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Alvaro Salazar
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The universe of computer games is exceptionally wide. There are certain people who possibly approach them when they are exhausted sitting waiting for transportation.

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Others, on the other hand, have made gambling their lifestyle and even dedicate themselves to it expertly. Like games, there are many types of players, and we need you to get to know them.

What is a gamer?

As a general rule, all the wording referring to the universe of computer games is in English, so sporting events will not be sports but esport, and the players will be called gamers. Gamers can be of various types and play alone or be interested in various networks. Find out which one you fit into.

There are various groupings exposed by various internet entries and not all players match them. Despite this, there is a typology that has more scope and is the one that the vast majority use when they are in the gamer world.

These are the types of gamers

The order of the different types of gamers has to do with their inclusion and level in the field of the game, either on the console or on the PC.

Gamer / Player Noob

It comes from the English expression amateur and means novice. In this group are all those individuals who have recently approached a specific game or who have started in the universe of computer games.

Among gamers, it is regularly used as a slanderous term for those players who do not work on the game after some time or are not at the same level as veteran players.

Gamer / Casual gamer

As the name suggests, he is a laid-back gamer. This individual is inclined towards simple or medium difficulty games to have the option of facing them. On the other hand, your main job on the game stage is to appreciate what you are doing: if the computer game bores you, you will just quit.

Gamer / Center player or Mid-Core gamer

Here you will generally find individuals who are somewhat more involved than relaxed players. Like the previous ones, they like open games, but with cautious mechanics, qualities and depths before taking the step to a higher degree of gamer.

Gamer / Heavy or hardcore gamer

This can be interpreted as a "bad-to-the-bone" player. This gamer spends a lot of time, effort and interest in his computer games. He likes very complicated and time-consuming games to play, so he spends a few hours a day in front of the screen. You have fun with the ability to master them and get the best results.

This type of player is usually exceptionally committed to gamer culture and, as a rule, participates in contests and networks to obtain more information about the games that interest him.

Gamers / Professional Players

Professional gamers are competent players, that is, they are the individuals who dedicate themselves to tinkering full time. It is their calling, and they earn money competing with other players in competitions around the world.

Some of them can even acquire a ton of money. Professional players spend almost their entire opportunity playing and have some experience in their work to earn enough to pay for what they are excited about.

Whatever the type of player he is, he has surely distinguished himself in a part of the segments of this order, which considers the player's specialization.

In the event that your fantasy is to become an expert, you must have what it takes to do so and dedicate numerous hours a day, as well as having great hardware with the best peripherals that allow you to give the best of yourself.