Now the games will be based on the cloud. Microsoft presents your solution if you do not have a good computer

Alvaro Salazar
3 min read

Half a month ago we know that xbox cloud gaming, the cloud game scenario of xbox, was setting up its appearance in Windows 10. Currently, the stand by is finished, since it is currently conceivable to play the games of Game Pass without entering them in the computer due to the cloud.

Now the games will be based on the cloud. Microsoft presents your solution if you do not have a...
Games in the cloud

The game in the cloud of Xbox is known for some time. This stage of Microsoft allows access to a lot of titles from anywhere, either in versatile, tablet and, currently, from the PC. The main requirement? Be supporter of Game Pass Ultimate, have a control compatible with the equipment and a connection to the respectable network, obviously.

You will not need a high gamma computer to play

The Game in the cloud is accessible through the xbox application. Your goal is not just to break the obstacle of the prerequisites of the team. Something intriguing in the case that we have a computer, and we need to play titles like" not man" s sky"" pinion wheels 5" O" Forza Horizon 4", but also that we can try a game before introducing it locally.

Until this moment, if we needed to try a game of the Game Pass we had to download it (and pause it). With the appearance of the game in the cloud we can dispatch the game without pause. Try at it for a while and, in case it convinces us at last, download it to get the most out of it. We should think, for example, to take advantage of the 144 Hz of the screen or play without we like the play pressure in the cloud.

Viable games with the game in the cloud have a symbol of cloud. That is what we must press to dispatch it. From Xbox Call attention that it is also important to have a viable regulator to play.

This facilitates the gaming opportunities of those who cannot count on a monthly Game Pass. Also, best of all, you don't really need a good gaming PC, which solves the cravings of every gamer who always wanted to play a game that he couldn't afford. To complete this new option it does not bring any lag problem due to file transmission.

Streaming appears additionally from the control center

Another of the curiosities that appear in the Xbox X | S series is the remote play. Speaking clearly, Xbox Remote Play allows you to play the Xbox Series X, series X games or any Xbox One Age from our Windows 10, mobile and Android tablets and IOS Gadgets through the Internet, regardless of whether we are associated with a Similar organization or an alternative.

The game will be executed on the Xbox and transmitted to our PC through the network. The contrast with Game Pass? That we can play any game that we have on our Xbox, not simply to the subscription. Streaming can be up to FullHD to 60 FPS.