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Women's fashion vests

One of the accessories that can completely change an outfit. Discover the best!

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Women's fashion vests – Fashion – WebMediums
The women's vests that you can't stop trying on to make an incredible outfit

Fashion vests for women, there are thousands of styles, designs and fabrics. There is a great charm in vests. Have you noticed? Do you know what it is due to? Because they are that tool that can turn a simple combination into something with a totally different vibe.

Combining them is also easy, but what are the most versatile vests on the market? We show them to you in this article!

Clearly, each of the women's vests shown below are trending in this year 2022. Keep reading!

Women's fashion vests – Fashion – WebMediums
Women's vests are that garment that we must learn to combine

What are the fashionable vests for women this year?

Technically, there are vest designs that have been perennially seen on fashion runways. So most of the vests that we will show you later, surely you have already wanted to have them.

As for the vests, those made with denim, cotton, linen, crochet and leather will always stand out. These vests are a runway favourite. Settling more for linen.

Women's fashion vests – Fashion – WebMediums
Linen fabric women's vests are one of the favorites on fashion catwalks

Women's linen vest

The linen vest tends to be one of the most popular for its elegant and avant-garde touch in the outfit that is added. The versatility of this type of fashionable women's vests always leaves everyone open-mouthed.

In terms of comfort, it is without a doubt one of the lightest to wear from a hot day or something warmer. Clearly, we do not recommend it on cold days.

Because it is not a coat, your shoulders and arms will be exposed, which generates that slightly more summery air to your outfit.

To show off this vest, we recommend buying them in strong tones, such as mustard, blue, and fuchsia. Although this will depend on what you want to project with one of these fashion vests for women.

Women's fashion vests – Fashion – WebMediums
Fashion vests for women crochet, gives us a fresh and tender style

Women's Crochet Vest

The Crochet vest is a fashion of yesteryear that we cannot avoid seeing it every season. Although many consider it in bad taste, this is not entirely true.

To look good with a crochet vest you must choose very well the implements that you want to highlight and combine them in a tender way with a vest as safe as this one.

We recommend you buy a crochet vest in earth tones, because they always look good with any shirt you want to wear under it.

Women's fashion vests – Fashion – WebMediums
Reversible leather women's vests are that addition to our country or summer clothing combinations

Reversible faux leather vest

This type of garment in women's fashion vests is one of the most comfortable, since the thinness of the fabric in question leaves a lot of space for air to pass through, and does not generate discomfort with respect to heat.

A slightly more country style that will always be combined with loose (ruffled) and flowery dresses or blouses.

With this reversible women's faux leather vest you can create an ideal combination for meetings outdoors or in green spaces.

Women's fashion vests – Fashion – WebMediums
Knitted vests are a trend and you should try them on your outfits right now

Women's knitted vest

This type of vest joins the heavier women's vests. It is always ideal for slightly cooler days or for celebrations in closed places. They look beautiful both alone and accompanied by shirts underneath.

It is the generator of a tender and loose outfit, especially if you are in those days in which the least you want is to wear tight clothes. For this reason, these types of vests are essential for the holidays.

We recommend you buy this knitted vest for women in pastel tones, because this way you can use it in many ways.

Women's fashion vests – Fashion – WebMediums
V-neck vests can be that addition to a boring shirt that you want to update

V-neck vest for women

A type of fashion vest very similar to the last two vests added in this list of women's vests.

Its fabric is a little lighter and becomes a bit revealing if the seam has more separated spaces. That is, its design is with eights.

Which makes it ideal to go from the office, to a date night. A vest beauty!

Women's fashion vests – Fashion – WebMediums
Padded vests are one of the most difficult to combine

Quilted women's vest

Just by looking at the image, we can see that the padded vest for women is not a vest that we can wear every day (unless you live in a place where it is always cold).

Its thick and waterproof fabric is padded and comfortable, which makes it a good outfit to go on a trip or to go out in the snow. We recommend you buy it in strong and striking colors.

And although there is no strict way to wear it, with a skirt it always tends to be a bit out of tune, so go for pants that match the color you chose for your women's padded vest.

Women's fashion vests – Fashion – WebMediums
We love the trench coat in women's vests

Women's gabardine vest

We can't resist the trench coat, this vest is one of our favourites! It stands out both for its fabric and for those large buttons that provide an elegant and sophisticated design.

Turn any informal outfit into something else, it's the magic of the trench coat. Ideal for the office or for those days where you have quick meetings on a busy day.

We recommend you buy this vest in earth tones, so that it matches everything, because this vest can easily become that essential item of clothing in your wardrobe.

Women's fashion vests – Fashion – WebMediums
Women's leather vests are extremely glamorous

Women's fur vest

A vest that we define as glamorous, although it may be the heaviest to wear, it has been a favorite for many years. Who doesn't love a fur vest?

It is soft and always generates an outfit on another level, which makes it one of the most sought-after vests today.

Women's fashion vests – Fashion – WebMediums
The casual fashion of denim vests

Women's Denim Vest

An implement of informal fashion, ideal for gently stiffening more delicate combinations, such as flowered dresses or skirts.

It is a type of women's vest that is widely used today, so do not hesitate to add this valuable element to your closet, because it is still in fashion and will continue to be.

Women's fashion vests – Fashion – WebMediums
The elegance of a long vest for women

Long vest for women

Last on our list of women's fashion vests is the long vest, which can come in anything from linen, faux leather, and even knits.

For this vest we remind you of soft and light fabrics. This is so that they do not cause you discomfort, since you are already wearing a vest with a length that is not so usual.

It is always a good combination with any type of pants or long skirts with flights. Try to make the length of the skirt the same height as the vest or make it longer, but it can never be shorter.

We hope you'll sport some of these women's fashion vests as soon as possible. You can't wait any longer!