NEW NINTENDO SWITCH OLED. The improvement is incredible.

Alvaro Salazar
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The control center is seen in nintendo Tokyo, and now we can see it formally. The model OLED of Nintendo Switch was presented a while ago, and it is clearly a charming and intriguing element, as we already made you know in our first sensations.

Despite all the publicity that the Control Center caused due to its slight adjustments of the past framework, we have not seen substantially more than the control center in the real structure. Today, however, it seems that the scene has changed, and a progression of images from the control center update of Nintendo have been transferred to the Web. You can investigate them below.

NEW NINTENDO SWITCH OLED. The improvement is incredible. – Games – WebMediums
Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch OLED is shown with some contrasts with the typical model, and even though for certain clients were inadequate, for other people, it is an unequivocal motivation for purchase. Numerous players were very disillusioned after a reporting time on a supposed Nintendo Switch Pro, however, it seems that the waters have calmed down in nintendo and currently the new model has He was continuously recognized at the local level.

This new model of the control center will appear at an expense of $350 USD, according to the MSRP. In addition, the joy-with this model will be equivalent to the base model, so there is no need to be stressed for similarity issues. Sony is for all accounts intrigued by the market model of Nintendo Switch OLED, as it could print a previously, then after the fact in the scope of computer games.

Cost and delivery date

Nintendo Switch OLED The October 8 will appear at a cost of 349.99 euros.

Nintendo has affirmed the delivery date of Nintendo Switch Oled, supporting what the rumors pointed out: it will be accessible before the end of the year 2021. Together with this, it has been revealed that the cost will be around 350 euros. Although initially the cost occurred in dollars, it has been said that the conversion standard will be 1 to 1 and in Spain will be valued at 350 euros.


The screen is the main curiosity that stands out this new Nintendo Switch OLED, however, you can know each of the improvements that includes the equipment level this modification of the control center (which, as It seems, in the end you can not count on 4K objectives).

· New 7-inch OLED screen.

· A wider and adjustable point support plug.

· Dock with LAN port.

· 64 GB of internal storage.

· A more developed sound.

Nintendo Switch OLED is more impressive than the current form?

As Belén Esteban would say, there is no improvement in force. It is the same nintendo that many of you currently have at home, with a 7-inch screen (and not 6.3 as in the past), a support more Wide that will allow you to hold a lot better on the stage and one'Dock'That incorporates a LAN port.

NEW NINTENDO SWITCH OLED. The improvement is incredible. – Games – WebMediums
Nintendo Switch.

OLED screen of the new Nintendo Switch

Be that as it may, none of the two has another chip, nor is it facing a Pro form, substantially less will have restrictive computer games. Nintendo Switch OLED is that cross-race console that will be placed in stores because it is much prettier, everything must be said, and for having a very improved screen of what we are currently accustomed. Will it be worth making the change? For me yes, obviously, everything that is to develop more the game experience, welcome be.

In short, in case there are no changes, for whom is the Nintendo Switch OLED?

Nintendo seems to have created this model OLED for the population in general, without recognizing any area; New buyers, old people who need to supplant a stage with four years of history and authorities. As expected, this will undoubtedly be mostly forms near the slim.

Nintendo has impressed the video game market with its great adventure stories and the iconic Mario Bros that is very significant for many players who grew up playing the great console sets Nintendo.

These are the new specific characteristics of the new Nintendo Switch OLED

NEW NINTENDO SWITCH OLED. The improvement is incredible. – Games – WebMediums
Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch OLED(the alleged modification of the PRO than was talked about lately) is currently official. After leaving us the primary subtleties such as an advance, the cost and the delivery date or its different updates, Nintendo has revealed some extra information. Specifically, I mean the ability to use the Dock OLED of Nintendo Switch and the thymus of the euphoria with Nintendo Switch, as well as al reverse. Below you have each of the appropriate answers as indicated by the true Nintendo site.

· Both the new Dock and the LAN port are viable with the first model of Nintendo Switch (even though it may require a programming update of the Control Center)

· The first Dock of Nintendo Switch is viable with the new Nintendo Switch OLED(even though it could require an update of the programming of the Control Center)

· Delight regulators with the new Nintendo Switch OLED are really equivalent to those of the first control center, so they are viable and negotiable.

· All extractions Extras of Nintendo Switch Affordable today are compatible with the OLED model.

These are to a large extent the signs of similarity that have been presented from formally corresponding to Nintendo Switch OLED. With this, obviously the organization has tried to make life as simple as possible to people who from now on have a console switch in their homes and hope to have the new adaptation most developed in their hands.

On the other hand, this simple similarity is a good omen thinking that the new switch OLED does not seem to have any improvement in force. Consequently, switch OLED is located as an amendment that rectifies and cleans some flat defects of the first model to make the control center much more enjoyable.