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Oculus Quest prevents you from getting hurt by your surroundings

Alvaro Salazar
2 min read

An update adds Space Sense, which ensures you don't harm anyone while moving.

Oculus Quest prevents you from getting hurt by your surroundings
Oculus Quest

Facebook has needed to be the hero for the past few weeks. He shook the world with Meta, his new name, but explicitly in computer games he has many novelties. Specifically with the augmented reality and with the public view of the Quest Pro model and, authoritatively, with another update for your VR.

The new fix for Oculus Quest comes to address one of the problems that truly stresses people who need to participate in a happy VR season. This concern is over, because they have added the Space Sense innovation, which allows identifying when there are objects, individuals or creatures inside as far as possible, which will avoid displeasure with children or pets.

" Space Sense allows you to see the objects or individuals that fall within your limits," they say in the update notes. "Others, huge pets, a seat moved from its standard place... These items will currently appear prominently on your hard hat, surrounded by a pink light."

This instrument is currently essential to the Guardian frame, allowing players to see the edges around the space they need to use the Oculus Quest.

In addition, additional components have been added, such as alerts on Android mobiles or improvements in voice commands.

Oculus' computer-generated reality remains one of the best available, with Facebook delivering new models intermittently and not launching innovation deserted.

Probably the biggest analysis it has is the way it requires an interpersonal organization to represent its use, something that, luckily, is by all accounts disappearing soon.

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Oculus Quest cuida de que no hagas daño a tu alrededor
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