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Zara dresses up for Halloween for this season

Ruth Chacon
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Zara dresses up for Halloween for this season – Fashion – WebMediums
Facade of Zara stores

For this Halloween 2021 season, big brands have a reason to take out new collections and use their brand in different costumes created for the time such as the traditional festivals this month that are about to be celebrated.

All aspects of the world of fashion influence, mark the style and aesthetics of trends, for this reason Zara created a new collection of costumes for women, mainly with spider, robot and dragon designs, among others.

With this special collection we can say that it is a limited edition, which makes a difference for those who want to go buy these special outfits and that they can wear for this date.

Wearing terrifying costumes

The new collection for Halloween from Zara stores is released for the first time, where for this season it launches the different costumes for women and in addition to other garments and accessories designed in the shape of spider, snakes and skulls, which help to highlight this collection defined by these costumes.

Zara dresses up for Halloween for this season – Fashion – WebMediums
Halloween Collection Zara 2021

- Robot suit : This is designed with shiny leather fabrics in silver tones, which imitate the metallic effects of a robot, these cover the body and have delicate details for a woman with a defined silhouette.

- Spider suit : It is characterized by a covering of the whole body with a fine fabric jumpsuit, stamped with spider web figures, with openings in the abdomen and knees in black colors and dark tones.

- Dragon costume: The onesies are reaffirmed with prints and defined by effects of reptile skin, with smooth texture and painted, which covers the entire body up to the hands and neck.

- Butterfly suit:: A special model and with a design that mainly enhances the wings of the butterfly, which fall in the lower part of the arms and with their fine folds that perfectly simulate the movement that butterflies make to fly, thus highlighting the bright colors and prints, this being a novel costume.

- Galactic suit : It has a style where it shows us the world from a galaxy through a blue jumpsuit, with a pattern of bright dots that gives a feeling of observing everything that surrounds us in the universe, with stars and galaxies in different sizes.

- Alien costume: Disguise style that adheres to the body in the form of a jumpsuit that is designed with printed fabrics of very striking and fluorescent colors, which is a characteristic of aliens, they also have a detail that are the gloves these cover great part of the arm with the same color tone of the suit.

Zara dresses up for Halloween for this season – Fashion – WebMediums
The best Zara Halloween costumes

Tips for achieving an image to celebrate Halloween

Zara dresses up for Halloween for this season – Fashion – WebMediums
Zara's accessories Halloween collection

Many people seek to join the celebrations from different parts of the world to their customs, for this reason different shades are used that predominate with specific ranges and the colors are orange, yellow, black and purple.

For these shades they have a different meaning, orange represents the return of death, yellow means life, black is a way of representing vampires, which represent a symbol for Halloween.

Zara dresses up for Halloween for this season – Fashion – WebMediums
Spiders are one of the most used accessories on Halloween

It is important that you take into account when choosing the costume, look for something with style and that shows that you have good taste, so that in this way you make a difference and that costume gets the attention of many.