New and great discounts available for your GTA Online

Alvaro Salazar
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In GTA Online, there are players who like to make robberies, participate in races, complete different missions or go through the roulette wheel to test their karma and win prizes.

New and great discounts available for your GTA Online – Games – WebMediums

Regardless of what you like while playing GTA, we invite you to keep an eye on these new options available and these great discounts that will be available for just a few days.

These are all the rewards and discounts that will be available from September 30 to October 6

Next, you will discover how to get an Emperor Vectre, one of the best vehicles and for FREE, we will teach you how to get a lot of money and more, so collect all this information and take advantage of these days of triumph in GTA V.

New and great discounts available for your GTA Online – Games – WebMediums
GTA V Characters

What do we have of the UberMacht Rebla GTS? Another gem in a vehicle and very easy to get

The moment you have a little time to bet on luck, remember to go to The Diamond Casino and Resort Club, where the Wheel of Fortune will be waiting for you. In it, you can win cash, boxes, clothes and, surprisingly, the UberMacht Rebla GTS. An exceptional sports car made in Germany.

Here's the good stuff. How to get the Emperor Vectre?

If luck is not your ally, you also have the option to show your driving skills at the LS Car Meet, where you can get the great Emperor Vectre vehicle for nothing. In this help we reveal all the means to do so.

Vehicles that you can use on the test track and feel the experience of having it

The LS Car Meet is also where you can test a couple of different vehicles each week on a test track that you have powered. You can take the Dinka Jester RR, the Annis Euros or the Vapid Dominator ASP for a spin around the track and see how each one performs with your own eyes. At the same time, you can provoke others to a match in Disaster or Time Attack mode.

Extra rewards offered by GTA Online for now

There are always a couple of game modes and exercises with which it is possible to get a couple of extra rewards like money and respect. Fortunately this time more than expected have been chosen and they are the following:

Assault and safeguard: Yes, a couple of Adversary modes have appeared, remembering this one whereby a player will try to cross the final goal after gathering each designated point, while a blocker will be in charge of securing it or finishing off the rest of the opponents. Be that as it may, it will offer lots of money and respect doubly.

Land races: When you have properly tuned your vehicles or have chosen the fastest of all, it will be an ideal opportunity to immerse yourself in this type of competition to get triple the money and respect, regardless of the result.

Time Trial: Another mode in which you will have to drive hard is this in which you will compete on the back roads of Calafia Way to get double the money and set another individual record.

Lamar Contact Missions: One of Los Santos's most innovative and popular looters is Lamar Davis, who will show up to help you file another heist for triple the cash and respect is focused accordingly.

Vehicle discounts that are available

With all the money that you will have taken with the different ways that we showed you previously, you may be thinking about what to spend it. One option is with vehicles that are briefly on special offer:

Albany Manana - $ 7,000 (before $10,000, 30% discount).

Albany Manana Custom - $647,500 (was $925,000, 30% off)

Youga Classic Bluster - $117,000 (was $195,000, 40% off)

Youga Classic 4x4 Bluster - $772,800 (was $1,288,000, 40% discount)

Pfister Comet - $70,000 (previously $100,000, 30% discount)

Pfister Comet Retro Custom - $451,500 (was $645,000, 30% discount)

Progen Itali GTB - $832,300 (previously $1,189,000, 30% discount)

Progen Itali GTB custom - $ 346,500 (before $ 495,000, 30% discount)

Willard Faction - $ 25,200 (was $ 36,000, 30% off)

Willard Faction Donk custom - $ 486,500 (30% off)

VIP game bonus

We ended up with extraordinary news for all endorsers VIP Gaming who have connected their tab with the Social Club of Rockstar Games since each get $100,000 just for signing when during the week and will be the ones in particular can exploit these selective limits:

Dinka RT3000 — $1,114,750 (previously $1,715,000, with a reduction of 35%).

Lampadati Helmet — $316,540 (was $904,400, 65% discount).

With these offers and promotions you will be able to enjoy new gaming experiences and improve your playing quality. Also, with these tricks you can increase your bank account and respect. The best thing about this is the vehicles, there are great deals on vehicles that were not so easily available before.

Grand Thef Auto

Grand Theft Auto is a series of computer games made by David Jones and brothers Sam and Dan Houser. It was initially developed by the British organization DMA Design, which was later renamed Rockstar North by Rockstar Games. This one has an online version.

New and great discounts available for your GTA Online – Games – WebMediums

In the online version there are several game modes in which players can be found to perform any type of activities in the great open world of GTA V. There are even cooperative modes where you can go around taking rounds with your teammates and many more fun action adventures.

The map is very extensive so you can do many things that are within the reach of your imagination. In the game there are places where you can enter and have a good time with the characters of your fellow players. In free mode you can fight against other players through the map without problems, at any moment the game becomes an incredible shooter.