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NBA 2K22 the most real basketball game of all

Alvaro Salazar
5 min read

If you are a fan of basketball games, you surely know NBA 2K. And you'll be delighted to know that NBA 2K22 brings us a much more realistic gaming experience.

NBA 2K22 the most real basketball game of all – Games – WebMediums
NBA 2K22

Visual concepts is the developer of this incredible game and this company has been developing it since 1999, but currently it exceeds the limits of quality.

Every time Visual releases a new update for this title, it improves both in graphics and in gameplay; 2K22 is no exception to this feature, this great game came out just a few weeks ago, and I already had the opportunity to test it.

NBA 2K22 game experience

This game presents a notable difference to the versions with the same title that are available for PS4, Nintendo Switch or Xbox One.

If you are a fan of NBA 2K games, you are aware that it is not the same to start with a current NBANBA as it is to start from at least 2K12 or that you at least know how to move the ball on the court, this is because the simulation This game of being on the court becomes more and more real and therefore more difficult to control.

NBA 2K22 the most real basketball game of all – Games – WebMediums

To play you just have to be smart, know how to move and have tactics ready to apply them on the court, why do we say all this? Because the reality that this game offers is exceptional.

Visual concepts keep its development in reality

This is something that can be noticed in any 2K we test and this is still very much present in the new game.

Among the main novelties of the experience that NBA 2K22 offers is the new shot indicator and the difference is that previously we had to press the key to launch and wait for the bar to align with the green color and that it was a perfect shot.

Now, in the new game franchise we have to know the quality of the basket shot that the player we are using has.

For example, if we want to shoot an incredible 3-point shot, the perfect player would be Stephen Curry, the player will jump, and we calculate the perfect moment to launch the shot, however, we also have to take into account the position of the player on the court.

Plays that they integrated into the game and are the same that they use in the NBA

Defenses in major league basketball are like concrete walls.

Well get ready because the game incorporates the techniques used by great defenders like Giannis Antetokounmpo, before you only crossed the defense very easily, in this new title you will have to develop a professional play to interweave within this great defense.

Are the pitches the same? Can I keep making 3 shots easily?

The answer is no. Due to the new real characteristics, the calculations are very realistic, you have to take into account your position, the player's ability, among other factions that will surely make you think twice before launching a 3-point shot.

Gameplay of the new NBA 2K22

The title has several game modes which was to be expected, since the gameplay of the game is impressive. You can play an NBA league championship or play the WNBA women's league and make your team one of the best in the league or even the best.

NBA 2K22 the most real basketball game of all – Games – WebMediums
NBA 2K22

NBA 2K22 also maintains the "My Career" game option in which we can create our own player and start the career as a basketball player from the beginning. This game mode is very loved by the fan community, as it contains cinematics of what each player goes through at the start and creates a very realistic story.

The game possibilities are many

The new update in this way is much better, since before there was a pre-established narrative and if you have played NBA 2K before you know that if you repeated the race a couple of times you would always go through the same thing. The update is much better, because we have the option to create our own story, and we no longer follow a main objective.

We can enter the NBA from college, the Development League or appear directly with the Draft, to enter the league at once. We will go through mandatory missions that we will have to fulfill to advance in our career, there are also some secondary missions that are not so important.

Our character can do other things such as enter the world of music, however, he never misses the main objective which is to become a god of the ball. By performing any mission we earn coins with which we can improve our player and make him a beam on the court.

NBA 2K22 Online

The game also maintains the My Team mode, with which it is expected to be able to compete online with players from all over the world. For this delivery, a Draft -dependent mode is consolidated that allows the client to begin to contend on the network with high-level groups that are arbitrarily chosen.

This will be fascinating for those who do not spend the entire season hanging from the video game, since they will have similar options to those of the rest. To finish it, you have to win 10 games without losing more than 3. The longer you stay in the opposition, the better the prizes you get.

Triple Threat mode, in which the client faces off in online three-on-three matches, is also still accessible. For this event, another component has been added, which consists of the client trying to win the number of games that is prudent before getting 100 spots in total. As in Draft mode, the more the client perseveres, the better the prizes.

The game is incredible, the best gameplay, graphics and reality. Visual Concepts did the best job developing this game.