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Call Of Duty Mobile: INCREDIBLE the new payment method to buy COD points

Alvaro Salazar
5 min read

Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the best-known games on the planet of mobile shooters, with gamers appreciating energetic games every day. One of the problems you have is that your payment strategies are not available to everyone. This changed today in Mexico. We say this since another odds strategy was achieved that will be fast, simple and safe for all players throughout Mexico.

Learn about Call of Duty: Mobile

CoD: Mobile is a first person shooter style game. The game is available for Android, iPhone, iPad devices. It is a game of the action genre that has great playability. In the game there are several game modes which you can choose to your preference and taste. CoD: Mobile has incredible graphics, they are very good for a mobile game.

Call Of Duty Mobile: INCREDIBLE the new payment method to buy COD points
Call of Duty Mobile

In addition to this, the game has had various cooperations with artists such as Ozuna. The game was released in the first year of October 2019 and since then it has become a great success. The game was expected by all mobile gamers and only at the end of 2019 the game was already at the top of the Play store list with more than 180 million users in just three months.

From the beginning the game promised a lot and met the expectations of all players. Mobility, graphics, sounds, characters, weapons and even the physical rules of these implemented in each weapon. It is a complete action game, it has it all. Released by Activision and TiMi Studios from Tencent Games.

Call of Duty: Mobile gameplay

Players can decide to play ranked or unplaced games in multiplayer. There are two types of currency in the game: "Credits", which are earned by playing, and "COD Points", which must be purchased with real money. The full game can be played without paying, although some restrictive weapon skins and people must be purchased with COD Points.

In addition to standard matchmaking, there is a private room available for multiplayer and Battle Royale modes, where players can meet and fight alone with their fellow players. In addition, the game offers long-lasting multiplayer modes and rare and restricted modes that can last for a long time, weeks, or an entire season.

It is one of the most impressive games for mobile. No other game compares to this. Now it is much better, since the possibility of having the currency of the game (CoD Points) is much easier. Thanks to the developers of this game we can now get the game currency very easily. This is an impressive advance for mobile shooters.

Now it's easier to get CoD Points

Through a public statement; Codashop reported that it reached a union with Activision to support all gamers in Mexico. Thanks to this association, customers in our country will be able to buy CoD Points (CP) for CoD: Mobile. Using the famous payment techniques, for example, cash payment at OXXO, Paysafecard and Netbanking stores.

Therefore, using Codashop you will have the opportunity to obtain your CoD point in a simple and reliable way. The best part is that you don't need to sign up with Codashop to do so. You just have to visit their website, search for Call of Duty: Mobile and fill in the mentioned information, such as the player ID and the number of points you need.

Call Of Duty Mobile: INCREDIBLE the new payment method to buy COD points
That's how easy it is to get CoD Points

"We value our users too much and we persevere to make their CoD: Mobile experience fun and easy. For this reason, we are looking forward to working with Codashop to offer our players an easier method of running the game," said Jennifer Taran, Head of Development at CoD: Mobile .

As a component of this union, Codashop supported their push for Esports. To do this, he created the Call of Duty Mobile Codashop Global Series. This is a competition focused on the local area that offers beginning players the opportunity to become valid experts in the world of esports.

"We are very pleased to have created this organization and we look forward to giving Call of Duty: Mobile players a helpful method of purchasing CP," said Paul Leishman, Lead, Coda Payments.

Are there advantages and disadvantages in Call of Duty when paying or not?

CoD: Mobile has the option to play in Battle Royale mode and weapons that are upgraded with CoD Points have a bit more advantages. What does this mean? Now with the update of this new payment method we can get the same advantage as the other players, which is not very different. The difference in advantage in the game is almost negligible.

This means that it does not matter whether or not you can invest in this game. To have the best gaming experience, all you need is a good mobile phone and a desire to have fun. You can opt for the team duel or confirmed cancellation, which are very fun game modes that CoD: Mobile offers us.

Call of Duty: Mobile is a very innovative mobile game

Each month players are presented with a new update that comes with a "New Season" this implies a number of impressive updates each month so that the game does not become boring or repetitive. New weapon skins and game methods are shown in each update.

In addition to this in each update they put new objectives to the players so that they have even more fun. New characters and better maps every time the game is updated. The best of all is that the optimization of the game is maintained and you will not have bad times, or bad games trying to solve bugs or lags that are presented to you within the game.

At the moment the game is incredible and it is expected that new updates will come out that will further improve the quality of experience within the game.