Axie Infinity SLP: Find why it fell to its minimums during April

Grecia De Flores
3 min read

One of the most famous tokens of the game is based on Ethereum, Axie Infinity, the Smooth Love Potion (SLP), which came back to its contributions for five months, since just in the morning From this Monday 27 of the month of September, SLP was punctuating a cost of USD 0.07.

In the month of April, SLP had negotiations on a little more than USD 0.071, negotiation that was done just before a peak is recorded up to USD 0.41, which has been its largest brand since it was registered in May.

However, it is important to highlight that it has been recovered mild with respect to what has been seen in recent days, which is why at this time has a similar cost, which could be seen five months ago.

The reasons why this happens can be several, however, one of the causes we can highlight, is the daily increase that has been entered its users who are active, as this being in a constant rise, generates U High inflation rate.

According to different analysts Your Crypto Pal, this increase within the number of users was nothing positive to be able to put in numbers to the SLP quote.

If we take some figures, the more than 1.5 million players, came to create a decline at the price of the Token.

Likewise, it is important to note that the amount of SLP that was in circulation generated high inflation to that asset, since there was a major growth within its users in a daily basis, which albeit They enter the game, they do so uniquely to get a token.

Axie Infinity SLP: Find why it fell to its minimums during April

Learning more about the growth of 400% that is circulating SLP

In some data we have been able to explore about 540 million SLPs were available within the market even towards the month of July, when it had a cost of USD 0.41,

But, after two months, this figure came to rise to more than 2 billion units, which according to the coinmarketcap is a growth of 400%.

According to the data that the Monitor CoinMarketcap has given us, for today's date there are a total of 2,145,135,756 SLP units that are circulating within the market, which can provide for capitalization of $150,685,953.

Axie Infinity already has extensive acceptance around the world

Axie Infinity, despite being based on Ethereum, has won quite broadly a great popularity, even in the last year, since different means of the world of crypts, affirms that one of the countries with greater number of “Players” is Venezuela, where the wide use of the application has begun to have a major resonance on its positive points.

In fact, there are so many SLP profits that some users have been able to invest or change through the Exchange Binance platform, which is qualified as one of the applications with better receptivity in the caribbean country.