical lines on the eyelid (in no particular order).

Note : We recommend defining the eyebrows and curling the lashes to make the makeup look cleaner.

3) Bronze and blush

Top makeup trends 2021 – Fashion – WebMediums
Makeup where bronze and blush predominate

Right now, makeup with a tan finish is also in trend. In particular, it is achieved through bronze and blush that have played a very important role this year in makeups and will continue to do so.

In the case of bronze, it is a powder that gives a radiant touch to the skin and is usually applied to the cheeks and nose. Although, it is also found in lipsticks, shadows, and eyeliners. With it, the texture of the skin of your face will be beautified in a spectacular way.

For its part, the blush has the function of providing a natural color to your face, highlighting the cheek area (it is applied on the cheekbones and blends to finish the entire cheek). Because of the beautiful color it brings, it is one of the great allies in makeup.

Note : In 2021, orange and pink tones have been the most popular, in terms of blush.

4) Neon looks

Top makeup trends 2021 – Fashion – WebMediums
Neon colors allow you to create cheerful makeup

It is a trend that is committed to highlighting the beauty of the eyes. Since, to make them more eye-catching, it encourages girls to use neon tones as eyeliner, tear, double or triple, and even smokey.

With these types of tones, you can better combine your look and ultimately, flaunt a fun and unique makeup. Thus achieving a more cheerful, attractive and risky style. To make it look more attractive, it is recommended to accompany your makeup with powerful lashes.

5) Shiny and hydrated lips

Top makeup trends 2021 – Fashion – WebMediums

To highlight your more feminine side, you can create a makeup in which your lips show a more natural and pleasant shine. To do this, you must select pink and soft tones that resemble the natural tint of your lips.

This trend is committed to a less glazed and slightly sticky mouth. One of its greatest advantages is that they give volume to your lips and are versatile for any makeup (both natural and more formal). Remember that the shine this season is easier.

6) Natural (or tousled) eyebrows

Top makeup trends 2021 – Fashion – WebMediums
Eyebrows with the browning trend

We continue with the feminine naturalness and therefore, disheveled eyebrows are in fashion in this 2021.

It consists of a technique known as "browning" and is applied by filling in with a fine pencil the areas that give more personality to your eyebrows and then proceeding to fix with a gel that allows a "careless" finish being achieved.

The main objective of this technique is based on simulating a high density of hair, without the need to resort to microblading. In this way, the eyebrows will also be the protagonists of the makeup but without much preparation, rather, more natural and a bit disheveled.

7) Some eyelashes that stand out from everything

Top makeup trends 2021 – Fashion – WebMediums
XL lashes for spectacular makeup

Since time immemorial, lashes have been a vital complement in makeup. During this 2021, it is committed to show off highlighting eyelashes that have great volume and thus, allow a much more intense look to be exhibited.

It does not matter if they are false or natural, large or thick; the most relevant thing is that they look voluminous and fit perfectly with your makeup.

Always consider that XL lashes with a perfect and precise application, positively change your eyes and make you feel more attractive, sensual and powerful.

8) Glitter, pearls and rhinestones

Top makeup trends 2021 – Fashion – WebMediums
Face jewelry 2021

Although this trend started as a simple millennial idea, the truth is that it has become the perfect opportunity to promote fantasy makeup.

Well, through crystals, pearls and rhinestones, it is possible to give your face a more special touch and complement your makeup.

In general, these accessories for the face can be placed in any area with the help of practical tweezers designed to place these "jewels" with good precision and show stunning looks. This is the best way to wear these accessories is in the center of the eyelid, the tear duct and even in the central part of the lips.