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Razer brings us new headphones for PS5

Alvaro Salazar
2 min read

Razer has reported the shipment of its range of extras for PlayStation 5, including two remote headsets and a charging dock.

Razer brings us new headphones for PS5 – Games – WebMediums
Razer Kaira Pro for PS5

Along these lines, Razer continues to grow in the area of game control centers; remember that not long ago it additionally introduced extras for Xbox consoles, including the new Wolverine V2 controller.

For PlayStation 5, Razer initially provided two forms of its Kaira headphones, and a charging base for the controllers.

The Kaira Pro is Razer's first wireless headset for the PlayStation 5, and the first to make a big appearance in HyperSense innovation in this arena. This is an inclusive tactile review, which supports in-game sound using smart haptic innovation.

In the end, the headset will not only reproduce the sound, however, it will vibrate to pass those sensations directly to your head.

It's something we've found effectively in Razer's PC headsets and is now coming to consoles.

These headphones also feature a removable amplifier with speech recognition innovation, to eliminate the concussion of unwanted sounds, plus 50 mm drivers and a lighter weight.

Its price is 219.99 euros / $ and will be available for your previous request from November 30, with shipments expected in December.

The standard Kaira keeps these highlights, with similar controllers and receiver, but doesn't have the HyperSense innovation; Plus, it maintains the ability to pair via Bluetooth or 2.4GHz remote pairing for less downtime.

Its price is 109.99 euros / $, and is already available on and in stores.

Finally, Razer has presented an alternative complement: a charging base for the PlayStation 5 controllers.

It offers a significant degree of fast charging to fully recharge the internal battery in just 3 hours, so they are ready to play whenever we want.

It will be accessible in three different shades, dark, white and red to coordinate with our regulator. Its price is 59.99 euros / $ and it is already accessible.