New Beyond Contact exceeds expectations about a game based on space

Alvaro Salazar
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Today, koch media and playcorp have reported from Beyond Contact. The new resistance title for pc is shipped today in Early Access in Steam by $14.99(or Territorial Valorization) and will be a live-worked game with emphasis on the contribution of the player during the advance cycle.

In Beyond Contact, the vital goal will be to save the occupants of this planet (Ketern). You will want to develop food, feed animals, but you should also know the impacts of climate, indomitable life.

This through a powerful world in which we can also examine the components we find and use in support of ourselves the materials we collect for research or for the assembly of things. Likewise, you can work together with other people thanks to its multiplayer mode and the different provisions that will be carried out in the long term.

New Beyond Contact exceeds expectations about a game based on space
Beyond Contact

Beyond Contact It happens in the frequently reserved and in any case destructive universe stranger from Ketern, created procedure. Here you can investigate and find, and you will have a wide exploration and assembly frame at your disposal. You will manufacture your base and your guards naturally, and you will have the option of cultivating and caring animals.

You will continue with a story in which your goal will be to save the occupants of the planet. In addition, you will experience enough fauna, greenery, unfriendly climatic conditions and natural risks to kill the most experienced players several times. In the event that the planet has the opportunity to eliminate you, it will.

Main Features of Beyond Contact

Dynamic 3D engine: A powerfully varied, abundant and obviously lethal world, controlled by the Unity engine, with direct support of Unity.

Universe of science fiction: uses your space body guidance equipment, weapons and atmospheric costume to investigate the different conditions of strangers, find phenomenal animals and intriguing plants, and face Ketern's old human advance.

Elaborated scanning and assembly mechanics: scans, searches, extracts and take advantage of the planet materials while using the intricate scan and assembly framework to hold and thrive on a planet with occupants who can become very forceful.

It manufactures your base instinctively and exploits the strength network: Assemble, expand and safeguard your headquarters while you wear the peculiar force matrix as far as possible.

New Beyond Contact exceeds expectations about a game based on space
Beyond Contact

Account Missions and NPC Faction Foreasttera: Collaborate with civic forelymer establishments, finds innovations and dark and discover the reality of the fall of the planet along your excursion to help the local population. It's a great game.

The improvement study of Playcorp was created by engineers with an impulse and enthusiasm characteristic by state-of-the-art innovation, which prompted long stretches of innovative work to build and execute the vision of playcorp. Beyond Contact is the product of that energy with an emphasis on topics such as social and ecological obligation.

Beyond Contact A great game experience

Beyond Contact is being created with a concentration, above all, in the players. In a joint effort with koch media, still in the air to keep the frank with the local area partners and the first adopters to make a game that players will be really happy.

The ideas of the components, Update devices and an error announcement promptly driven by the local area will be the aid pillars for a broad early access content agreement that will be carried out along the next half year and something plus.

New Beyond Contact exceeds expectations about a game based on space
Beyond Contact

Missions based on the story and groups of people outside the game: Made equipment with the developments, finds advances and dark and unravel the secret of the nefarious destiny of the planet while trying to help the local population.

Official information about Beyond Contact

Chris Mosley, General Director of Playcorp, said:

"Beyond Contact Includes a hopeful vision of what is to come. Imagine humanity blooming and, in any case, helping different species to endure, as long as the variety is the path to flowering. Uniting a resistance game and a story includes numerous difficulties of special plans, some of them progressive. ”

“ Incorporate all this to a useful multiplayer experience in which players must collaborate with each other is the next great test for a complete delivery before the planned within a year. We currently have a scenario that we can use to understand each of the things we had always wanted for the game while we continue ending and expanding the universe of beyond contact and space corps. "

This is what players think about the new Beyond Contact

Beyond Contact is a great game. This has a great category variety about games. It is a spatial adventure in which we will find problems to solve and much more, it is full of action and adventure, since this game is developed on a fully hostile planet in which you should survive your way.

Inside the game you can play cooperatives with your friends because the multiplayer option is available in several gameplayers. This means that it is a game with several objectives which you can and achieve and unlock new things, such as accessory or extraterrestrial tools.

The quality of the game is a 10/10, graphics, sound and a good gameplay are the words that describe a game as exciting as this. Within this you can develop your own story which shows that there are several finals to discover. In addition to this you can keep your game style your way.

Beyond offers a story in which we can wrap us with space technology and all the issue about spatial life. It can be said that it is a game that revolutionized the market, there are several games of this type, but none has offered as much as this, is a fully optimized open world game.