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Minecraft: Checkered World

Sara Manaure
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If you are a bit retro, or you like to see life totally square which rubik's cube, Minecraft is the ideal game for you. Since November 18, 2011, the lives of the players began to look totally pixelated.

You will be able to observe from a small checkered flower like a gigantic black dragon, everything you can imagine in simple pictures with colors, as if it were a mega game of legos.

Its gameplay in first or third person where you must survive time and the creatures of the night, advancing in the way you want, creating a house, cave or castle at your convenience.

From creating a simple table to the full armor of a warrior or golden apples that by eating them can fully regenerate the life of your character. Find out in the following article how interesting this world is.

Minecraft: Checkered World – Games – WebMediums

Minecraft Goal

The objective of the game is to survive. To do this, you must make formidable constructions and acquire resources that guarantee you protection during the night from monsters.

However, there are those who decide to take the game to another level and dedicate their games to creating magnificent architectural sculptures like an engineer.

Also, you can dedicate yourself to deep mining and discover the great mineral deposits.

Another option is to become a great adventurer who travels through all the great places that these excellent maps offer and attack the creatures of the night while gaining skill and experience.

Types of Minecraft

The game has a wide variety of versions and modes like every great game. Starting from its base in the original construction game and a Bedrock version which is supported for almost all platforms.

Likewise, as its story mode which allows you to evolve and grow in the game. A planet mode which is incredibly creative and interactive between players, since it allows you to play in real life through your mobile screen.

Minecraft in its education edition is one of the most used tools by a large community of educators worldwide. It is dedicated to training and educating its students in a more interactive way and thus motivating them to continue their studies.

Minecraft: Checkered World – Games – WebMediums
Minecraft Dungeons.

As if it were a fairy tale, the Dungeons' mode allows you to enter large caverns with missions that with the help of your friends or alone. In this world you will enjoy great adventures in search of all the treasures that are hidden in the missions.

The most recent version was a collaboration with the developers of Sonic that allows all players to enjoy the favorite characters of this legendary game in a plaid version.

Influence of Minecraft at the digital world level

Its influence within the digital world is gigantic, it could be said that at some point, whether online or offline, all video game players have tried Minecraft.

As we mentioned before, even teachers currently use it, YouTube and Discord personalities dedicate their lives to working within the game making unique creations and feats for their videos.

For this reason, the most famous youtubers and streamers still continue in their gameplay. Some even have personal worlds such as karmaland and tortillaland that have their own rules and styles of games.

On the other hand, the game has many special patches that make them unique in each one of its objects.

Minecraft: Checkered World – Games – WebMediums
Minecraft in collaboration with SEGA.

Minecraft skins

The customization of the players is something that has weight within the game, since it identifies each one as a unique character. The most experienced and knowledgeable generate character skins that are incredible to look at.

This despite the fact that today there are internet pages that have game patches to change the appearance of the player for the most sought after models. Also, you can opt for the skins that the developers create for special events such as Hallowen or Christmas.

Weapons in Minecraft

The weapons that we can find in the game are the basic weapons of medieval times, although if you are in a bind, the pick, the ax or the fishing rod can get you out of it.

Depending on the material used to forge the weapons increases their durability, resistance and application. You can have from a stone sword, through one of metal, silver, gold until you reach one of diamonds.

Depending on the alchemy you add, it can turn them into epic weapons that will allow you to destroy the enemies and creatures you can get. You can achieve this in a process of constant improvement.

Minecraft map types

The developers took hold of world landscapes to include them in the game showing a wide variety of possible worlds, with spectacular deserts, seas and plains.

Minecraft: Checkered World – Games – WebMediums
Minecraft and incredible landscapes.

Not without leaving behind the spectacular mountains, valleys and waterfalls that generate a sense of harmony and a feeling of being in those great places in the world that you would like to visit.

If you did not know it, you can already get an excellent idea of this great game that will catch you on its adventures and missions. We cannot forget its incredible landscapes, its iconic characters and creatures that you can find, so now you know.

If what you want is a checkered and pixelated life with all the applications that we already mentioned, do not hesitate to choose Minecraft and share your experience with friends.

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Minecraft: Un mundo a cuadros
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