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Razer launches its new toy for Gamers Razer Enki, an amazing armchair

Alvaro Salazar
7 min read

The Razer Enki is the new review of the high-end of the gaming furniture market, a seat with some components that further develop ergonomics.

Razer launches its new toy for Gamers Razer Enki, an amazing armchair
Razer Enki

This is obviously not Razer's main gaming seat, having effectively launched the Razer Ishkur and more recently the Ishkur X which is the most comfortable seat this company has ever released.

In any case, we have to say that, by having that reference, the aesthetics of Enki leaves us astonished from the beginning.

At first, it looks like a simpler seat, not so extravagant and not so big; to tell the truth, it even seems little to us compared to the models of other brands. Only after using it for a month do we realize what the true mindset of this highly aesthetic seat is.

The Razer Enki chair is really comfortable

Also, recline is really important to be comfortable in this seat; It is equipped to lean back up to 152 degrees, and for no situation should you use it straight, it must constantly recline, let the curves of the shoulders carry you and track the correct posture.

Razer launches its new toy for Gamers Razer Enki, an amazing armchair
Razer Enki

To energize this, we have a tension change at the bottom of the seat, which allows us to direct the expected power to recline, something exceptionally incredible.

The position of the armrests is also significant, and in the Enki we can modify it with different degrees of height and the point that we want, so that the arms remain in a correct position and do not generate fatigue. We can move them all the way we can imagine (something Razer calls "4D"): to all sides, back and forth, and even rotate them.

What we will miss is a softer feeling; in fact it's much tougher now, however in the long run the adaptive padding and your own body adjust to each other.

That does not mean that this is not the most cushioned seat available, precisely; the seat has a hardness of 60, and the back has a hardness of 75, and it shows.

This is done deliberately, to offer essential support in the spaces that matter.

Regardless, there are areas that I miss more material, especially in the lateral curves of the seat that support the whole of the hips, which in this model are ridiculously small and do not really do much.

An incredible armchair with a technology that distributes the weight

The worst thing we can do using the Razer Enki is sit like you would in some other comparison gaming seat, and I admit it took me some time to figure that out.

In the seat that I used to use every day, I needed to sit very straight and be extremely cautious with my posture, because of the possibility that I did not want to end the day tormented, so I put pads and cushions in certain spots such as the base or the backrest, to help me maintain that posture.

With the Razer Enki, no pad will be needed; the seat itself provides you with incredible comfort for the ergonomics of your body. It seems that we are talking about one of those practices in which one individual falls for the other to catch him, but with a seat.

In short, you do not need to throw yourself on the Enki, however, you do need to "sink", let your weight be carried out by moving the seat in the correct position.

Really at that moment you will realize that what Razer said in this program is valid: the Enki is designed to improve weight transport, consolidating the seat, the shoulder curves and particularly the built-in lumbar support.

Undoubtedly, when you drop and your body presses against the seat, you will notice that the lower back has more help than we generally see; like I said before, most seats pass that capacity to a pad, which is included from time to time and not at other times.

With the Enki, there is no need to worry about that, since the seat itself will accommodate all your weight.

It is the gratitude to this that Razer can make such a great invention for a lower load on the base of the back, in contrast to different adversaries as indicated in their show. The lumbar support additionally helps you maintain correct posture as it forces you to set up.

Allows the charge to spread properly. The piece that makes that conceivable is at the bottom of the seat; the intersection between the base and the seat are much further back than expected, and that is important to achieve greater stability when sinking and reclining.

Extremely easy to pick up

The Razer Enki pickup is very basic. Although the instructions are for two people, you have no problem picking it up alone; although you have to be careful when picking up some pieces, which are much heavier than they appear.

In any case, the interaction is straightforward and consistent: now many pieces are put together and those that need to be collected need to fit together in one way.

An unusual consideration must be taken, despite the weight, so as not to get your fingers caught in the instrument that moves the backrest; this and different types of alerts (as well as certain jokes) are cleverly printed on the box itself, so we read them when we open it.

In addition, you have to take into account the weight and size of the drawer, which is significant in the event that it is not brought to your house or condo.

Only one instrument is expected to mount the Enki, for two screws, and it is remembered for the drawer along with an extra screw.

At the time of assembly, we understand the excellence of the materials. The Razer Enki will be accessible for 449 euros, so it is in the upper value range with respect to gaming seats. In any case, for this situation, it is smarter to pay a little more for unmatched ergonomics. The enki is wrapped in calfskin made with two different surfaces, both on the seat and on the backrest.

Razer launches its new toy for Gamers Razer Enki, an amazing armchair
Razer Enki

It is a material chosen for its less ecological effect and the decrease in the use of energy during the assembly system, without the use of synthetic substances harmful to the climate. In addition, the finishes are adorned with fabric in the already exemplary Razer shade of green, although it puzzled me that the Razer logo on the back is not woven, but rather a piece of plastic.

Along with the seat is a head pad, designed to take advantage of the openings in the backrest, which are used for more than just styling. The pad is extremely delicate and wonderful to the touch, we suggest for those quiet minutes when we are watching recordings, for example, to rest the head and loosen up a bit. The main problem is that it gets dirty easily.

Some kind of alternative gaming seat

The Razer Enki has managed to amaze me. We expected a basic gaming seat, similar to the big numbers that stop the market, however with the Razer logo; we can discover something totally different, a seat that is not limited to offering a similar plan as always with another nuance.

This also implies that the Enki requires a time of variation, however when we acclimate to it, we can exploit its advantages, for example, the opportunity to rest up to 150 degrees, the incredible lumbar support, or the adaptable armrests.

All this with an incredible sense of value and excellent materials. We will miss more material to support the lateral sides, especially for those who are overweight or taller and larger than normal.

The Razer Enki will be accessible for 449 euros, so it is in the upper value range with respect to gaming seats. In any case, for this situation, it is smarter to pay a little more for unmatched ergonomics.